Monday, 27 June 2016

Dating Thai boys (42) Rules for living with a Thai boy

Dating Thai boys (42) Rules for living with a Thai boy

I'm still seeing an ex-boyfriend candidate from 2014 regularly*, or rather he sometimes stays in my room when he has business in Bangkok because his place is far out. He would message me and I would let him in, but we usually left separately. These visits were a few each month. Now in April 2016 I gave him a key so he can come independently of me, which increased number of visits to about two per week and raised some issued I addressed in the following rules.

*no sex, the only reason is convenient location of my room

Rules for living with a Thai boy:
1. If you want to eat cookies or chocolate, bring your own.
2. If you change settings on aircon or water heater, change them back when you are done.
3. Don't move my stuff, better don't even touch it.
4. Don't make any changes to my computer, better don't even touch it.
5. No light or sound while I'm sleeping or trying to fall asleep.
6. If you think my room is dirty, there is cleaning material on the floor behind the public washing mashine.
7. If you continue to use vast amounts of toilet paper and cotton buds (Q-tips (R)), consider bringing your own.
8. Always leave my room in a state that I could bring back a friend without being embarrassed.
9. In my room, waste is separated into paper, metal, glass, plastic and organic.
10. Message me before you come, I might have guests.
11. Don't lock yourself into the bathroom or chain the main door.
12. You sleep in your half of the bed, I sleep in my half. Even better we put a long round pillow between us.
13. Every time I can't find something, the question is: did I misplace it or did he use it and didn't put it back?
14. You are responsible for my stuff, I'm not responsible for your stuff.
15. No music by Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber or Maroon 5 while I'm in my room. (Incomplete, check with me before playing any music.)
16. This, this and this is taboo.
17. No use of parfum in my room. (When boy uses parfum, I can smell it long time afterwards. Now he goes in the hallway to use perfum, and I can smell 5 m away when he enters, but at least it doesn't linger in my room.)
18. Switch off the light in the bathroom when you are done (the problem is rather the fan, which will draw out the cold air from my room.)
19. Switch off the light in the refrigerator when you are done.
(This one is a joke.)
20. Don't put any stuff on the bed (boys put mobile phones, power bank and other stuff on the bed). A farang friend has pencils, glasses and toothpicks (!!!) lying on his bed.
21. If you need to pee, either sit down on the toilet or use the wash basin. (I use the wash basin as pissoir. The boy pees into the toilet, standing, splashing urine around. At least he puts up the toilet seat. But afterwards, I can smell the urine that splashed on the ceramic.)
22. Post-it is not a notebook! (Thai friend takes notes on post-it, which is a waste.)
23. Don't tip on my chairs! (I never thought that I would have to tell an adult not to tip on chairs!)
To be continued.

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  1. I like point 19 the best

  2. Don't you think you turning into your mother?

  3. simple reality--if you need all those rules--which might indicate that there have been "violations" of those areas before, DON'T have that lad stay at your place--too many damn rules for anyone, yet alone a Thai who know no rules other than what works for their convenience.

  4. with all of your "rules" is it any wonder that you are still single?

  5. Why would you date only Thai boys? There many other cute Asian boys out there.

  6. A lot of rules.

    Considering you let him have a key, I hope you observe a few:
    1 Keep anything of significant value in a safe that is bolted through a concrete wall.
    2 Ensure you enjoy some sex, gratuitous nudity and other intimate moments when he is there.
    3 Know where you can get a replacement lock quickly & cheaply, in case the need arises.


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