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Gay saunas in Phnom Penh Aug 2016

Gay saunas in Phnom Penh Aug 2016

Details about M Health Spa #175 Street 254 and Love Spa For Man #103 Street 105. For other places see my report from Jan 2016:

Currently there seem to be 5 gay saunas in Phnom Penh, from north to south:
CLOSED Galaxy Khmer Sauna & Spa #18 Street 246 CLOSED,
M Health Spa #175 Street 254 (between street 51 and 55),
Love Spa For Man #103 Street 105 (corner of street 105 and 350),
Hatha Khmer Spa, Sauna and Gym #59 Street 350 (between street 105 and 113),
AMAM Café & Spa #20A Street 390 (between street 113 and 143),
Arthur & Paul #27 Street 71 (between street 398 and 400),
CLOSED Khmer Sauna & Spa #26B Street 410 (between street 123 and 135) CLOSED.

Love Spa For Man Tue 09.08.2016
Entry 3 USD, stay 18:15-46. Two floors. Everything as I remember from my visit in Jul 2014. Estimated 20-30 customers, none my type. Locker room and and sauna well lit, groups shower and Jacuzzi too dark, steam room completely dark. Upper floor private rooms and rooms for massage (and some fully dressed masseurs offering their service). Jacuzzi with warm water.

Hatha Khmer Spa, Sauna and Gym Tue 09.08.2016
About 50 m west of Love Spa For Man. When I arrive, staff tells me they have only sauna, no massage service, but at the moment all lockers are occupied. Have dinner first and return to stay 19:16-20:24. Entry 3 USD. Three floors. The place is brimming with estimated 50 customers, several look promising, but when I finally have a clear hit, he is not interested. First time I see effeminate Cambodian boys. Locker room (well lit) busy throughout with over 5 people in there, and that’s the last time you can get a clear look because everywhere else is too dark. Jacuzzi with luke warm water.

Clearly best value for money of all saunas I have been to in Phnom Penh and clearly the place with highest probability of finding someone for me.

Both places have free drinking water (single use plastic cups), supply white flip flops, customers walk around in towel, staff speaks English. 

I saw at least one customer with a surgical mask in each sauna (I have seen people with glasses or hats in saunas, but surgical mask is a first).

Continue to Khmer Sauna & Spa #26B Street 410. Can’t find #26B, only #26. There are no signs (there is a small sign on google street view from Dec 2013). Ask locals: they seem to know the place and lead me to #26. Due to total lack of signage, I would tentatively say it’s closed permanently.

Walk past M Health Spa Wed 10.08.2016 in the afternoon to check if it’s open. It is, and two customers who are near reception offer me massage (or anything else I want), but I have an appointment for the evening already.

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