Monday, 23 November 2015

ChristianPFC almost gets robbed at Hua Lampong

ChristianPFC almost gets robbed at Hua Lampong

Sunday 15.11.2015

Boss Vipa16 (16 is not the boy’s age!) wants to meet, call him 16:30 that I will pick him up between 19 and 20. Today I can’t get directly to my room from sightseeing, so picking him up is just one more stop (I wouldn’t pick him up if there was a direct connection). Arrive 19:20, can’t reach him on the phone (call several times over one hour, then abandon; however 22 I can reach him: battery was empty and he wants to meet again as soon as possible).

Call another boy Wut Roi Et who lives nearby: no reply. Message Bom on Line: it’s raining in his part of Bangkok, he cannot come. Message Art: no reply. Walk around Hua Lampong, have dinner there.

WARNING: descriptions of physical violence and picture of my tongue with bite marks below.

Spot a cute boy with a group of people who hang out there often. Approach them and as nobody takes notice of me, ask them in Thai where they are going. Don’t understand destination, but train will leave 8pm. But it’s 8:40 already! Well then the train will leave 8:55. As I saw them before, I am quite sure they are waifs and strays.

The general mood is disinterested, bordering on hostile (one of the elders says “go home (in English)” to me; the advantage of speaking English and Thai is that whenever I don’t like what I hear, I can pretend not to understand).

Ask the cute boy his name, one of the elders replies “He has no name”. But then he points to a female in the group and says “400”. I tell them I like boys and point to the cute boy. 400 Baht as well. I tell him I want to take the boy to my room, can. Ask the boy where he comes from, again elder replies. Is the boy deaf? Ask him if he speaks Thai: yes. Of the 400, 200 to pay in advance to him (the elder), 200 after to the boy. Common sense tells me never to pay a money boy or a pimp in advance (and friends with a combined experience of 125 years of gay whoring in 18 countries confirm this), but I have no personal experience and all I can lose is 200 Baht, I thought at that moment (possible my life, as we will see later).

Give the elder 200 Baht, he tries to take a look into my wallet. Go with the boy towards taxi queue at Hua Lampong. An empty taxi is passing and I stop it, but the boy does not want to get a taxi here, too expensive (I haven’t taken a taxi in front of HL so I don’t know if they use the meter or not). Here I realize I will probably not get laid with the boy tonight. Pass the tuk-tuks (I thought he wanted to get one) and over the bridge. I spot others following us in a distance. Here I realize that this might not end well.

Now it’s all about staying somewhere with people and in light, and with a secure place nearby. Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel is just right, some Whites outside, light, chance of a passing taxi.

Stay in the light on the road and directly across hotel entrance. One elder is standing about 1 m from me, the others 10 m away in bushes and behind tree. The boy and the others try to lure me there. Another cute boy I haven’t seen before is among them. I hear one of them say “คนเยอะ” (many people), that removes all doubt. I didn’t pay attention to what they were talking before. Then guests in front of hotel are gone and road empty. I decide to take the next taxi to get out of this.

Suddenly a hit from below on my chin, my glasses fly away. I run for hotel entrance and shout for help. One is following me, make a weak hit sidewards on his arm with my umbrella to show that defense would be my second choice after running away. They disappear quickly. The hit on my chin was supposed to knock me out? Due to luck or poor aim on his part or by being taller than his usual Thai adversaries/victims, it didn’t. My readers can figure out various less favorable alternatives.

I go there with the noblest of intentions, and almost end up robbed!

Hotel staff is very caring. But calling the police is a bit too much. I check my face in the mirror, apart from blood on my tongue no problem. Bitemarks (?) on my tongue:

(A friend who saw full picture but didn't read text asked if I had sucked a dirty dick.)

Then quickly get back on the road to retrieve my glasses: intact! I stay for some minutes, then leave and get taxi home. Waiting for police could take ages, and while I have prepared a cover story without propositioning, there is nothing to gain from reporting the incident, only to lose. In one minute from almost victim of a robbery to not carrying passport or even copy with me?

I wonder why they didn’t rob me right where I gave the elder 200, with hindsight it would have been a better spot than opposite the hotel, but there were women around (the actual incident only men). But first they tried to get me into the bushes or behind the tree, and when that failed attacked me opposite the hotel.

If I had nothing better to do, I could hire someone to beat the embezzled 200 out of the elder.

That’s the third attempted robbery (the other two in Saranrom and in Lak Si near my room in 2013, in both cases one attacker, under influence of alcohol, details reported in forums) in three years. Plus one attempted phone snatch in Phnom Penh while I was holding it waiting for GPS. What worries me is how easy it was to gather 5 people who are willing to assist a robbery. Whereas in the two occasion where I met prison inmates working outside the prison, they were all jolly fellows and you would think they were all victims of a justice error and I would have loved to invite the one or other to my room.

