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Wax Castle Festival in Sakon Nakon

Wax Castle Festival in Sakon Nakhon

Every year at the end of Buddhist lent (exact date depends on moon calendar, this year 26.10.2015), a procession of wax castles and long boat race take place in Sakon Nakon.

Arriving two days before the procession, and with local contacts, I could observe how these wax castles are made.

The base is wood and only the surface is wax (two colors: red-brown and yellow-brown). Soldering iron used to glue pieces together and and white sticky wax to glue wax to wood. Finally, molten wax is poured onto horizontal surfaces. 

The pieces are not carved, but come from pouring molten wax into a mold. Wax from last year's parade is recycled. I'm not sure if it is bee wax or some product derived from oil.

The mold is made of silicone rubber on a plaster base in a wooden support (for larger pieces).


Not just wax, flowers and banana leaf for decoration as well:

Superficially, it looks organic and bio-degradable, but they use styrofoam as basis and plenty of tacks, staples and nails and hot glue. Here last year's carriot:

We went to an orchid farm:

The entire village is involved in decorating the chariot:

Wax flowers are made by dipping a plaster form on a stick in molten wax, then cooling in water:

There was a small procession (getting wax castles from outside into town, practice) on Oct 25:

and main procession on Oct 26, preparations take entire afternoon, procession at night:

various other entertainment:

Whole Sakon Nakon province seemed to have been in town for parade and festival. I spotted about 20 other Farang. Slow movement of pedestrians and cars.   

I will be back to Sakon Nakon for Christmas day (Christmas star parade of Christian community in Tha Rae), but this time not stay with my contacts (5 km out of town, depending on them for transport and food, and had to leave festival early around 9 pm to get back), but in a hotel in town for more freedom.

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  1. Thank you agaqn for a great report and pictures. I am truly beginnings to think that you should write the next Thailqand guide book.


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