Sunday, 21 August 2016

Dating Thai boys (43) Z is back!

Dating Thai boys (43) Z is back!

I told Z that I don't want to see him again because he lied to me too often (and two other Farangs I know report problems with him), but keep him in gayromeo and facebook. Here screenshots from our interesting last conversations (on gayromeo for computer you can only save messages you receive; messages you sent will be delated after some days; but on my mobile whole conversation is available, however only as screenshot, not as text):

Then he contacted me again and I just copied my previous message.
Usually I am more diplomatic, but here only the truth helps:
I am not away, I am not busy, I just don't want to see you again!
In addition, this guy is one of the two people I ever had to block on Line.

Z is referring to me letting him sleep in the hallway in front of my room in January 2016, details see here:
There I help someone and get thinly veiled threats as thank! Some of the other stuff I don't understand. There is no open debt as far as I remember.

Update Aug 2016: spotted him in Soi Sri Bam Pen.
Update Apr 2017: he tries is again!

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  1. you really need to stop all communications with him:on line, facebook,everywhere. The guy is absolute shit. But more generally, if you think that your Thai encounters care about you ( and I do not mean personally about you: it is typical how they treat farangs in general), you are mistaken. You are just a source of money or other benefits for them.
    Is it possible to have true friendship or more? Probably but takes a lot of time and effort from both sides... Not your case,obviously.

  2. you know better what you are doing but why you still bother to keep his GR and FB.

    If anything even comes out from this story it will be only trouble for you I think.
    Landing yourself in possible trouble just in order to have story to post here is not worth it.

    I'd just cut him off

  3. I agree with the others who commented. Your actions, for someone who professes to know Thailand and these Thai guys, is often surprisingly foolish.

    No, regardless of what you said, you do not need to confront him about his lies==say nothing and simply block him--to anger a Thai lad. why, when the blocking would work, simply makes him an enemy of you and he and his friends/or family, could concoct all kinds of stories about you, to the police or others--you;ve already made it clear by this blog what you do in Thailand, and doubtful, immigration police would take a very favorable view of why exactly you are residing in the country---new minister wants to tamp down the sex trade and improve the image of Thailand, and you are the kind of "tourist" they do NOT want--he also knows exactly where you live, since you had him sleep outside your door--right or not, you create situations that will one day bite you on the ass, in a really negative way!

    1. Perhaps, but definitely not the way you described it here. This guy Z is a piece of shit and yuor only fault that you did not cut him off much earlier. As for his threats, it is just the bullshit: he is not in position to do any harm. He is just nothing in Thai hierarchy.
      If you cut him off compltely, you will be less on his ugly mind and he would switch his attention to something else. In any case, that is the best you can do...

  4. I think you're kidding yourself thinking that he is "nothing in Thai hierarchy"--regardless of his social status, there are lots of lower class Thais who have policemen relatives, friends, or others that "protect them for a fee" and they'd be more than happy to shake down a farang, especially one who posts so openly and brazenly about some activities that make many of us cringe--these thai relatives or police friends would not care for an instance--you mistake lower thai hierarchy, with a thai not still wanting to save face--if you know anytning about thai, know they are very revenge minded--ask any farang who employee thai, the concern about correcting or firing one--or what about the wrong bfs/gfs who throw acid or attack other ways--you just don't really understand thais if you think you can just write this guy off because he is lowso

    1. You are the one who knows nothing about Thailand and you are posting bullshit here. Nobody in Thailand will do harm to farang for nothing. And it is not that easy. The only danger is coming from piece of shit himself. Yes,he may try to do something. But the best way to avoid it is to cut any kind of communication.
      I am not aware (for my more than 25 years of experience in Thailand)of a single that a piece of shit like this Z was able "to pull the strings" to damage farang. You just do not understand that it is not that easy. Christian made a mistake by responding the way he responded. He angered the guy. Once again, the best way is to totally ignore him.

  5. Block him. Ignore him. Avoid all contact. Move on.

    And for what it's worth, letting him sleep outside your room in the corridor is possibly not a good idea.

  6. My readers are hard to Z. When I spot him, my first thought is "cute boy", followed by "too fat and too pale" and "OMG! It's Z!". But he is quite clever (managed to fool me several times, he had the benefit of doubt on his side - I realized that some things don't add up, but let him continue until I could be absolutely sure he is manipulating me): could tell me the place of a temple (I only had a picture without further information) and the name of a tree.

    I would warn friends of his character flaws. But he is not a bad person, just has some problems. He would be a fine boyfriend for someone who can solve or put up with these problems. But I've had enough, helped him many times and the thank is more and more lies.

    Letting him sleep in front of my room instead of letting him in might not be nice, but after letting him stay with me at least twice I told him "no more" and letting him in again would mean total loss of credibility and open the door (literally and figuratively) for more manipulation.

    I don't think telling him I don't like his lies angers him or makes him an enemy. I did it in private, no loss of face involved. And he knows I'm right. He is lo-so and I doubt he has powerful friends (and even if, they would know that he is a liar).

  7. as I said above ,only you know the whole picture and we know only what we could read here.

    If you afraid of his manipulations, he doesn't not come across as friend keeping material.

    And no, only friend we allow to sleep under our door should be dog. I doubt you need him for exercises in humiliation.

    But it must be reason he has such hold on you, may be he is good fuck?

  8. At the risk of piling on about Z, I agree what others have commented on. I believe it is a mistake--perhaps a grave one--to assume because of his social status that he's harmless. It could be that his low status turns out to be his prime motivator to strike out in whatever way he can manage.

    Maybe it's time to relocate to another part of town.

    Whatever you do, stay safe, Christian!


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