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Gay activities Dec 2015

Gay activities Dec 2015

Details about Déjà Vu, Seed, Farose 2, Dating Thai boys, Super A, Nature Boy, Saranrom.

Wednesday 02. - Friday 04.12.2015
Spent with (or mostly: spent waiting for answer from) boyfriend candidate 6 in 2015, will be reported separately.

Saturday 05.12.2015
Meat a reader A in Surawong for dinner and chat. A wants to go to orgy night at Déjà Vu later. I call their landline to check time and learn that there is no orgy tonight, neither at Déjà Vu nor at Cruising. Have another drink with A, then split. I go to Déjà Vu anyway.

Déjà Vu 21:27-22:26. Nude day. About 20 customers throughout, no interesting activities. Steam room cold, sauna hot but door hinge broken, Jacuzzi half full cold, area in front of showers drain problem (has been like this for a long time, I don’t like to walk on flooded floor). Two customers look promising, go into cubicle with one. More a case of doing merit or twigging my statistics free/paid sex. Or testing how far I can deviate from my preferences (slim, dark skin, warm skin, no body hair) and still get erection and ejaculation. He sucks me and then wanks himself. He then joins me in taxi to Seed and even pays for taxi!

Seed 22:38-00:27. Underwear day. About 20 customers when we arrive, 30 when I leave. Busy and some interesting. Now you have to pay 100 Baht deposit for towel and key. I found two balconies are accessible. Gym has been converted to sleeping room for staff, customers can go in as well, aircon very cold. Sauna hot (usually is switched off). There was a problem with internet, not bad: nobody in the cubicles (I don’t get it: people go in cubicles and watch porn or chat online!).

Sunday 06.12.2015
On return from Salaya, stop at Macho Sauna near Pata Pinklao, details separately. While I wait for bus home, Jj (from Fake disco Nov 2015) calls me, he suggests going to Fake Club, I refuse (too loud, too full, and I would have to pay for everything). We agree on dinner at Huay Kwang. Long wait for bus and traffic jam, when home I just have time to put on a new shirt and take MRT to Huay Kwang. We had appointment for 23:30, I’m there on time but have to wait until he comes 00:20 with a friend. Then go for dinner (total 320 Baht, I pay). Jj asks for money for cigarettes, I refuse. I learn he came with his own car! I had assumed he will go to Fake Club afterwards, but he offers to take me home. That’s the first time a boy takes me home in his car, I put my hand on his knee a few times. Jj asks for money for petrol to go home, so I give him 500. Say goodbye in car. Will meet again on Thursday in Rangsit.

(Update: he changed plans: Thursday not in Rangsit, but in Ban Pong in Ratchaburi province for work. He invites me, would even pick me up by car, but I don’t want to spend all night that far away without having a plan. But I would surely travel some day with him, with a plan for sightseeing and civilized conditions, i.e. staying in hotel over night instead of going back to Bangkok 3 to 5 am.)

In retroflection, it seems he came all the way from Bang Bua Tong (Nonthaburi, over 30 km away) to meet me for dinner? I told him when he called from home that I will not go to Fake and he didn’t raise this again. 820 Baht spent, but it looks promising!

Monday 07.12.2015
Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-syndrome boy wanted to come 10 pm, but it becomes midnight. He plays on youtube, we have a wank together, leaves 2:38 am with 400 Baht for taxi. Actually I wanted to sleep early for an early start – 9:20 from Hau Lampong – tomorrow.

Wednesday 09.12.2015
Top Suk62 is free and wants to meet. (The weeks before, we had about 5 no-show, but it was worth the wait!) Invite him to my room. Plays on his phone while I read. Don’t know how to proceed, I’m hungry so I invite him for lunch. Then back in my room the same, he doesn’t even ask to play internet on my computer. Strange! I have to take action and initiate sex and pry him loose from his phone, but once I get the phone out of his hands, very positive: already hard when I take of his pants and great in bed, one could almost say passionate. Wank together, next time he might even let me fuck him? Give him 800. Ask him: I am the only male he has sex with.

