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Abandoned cinemas in Bangkok (2)

Abandoned cinemas in Bangkok (2)

Chan Theater and Snooker Hall
จันท์เธียเตอร์ และ สนั๊กเกอร์

13.707349,100.525448 = 13°42'26.5"N 100°31'31.6"E

Thanon Chan Soi 22, behind Caltex petrol station.

Language note: the theater is written จันท์, the road is written จันทน์ and "moon" is written จันทร์, but they are all pronounced the same jan or chan.

View from main road (white wall is back of cinema). Caltex petrol station is in front of the cinema, construction site of Mahanakorn behind cinema in a distance.


Signs for snooker hall:

Front view of cinema: 

There are movie posters for The Book of Eli (2010), Legion (2010), which allow do date the closure to 2010.

Snooker hall still in operation, no aircon:

Update Nov 2016: walked past and find it under demolition. Ask someone around: a condo will be erected in its place.

Thonburi Rama ธนบุรีรามา
13.7748508,100.4826544 = 13°46'29.5"N 100°28'57.6"E

About 200 m N/NW of crossing Charan Sanitawong
จรัญสนิทวงศ์ road with Boromrachachonnani บรมราชชนนี.

Note the TR (Thonburi Rama) in silver on the glass doors:

There was recent movie activity
(16 years Panda records on 31. Oct 2015):

Nicely ask staff (for parking lot in front of cinema, 20 Baht for the first two hours, then 10 Baht per hour), and they show me way into the cinema:

Check toilets as well: everything clean and well maintained.

Bang Kae Rama โรงหนังบางแครามา
used to be here, now demolished
13.7101773,100.422933 = 13°42'36.6"N 100°25'22.6"E



Pictures from cinema before demolition from Dec 2015 in above facebook, now it's a parking lot (BTS extension station in the background):


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    I would hope people will see thru his latest tasteless move.

    1. Good move from Surfcrest and Moses to resurrect Bangkokbois and add a goodbye note. They have my full support. It is rather your comment here that is tasteless.

    2. I am sure Russ would agree.

  2. I understood that the gay sawatdee forum hosted that blog before and is trying to keep it alive on the forum's new version out of respect for its author and because many people liked it. Not tasteless at all. Respectful.

  3. Nothing wrong with keeping the blog alive. But he has now taking over the posting on it and doing his usual 'I am god' bit with it.
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  4. There is a photo exhibition by Philip Jablon (author of in H Gallery Sathorn Soi 12 until end of March; I went today, free entry.

    An article about website and exhibition appeared in Bangkok 101 magazine Feb 2016 edition, online here: (thanks to anonymous comment in other post to point that article out to me, I didn't know)


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