Thursday, 31 December 2015

Bangkok Light of Happiness

Bangkok Light of Happiness

There is a spectacular light display on the square between City Hall of Bangkok 1 and Wat Suthat วัดสุทัศน์ / Giant Swing เสาชิงช้า from Dec 30 to Jan 30.

There are 5 million LED and it cost 39 million Baht:
There are reports about irreglular spending of the money, and comments there are better used for 39 million Baht, but I like it!

Wat Suthat and Giant Swing:

All around Sanam Luang and elsewhere, trees are decorated with lights as well:

Thanks to a Thai friend for sending me pictures, otherwise I would not have known in time. 

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  1. The lighted trees along Snm Lg/Ratchdmnn etc are since late nov for the glorious 5/12 celebrations-as they are every year. This year enriched with some bikes you clearly cannot ride on.
    About each and every non-daily expense of the BMA will have some people look at as you describe.
    Guten Rutsch gehat da? und alles beste in dieses Neujahr.


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