It doesn’t make any sense: Both encounters, I had to pry him lose from my computer or his phone, but then already hard when I take of his pants, and can’t keep his hands of my dick and great in bed. Yet he claims I’m his only male sexual contact.

Thursday 10.12.2015
Paradise sauna, details separately.

Déjà Vu 180 Baht, stay 20:42-22:08. Over 50 customers, 2 cute but not interested, some border cases. Free sandwich, coke, sprite, red Fanta. Condom 52mm and lube provided. Steam room cold (not fixed since last visit), sauna hot. Jacuzzi full, but cold and not operating. Nude day, but wear sandals against cold feet (saw other customers with sandals as well). Show was scheduled 20:30, real about 21:15-55. Worth a return! At cashier, Japanese and Thai porn for sale (only today?) 3 DVD for 100 Baht or 8 for 200.

Seed entry 100 Baht, stay 22:22-00:26. About 15 to 20 customers. Sauna cold. Internet now without log-in.

Farose 2 entry 170 Baht, stay 00:46-01:25. About 50 customers, about 10 of them fully clothed, several sleeping. None of them my type. Renovation work in some of the private rooms! 5 adult cats and 4 kitten on rooftop garden restaurant. Frogs in the garden, you can hear them and if you follow sound spot them.

This (4 saunas in one night) was first part of my sauna marathon.

Friday 11.12.2015
Boss Vipa16 calls around 7 pm, I make appointment at 7/11 for 9 pm. 21:10 he calls again, he is still in his room and will leave now. Arrives 21:40, I have to go down to pay for taxi (110 Baht). In bed ok, but he is getting lazy and cannot bottom and tells me has only 30 minutes time, interrupted by receiving 3 phone calls (he replies he is at Victory Monument waiting for bus). Give him 700 Baht, 500 for sex and 200 for taxi (wanted to show him MRT, but he says he has no time; asks for additional 100 for food: no).

Saturday 12.12.2015
Sauna marathon continues with 3 saunas in one night.
Macho sauna, details separately. 
Orion sauna, details separately.
Phoenix 22:17-46, cloth around waist, about 20 customers, mediocre.

Sunday 13.12.2015
Daytrip to Wat Hong Thong with a Farang friend and pick up boy Diamand (encounter in Farose 2 in November) on the way. On return, take him back to my room. We are both tired, have a nap before getting to business.

Tuesday 15.12.2015
Guess who is back? Z! Calls from landline number (phone booth?) and asks if he can come to see me and stay over night. I generously forget that I told him I will never let him into my room again and agree.

Same as before: lies! Tells me he goes to 7/11 to buy a toothbrush, comes back without any purchase, but smells of cigarette smoke.

Some awkward conversation:
Z: B (common Farang friend) told me doesn’t want to see me again.
CPFC: To be honest, I don’t want to see you again either!

Z sleeps in underwear without cover (duvet/blanket/comforter), whereas X sleeps fully wrapped in duvet/blanket/comforter, often even head fully covered, and I have to comfort myself with a corner.

Wednesday 16.12.2015
Meet a boy Music from hornet (on my way back from sightseeing pass his place and pick him up) and he wants to come to my room. Not shy, asks me in public if we are going to have sex. He is a bordercase, but we have been chatting for weeks (in between I thought he is a troll). Bordercase confirmed when naked next to each other, I don’t get hard, but wank him.

Thursday 17.12.2015
Go to see bf candidate 6 in Rangsit. Details separately.

Return by van and bus 29 which leads me so Sam Yan and Wat Hua Lampong. Exchange smiles with a boy and chat: Cheraa 21yo from Cambodia, works in Classic Boys. I would certainly take him for free, but not pay. I guess we will not get into business, so say goodbye without exchanging contact details. (Update: on subsequent visit to Soi Twilight spot him in the soi, confirm: would take him for free!)

