Sunday, 31 January 2016

Buddha's hand fruit

Buddha's hand fruit 

Buddha's hand, Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis, or the fingered citron, is an unusually shaped citron variety whose fruit is segmented into finger-like sections, resembling a human hand.

In Thai ส้มโอมือ or ส้มมือ (meaning "hand orange").

I saw the first in Saigon Vietnam in a shrine in a cup with water, sprouting roots. I asked people around, nobody could tell me what it is (lack of English?).

Days later pass a shop with religious items and fruit, 
they have a large display:

Location of shop:
10.7920266,106.6994505 = 10°47'31.3"N 106°41'58.0"E  

Enter and inquire about name, no English spoken, but staff writes "Buddha" on paper. Armed with that information, I go into google and find the fruit.

It's edible, next time I will get some! 

On the subject of Buddha's hand, there is a rock on an island Koh Ngam Yai เกาะง่ามใหญ่ in Chumpon ชุมพ province that looks like Buddha's hand เกาะพระหัตถ์พระพุทธเจ้า.

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  1. so fireopal win the contest as he answered correctly on Jan 23rd, congartulations

  2. I went again to that shop last week. If you get your nose close, they have a pleasant lemon/citrus/orange smell. There were prices displayed, average 250,000 VND (about 10 EUR or 400 THB), in addition they are larger and heavier than I want to carry, so I didn't buy any. But they would be a great conversation starter "What is this? Hint: it's not a sex toy.".


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