Monday, 24 October 2016

Pattaya 30.8.-1.9.2016

Pattaya 30.8.-1.9.2016

30.08.2016 Tuesday Bangkok to Pattaya
Wank to porn in the morning. While preparing for my trip to Pattaya, an old friend Ohm Lopburi messages me: he lost his wallet and wants to come to see me (so I can help him). This is a good boy and I’m sure the emergency is real, so I invite him. Should have left it at giving him 500 Baht and telling him I’m busy preparing for Pattaya, but a hug leads to a grope leads to bed. So-so, but give him 1000 Baht. Cum twice already, not a good start for a trip to Pattaya.

Bangkok to Pattaya by public transport (see here for a full overview of options: and for a good article on vans between Victory Monument and Pattaya see here Bus 74 from Bon Gai (Rama 4 road) to Victory Monument 14:01-43 for 9 Baht. Buy ticket 14:51 for van 100 Baht at van station South-East of Victory Monument (after asking how long till departure: 10 minutes – this is important, if I get reply 30 min or 1 hour (!!!) I try another van station). Departure 14:58. Stop for petrol 16:34-17:14, that’s 40 minutes! Usually it takes 10 minutes – still unacceptable to let all passengers wait 10 minutes, and it happens every time – this time queues at the petrol station. Arrive at Tuk-Com 18:34. Considering it can take a while to get to Victory Monument, and it's the opposite direction than Pattaya from Silom/Sathorn/Sukhumvit, I might try bus to Bangna and van from there next time. (Update: vans move from Victory Monument to other stations anyway:

Meet a reader D at Panorama 19:00-58, then barhopping together.

Eros 20:18-21:08. Orange juice 100 Baht (no pineapple juice available). 8 boys in shorts with underwear underneath, bare feet. Music, temperature, light ok. Number increases to about 15 boys, some of which I would take for free. About 10 customers during our stay.

Pass show at Ting Tong Red 21:10.

Nice boys 21:12-22:38. Hot tea 150 Baht. 14 boys in shorts or briefs, all wearing street shoes. Fan blowing (I don’t like air draft), music ok, light so-so. The cute boy #10 whom I saw 3 weeks before and wanted to take today is not there any more, #10 assigned to another boy. There is a cute waiter New from Bangkok who tells me in good English that he has been working there for a long time, 1 year as gogo boy and 3 years as waiter, how comes I did’t notice him before? I’m very tempted. About 5 Chinese (?) enter and after some negotiations with staff directly off a boy. I go for #49 (whom I remember from my last visit), off fee of 500 Baht is a surprise. (Nov2014 I paid 400:

#49, Don from Yala, 19 y.o., has been working there for 3 or 4 weeks. Little English, all our conversation in Thai. A hint of cigarette smoking when kissing. Cooperative, but not enough initiative in bed. Recommended, but not good enough for me to take him again.

Around 00:40 Sunee Plaza still busy. One boy shirtless at pool, great body!

Walk to Walking Street, BBQ chicken 30 Baht. (After prize rise or just overcharging in 2015 and 2016:

At Bali Hai pier, spot a cute boy with friends. His friends chat me up and ask me if I would like to take him with me. I don’t react on that offer, but chat with the boy and exchange Line and ask next day if he likes boys or girls: girls. That was quick, no waste of time.

31.8.2016 Wednesday
Daytime visit a friend who lives south of Pattaya and go for sightseeing together.

Dinner with D at Oscar’s 19:25-21:55. BoysBoysBoys parade 21:04-09, 4 worth a second look, but does not entice me to enter the bar.

Message my new favorite boy in Pattaya, Lay from Cambodia. He is in Cambodia, otherwise I would have invited him to stay over night.

Not in the mood for gogo bar (I go only to take a boy, but not horny today), I join another friend C who likes to watch the show at The Venue has been trying to convince me to join him for a long time.

The Venue 22:18-23:32, orange juice 150 Baht. While I can see the attraction (C goes many times per year), it’s not for me.

Stroll through Jomtien Complex and spot some old acquaintances, of which Kit from Cambodia (we met first some years ago when he was working in Wild West Boys) is worth meeting again, get his new Line and tell him we can meet tomorrow moring.

1.9.2016 Thursday
Message Kit in the morning (from getting up at 10 until checking out at 12 I have a 2 hour window): messages only read in the afternoon, he wrote he was sleeping all days.

Due to unfavorable circumstances only one boy this trip. 

Large numbers of Chinese tourists, spotted many cute boys. Will use gay dating app (recommendations?) popular with Chinese next time I go to Pattaya.

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  1. Blued seems to e the Chinese dating app du jour

  2. Going to Pataya to pick up gay Chinese tourists via a Chinese app sounds like a fail proof strategy to me.
    Can't wait for the hilarious reports.
    I have to say, Christian always knows how to make simple things complicated.

  3. Chinese tourists ? Good luck.
    In my experience, I get ignored by most of them & the ones that do show interest in a date have a long & tedious conversation, followed by a request for c*ck pics. Which is never going to happen.
    It is more productive to filter them out and spend time on the usual suspects from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Burma.


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