Friday 18.12.2015
Meet a boy James from hornet (comes to my room but we don’t do anything, not so much my type and I am unwell with diarrhea).

Saturday 19.12.2015
Trip to Seacon Square (robot fight, reported separately) and Central World with Top Suk62.

Mon 21.-Sat 26.12.2015 Mukdahan and Sakon Nakon
I had 3 phone numbers from my previous trip. How do you fit 3 boys in 3 nights (one night in hotel, so I could bring a boy, two staying at a friend’s house as before where it would be inappropriate)?

The boy James whom I met on my previous trip messaged me throughout November (we are both single and James is top only), to an extent that it became annoying. Then on Dec 10 communication broke down: messages on Line not read and calls not answered. I learnt from my friend B that James is in Nakon Panom for holiday and he will ask for his new phone number when he sees him.

But I could contact the boy Jo whom I met on a construction site. On my departure from Mukdahan (23.12.), I called him, he is in (didn’t understand) and we can meet tonight in Sakon Nakon town. Check into hotel, call again for details: he is in his home district, 80 km from town, and cannot come tonight but will be in town on 25th.

From the third boy I had only Line, reply the following day. Hornet interesting, but can’t set up something that fast.

On 25th in the evening go to Christmas star parade with B. There is not time to meet Jo and I wouldn’t want to bring him back to room in the abbot’s house, but call him nonetheless: he is in his home district and asks if I can come there next time. I agree, and there are indeed a few spots worth going and I can include it in my next trip (but call again in advance to make sure we can really meet, and then I wonder if he knows what I have in mind: should I tell him on the phone what I’m looking for to avoid any misunderstandings?).

Another cute boy Team appeared and we exchanged a few smiles. He was in shorts that cover only half of his upper thigh, and when sitting on the floor the hemline rose even higher. Lovely! Tell my friend that I’m interested and hope he can arrange something next time.

Sat 26.12.2015
Top Suk62 comes to my room and we have a good time. Give him 800 Baht.

Sun 27.12.2015
After reading a447’s reports on Sawatdeenetwork, and not having been to gogo bars for a while, I check out Super A and Nature Boy.

Super A 21:03-20. 7 boys, none of them my type. No other customer, none of the boys gets up when I enter. Individual underwear briefs. I get my water (100 Baht) in original bottle (no glass, no ice, at least the water was cold) with a straw that is just as long as the diagonal dimension of the bottle, when you try to suck it, it disappears in the bottle (similar observations elsewhere).

Nature Boy 21:22-45. 6 boys and one customer. I would take three of the boys for free in a horny moment. Fluorescent orange trunks.

Stroll through Soi Twilight, chat with two Farang friends (separate). Notice drink price at Dream Boys is up to 500 Bath. (Update: information elsewhere says these are high season price, now back to 450 mid-January.)

Monday 28.12.2015
Seed 22:32-23:40. About 15 boys, one of them cute as far as I can see (most areas too dark), but not interested. Spend some time on the internet waiting for more customers, interrupted by walking around to see if something interesting happens. And indeed, catch the cute boy (judged by a grope: slim and no body hair and warm and dry skin; too dark to see clearly) in an unambiguous position with someone else. But neither he nor his partner want others to join or even grope, after a few gropes from me and other customers, they leave. Whereas on other occasions, there is spontaneous group sex party in darkroom, everyone can grope and join within reason.

Tue 29.12.2015
Top Suk62 is in Ayutthaya with his family and has no money to come back to Bangkok. I write him train is 20 Baht, and there are even free trains for Thai nationals, he writes back he never went by train. My bullshit meter is at full reading.

On return from a daytrip to Nong Chok with Farang friends, I get off at Minburi to try to find the boy Nat whom I met in Sathorn in June I have the number of the soi he lives in (should have checked on google street view with him to find exact spot, the soi is 100 m long). Ask several people in the soi and finally find someone who recognizes him and leads me to the place where he lives, but he is not in. I learn he is in Ubon for holiday and will be back next week.