Now I have to watch out for them every time I wander around Hua Lampong, it has become enemy territory! The problem is I'm not sure if I would recognize the one who performed the hit, but remember another one (tattoos, i.a. "KKK" on his neck) has been around for weeks.

Suddenly, 22:10, Wut Roi Et calls. He wants to come to see me with a friend. I agree and give them location and directions. He makes it by taxi to the corner Malaysia – Ibis – 7/11, but not into Soi Sribampen and to the second 7/11 at Yen Agat. He doesn’t want to go any further and tells me either I come and pick him up there or he will go back.

Thus I go and pick him up there 22:40. His friend looks ok, certainly not like an axe murderer, so I let both of them into my room (but hid laptop, wallet and camera before). He tells me the fare was 140 Baht (realistic price is 70 Baht). I’m still not sure if he falls for taxi or tuk-tuk mafia or wants to pocket the difference, which means he thinks I am so stupid I fall for this trick. I give him 300 Baht for return trip.

Some general chat, then he tells me (didn’t fully understand) police took his mocy, he needs 20 kTHB to get it back and has only 10 kTHB and wants to pawn a brand new Samsung mobile (it had “Samsung” written on it, otherwise I would not have known, I'm not interested in mobile phones) to me for 10 kTHB. No way. (Do these Thai boys think I’m stupid and don’t notice theft or tricks they play with me, trying to fob off a probably fake cheap mobile on me as collateral for 10 kTHB loan?)

After some awkward silence and pouting, he spots condoms on my table and suggests we have a threesome for 1000 THB. His friend is not my type, anyway a threesome leaves me exposed to theft (with my pants with wallet on floor and involved with boy). I tell him I’m only interested in him, finally it’s out (so far he just assumed right that I have a sexual interest in him).

He asks for 1000, then lowers to 800, but I am adamant at 500. After some talking, he tells me he will leave now. I say goodbye and indeed both boys leave 23:15. I consider 500 a fair offer and am surprised Wut turned it down, but will offer 800 or 1000 next time. Now I have spent a lot of time (estimated over 10 hours) and money (estimated 1000 Baht) on this boy already, it would be a waste to abandon. The only problem is the boy seems to be a mercenary, an attitude I don’t like.

And all this (escaped robbery, catch thief on Monday - see following post) would not have happened if I could have reached Boss Vipa16 on the phone!

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I'm glad you escaped serious trouble but all those social experiments you are conducting recently may prove costly in both health and property.

    There are better ways to rise an adrenaline level than trying to hook up with cheap whore at railway station but after all , what do I know?,

  3. You've had an exciting week, that's for sure!

    I like how in this post, describing trying to hook up with one of the guys, and lure him to short time hotel, like a leopard approaching a deer in jungle, and you se it as "I go there with the noblest of intentions, and almost end up robbed" :D

    btw, the tongue does look like you sucked a dirty dick. So perhaps you made up the attack and assualt story in order to cover up embarrassing fellatio mishap :D

  4. Rule #1: Never pay anyone up front. Never even entertain the idea.

    Clearly it's advisable to have nothing to do with anyone who has a "minder" and is trying it on by asking for up front payment.

  5. Hi. If you get knocked off you'll be missed. But as sure as day follows night your solo adventures will get you seriously injured or killed. Better be bored than dead. I posted a similar comment about a year ago. FFS be more careful.

  6. Based on some of your posts that I have read, it seems like you might be suffering from the beginning of bipolar disorder. Have you ever thought about going to see a mental health professional to find out what your mental health issues are, and if there is any medicine that you could take for it?

  7. Christian has no mental issues- he just has high functioning Asperger's Syndrome. This is very endearing like Sheldon on ''The Big Bang Theory

  8. I had to look up bipolar disorder: "a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression". Absolutely not! I would rather say my emotional range is smaller than the average, ranging from "quite good" to "not that bad".

    I might show some traits of Asperger, however lack of humor is not amongst them. But my compulsion to to point out mistakes (typos, grammar, factual errors or omissions) could count as Asperger. A fellow student during my PhD had a heavier form of Asperger, so I have first hand experience.

    How about idiot savant in limbo? Not idiot enough to warrant institutionalization, not savant enough to earn a livelihood from it.

  9. What about review of dejavu?

  10. to know me out? really? Not "knock" huh? That's why you shouldn't bring up grammar, spelling or whatever else people might be doing wrong when they're writing.

    Still, great blog and I'll keep reading your stories.

    1. Corrected the typo know -> knock me out. That's what is was: a typo. Thanks for pointing it out. When I correct others on the forums, I do so for mistakes.


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