Monday, 18 April 2016

Lesser known fruit (3)

Lesser known fruit (3)

Averrhoa bilimbi (commonly known as bilimbi, cucumber tree, or tree sorrel)
ตะลิงปลิง dtà-ling-bpling

Tastes similar to carambola = starfruit
มะเฟือง má feuang, to which it is related, but more bitter. I will eat all I have, but won't buy it again. A Thai friend knows this fruit/plant, his grandparents have one in their garden in Suphanburi. Originally hard like starfruit, then becomes soft during storage but same taste.


I wrote about mulberry juice here:, and recently saw the fruits on sale:

In Thai sometimes written มัเบอร์รี่, sometimes น้ำเม่า but probably both refer to the same plant.


Spotted this tree in Lopburi and asked my Thai friend if the fruits are edible. They are, but not my taste. ตะโก dtà-goh ebony

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  1. Thanks identifying three more fruits that I have never before spotted. I find the variety of fruits far more interesting than the vegetables commonly found in Thai markets. The mulberries appear (in the photo) to closely resemble blackberries.


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