That episode took me 1 hour (14:37-15:36), and the big question is: is it worth persuing? He knows what I want and we were lying naked next to each other and I had my hand on his erect cock; but he lives 30 km away, is working long (about 8 hours work and 2 hours to and from work, no day off), and has no mobile phone! Even if he would be happy seeing me for a wank for 500 Baht, how to arrange it?

I read about a gay venue called Roommate รูมเมท in Sukhumvit 42 (near Ekamai BTS), it’s on my way back so I stop there. It would be directly south of Gateway Ekamai, but I find there is a construction site now.

My return leads me past Tesco Lotus Rama 4, where a boy Boss works. Met him on hornet and then went to see him at work a while ago, then lost contact on hornet and Line. Show picture to other staff: still works there, but today is his day off.

Wednesday 30.12.2015
Saranrom 22:10-00:20 (including dinner at City Walk, slow service). Spot 13 boys, only one of them is cute but he is busy with his car (!!!). Due to New Year decoration and celebration, lots of general folk around.

Top the boy who speaks German is at his usual spot. We chat and I inquire how many customers he has per week (that’s how I would measure: per week, not per day). He tells me on average 4 to 5 per day (!!!) and not for 500 Baht, but for 1000 Baht (!!!) each. My bullshit meter is at maximum reading. I walk around for an hour every time I go, and I see business is slow, but why is he exaggerating (lying)?

Same for reports in magazines and video on youtube (see previous reports about Saranrom for links), grossly inflated numbers in all cases; whereas in the gogo bars everyone complains about lack of customers (which I can confirm).

Despite proclaimed earnings of 4000 to 5000 Baht per day (!!!) he has no money for a mobile phone (and suggested I buy him one when he spotted I have a new one), all the money goes to his car, mother and son.

Thursday 31.12.2015
Meet the boy Pream again (lost contact on hornet and Line, then found him by chance in Macho Sauna Pinklao). 2 hours late, but fine in bed. 1000 for him and 300 for taxi return trip.

11 visits to saunas: Déjà Vu twice, Seed thrice, Macho twice, Paradise, Farose 2, Orion, Phoenix.
meet 5 boys without sex: bf candidate 6 twice, JJ, Z, James from hornet, Top Suk62.
meet 1 boy from online with sex: Music from hornet.
2 visits to gogo bars: Super A, Nature Boy.
1 visit to Saranrom.

3 free sex: Deja Vu, Diamond, Music.
3 not clear: X 400, Top Suk62 800, Top Suk62 800 again.
2 paid sex: Boss Vipa 16 810, Pream 1300.

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  1. I'm glad you are back posting, I guess you were travelling somewhere nice in the first half of Jan 2016

  2. Alles gute und damit ein sehr viel schoeneres und erfolgreicher '16. Look forward to your reports ro sauna's in Thonburi area, like new MachoX.
    PS-listing sites like dreadedned etc are more museums of forgotten places. AS you yourself have found out, only travelgayasia is worthwhile for current open places-but it does only the main touristy areas.

  3. 1) Yes Dreadedned's is frozen in time-about 10 years ago.
    2) It's astounding that the poster (chpfc) can maintain such a relentless hunt for sex over long periods of time and in widely separate places as a loner. I greatly fear for his safety going forward. But as the Thais say "up to him".

  4. Thanks for posting this, keep up the work.

    Don't waste your time listening to bullshit from the Sanrom guy.
    As for travelling to your other more promising prospect, well if you have the free time, why not go there ?

  5. was waiting for your December report, entertaining as usual Christian, keep up the good work !

  6. When you mentioned observing that one of your partners at Seed appeared somewhat less appealing when you saw him in better light, I was reminded of an ancient principle of attraction: distance lends enchantment. As does, of course, subdued lighting. I've had similar sauna situations and have learned to put episodes like this in perspective. If I found the experience pleasurable (and I almost always did), what’s the harm? And the subdued lighting probably served my interest to a greater degree anyway.


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