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Koh Larn revisited Nov 2015

Koh Larn revisited Nov 2015

Koh Larn เกาะล้าน is an island off the coast of Pattaya popular with tourists. I've been to Koh Larn before (25.12.2010, can't find if and where I posted about it) with Thai and Farang friend, now (Wed 05.11.2015) went alone for greater liberty (walking all day). A good website about Koh Larn is here

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Recently there was bad press about overloaded ferries sinking and waste disposal problems.

Ferry from Bali Hai pier ท่าเรือบาลีฮาย 11:02 to Ta Waen beach หาดตาแหวน 11:44 for 30 Baht.

View of Ta Waen pier from viewpoint:

Ta Waen beach:

Near the beach, this table with times and prices is posted:

On internet, tickets and ticket booths you will find different times for ferries. I vaguely remember in 2010 we paid 50 Baht for songtheo from Na Baan หน้าบ้าน to Samae beach หาดแสม and 60 Baht for return. I spotted many blue songtheos (line 8, Ta Waen beach - Tian beach หาดเทียน) all over the island, seems they don't follow a particular line.

Walk from Ta Waen beach to Samae beach. Road is only wide enough for mocy. Some neglected/abandoned/vandalized rest points (but no view due to vegetation) with pavilion and mocy parking:

Approaching Samae beach, stingray building from side:

Two pictures of Samae beach in Dec 2010 (my first visit):

Now (no umbrellas and chairs allowed on Wednesday):

The infamous garbage dump site, right next to the road that leads to the beach, location

12.9129168,100.7760735 = 12°54'46.5"N 100°46'33.9"E

Continue to viewpoint. Only accessible on foot. Location

12.91374,100.77794 = 12°54'49.5"N 100°46'40.6"E
One access in from behind police station, way partially overgrown. The other access is at the highest point of the road, stairways derelict and a sign "no parking" blocks the way (I was coming down from the viewpoint, otherwise I would not have thought there is a way).

Commands a view of Na Baan and skyline of Pattaya on one side, and Samae beach and garbage dump on the other side:

Continue to another viewpoint, accessible by mocy, location

12.9071918,100.7749693 = 12°54'25.9"N 100°46'29.9"E
This one consists of an elevated concrete walkway with stainless steel railings, built around radio tower. Great view of Samae beach and stingray building (in Thai อาคารอนุรักษ์พลังงาน สิ่งแวดล้อม หาดแสม = renewable energy building)

Ascent to yet another viewpoint starting here

12.9162704,100.7790718 = 12°54'58.6"N 100°46'44.7"E
leads to a dead end. Stairway fairly new, not in google maps satellite picture. I couldn't find any even or horizontal surface.

Overlooking Ta Waen beach, there are several religious places (Guan Im not in picture, sitting Buddha under construction), it's 236 stairs to the pagoda (highest point):

Finally, visit temple in Na Baan, nice mother-of-pearl inlay:

and unusual statues of soldier with grenade launcher and rifle:

Return by ferry from Na Baan pier 16:50-17:21 for 30 Baht.

If you like clean beaches with white sand and clear water, then it's worth the trip from Pattaya. The ferries and island were not crowded during my trip.

But for me, there was nothing to entice me to come again.

I would say the sole fame of Koh Larn is its proximity to Pattaya.

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  1. The cat o your last photo... it reminds me somebody... Hitler?Stalin?

  2. Great coverage! I've been there a couple of times, but I didn't see most of what you've seen - I only made it straight from the ferry to the beach and back...

  3. nice boy on the beach on Dec 2010 picture - if he was friend you were there with I'm green with envy

    1. Sharp eyes, vinapu! (Well from his pose it's obvious that he knew he was being photographed.) He moved to Bangkok and is now available in (the bar between Hotmale beer bar and Maxi's), at least I saw him there a few times this year.

  4. Another great travelogue Christian. Tk u

  5. Not unknown, I must have messed up


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