Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Waterboy Onsen sauna in Rama 2 Soi 19

Waterboy Onsen sauna in Rama 2 Soi 19

Newest gay sauna in Bangkok: Waterboy Onsen วอเตอร์บอยออนเซ็น opened in 2015 (first facebook entry 17 Aug 2015) in Rama 2 Soi 19. https://www.instagram.com/waterboy_onsen/

View from Rama 2 road:

Open 14-24, entry 170 Baht (under 21 year olds 99 Baht).

1st floor reception, Jacuzzi (accessible from 2nd floor)
2nd floor locker room
3rd floor sauna, steam room, gym
4th rest room, TV room
5th rest room, rooftop garden, smoking corner

Everything new and clean. Private rooms have electronic candle (a LED shines on a plastic foil that has a shape of a flame and is moved by an electromagnet? to make it move like a flame). Towels so-so (normal towel cut in half?).

Saturday 16.04.2016
Waterboy Onsen 19:00-25. About 3 other customers. Continue to Phoenix sauna.

Saturday 23.04.2016
Waterboy Onsen 18:12-40. One other customer. Jacuzzi warm but no bubbles. 

The other customer is not my type, but when he starts touching me in locker room, I let him rim and suck me as I have nothing else to do. Lie on my back and read on my mobile phone while he is working on me and I think "I could* take a video of him sucking my dick", then I notice that we are in good view of security camera and abort. Upon leaving, I can't see video of the security camera at receptionist's workplace, where is it recorded or displayed?

*possibility, not intent

Continue to Phoenix (bus 68 does not drive past Phoenix, get off at The Mall Tha Phra and walk).

Verdict: nice place and location ok, needs more customers. Others report the same: http://sawatdeenetwork.com/v4/showthread.php?17982-waterboys-onsen
and private communication with a friend who went multiple times. 

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  1. Me plus one other all night. He told me that he was very worried about catching hiv from farang
    I told him that statistics should have him concerned about thais. Most farang with hiv would be on meds which would have the virus undetectable but the govt here seems to have dropped the ball regarding infection. I hate seeing guys fucking without condoms

  2. Wish the desk guy would mix. Still.only 2 to 4 guests. I encourage nakedness upstairs. With so few there they pack up at 9pm. In one way it is easier to have a pick up as with so few.

    1. 78 Sana has even less. Well done out in design but no one

    2. Anonymous means Safehouse sauna in Sukhumvit Soi 78. Clean and modern, but only few customers. Hope that will change once the BTS extension (under construction) opens, or even with the move of Hero Massage from Suk 11 to Suk 78, a few hundred meters from Safehouse.

  3. Saturday from 6 until 8pm only me!

  4. Same night a visit to Safe House soi 78. Again me and one other unfriendly Thai. Will check again near the end of the year. Went to Seed after Safe House and actually had action in the naked orgy. Traffic bad all around.


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