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WOP: 7-Eleven shops

Words of praise: 7-Eleven shops

Correct name is 7-Eleven (which I shall use from now on; from their original opening times: 7:00-23:00, 7 days per week), but now open 24/7.

When I saw this one recently opened (11280 เย็นอากาศ 1 = 11280 Yen Agat Soi 1), I thought it must be the newest:

Until I came across 11374 Ladprao Soi 112 (eastern side, half way to Ramkhamhaeng 53). But says there were 8,469 in Thailand  on August 18, 2015. 

Family Mart has around 1,116 stores in Thailand:

Where was the first? I don't know, but 0078 near Chokchai 4 on northern side of Ladprao Road comes close. 00064 คลองเตย Klong Toey even closer. Most branches have leading zeros to make 4 digits, but once they realized that they will surpass 9999, leading zeros to make 5 digits was introduced, I assume.

There are rumors (citation needed) of a crossroads with four 7-Eleven in the four corners. I could see three 7-Eleven within less than 100 m distance from each other in Rayong:

There is no list with all of them (my search on internet and asking here, and not all are shown on googlemaps (personal observation).

The smallest 7-Eleven I ever saw is near Victory Monument (Koh Phaya Thai) and has no entrance for customers:

Now to the words of praise part: well lit and air-conditioned and almost everywhere, so they make a great meeting spot. Best with number and name of the branch to avoid confusion, e.g. in Sri Bam Pen there are three 7-Eleven, hundreds of meters apart. You can pay everything there: bus and plane tickets and electricity bill. Open 24/7 is very useful for a late night meal when street food is closed. Proximity to 7-Eleven is a requirement for me: sometimes I forgot to buy butter or toast in the evening, wake up in the morning and it's just a short hop down to 7-Eleven before I can have breakfast. 

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update 10feb2019:

Update: the now defunct (since 2009) blog gayboythailand had a post praising 7-Eleven. A friend B however buys all his alcohol at small Chinese shop, because they sell alcohol throughout the day and night. 

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  1. not only butter and toast but also condom and lube

    1. Don't forget buying a 7 baht bottle of water to break a 1000 baht note on the way to the gogo bars.

    2. I'm getting my change at BTS stations changing counters

  2. in my experience: thais just call them seven.

  3. So yes, indeed, many have closed-the nr in operation is just over 10.000, I think (some time ago there were many promotions due to nr 10K).
    I think nr 0001 is near the BKK cityhall-or used to be. I think wiki has some item on it, too lazy to search it now. In the start they were clearly aiming at busstops, quite handy in fact. The highest nr in some area must be around/in Khao san road and Bangkapi-Happyland.
    Knowing the FAMILY from visits to Japan I am always surprised they do so bad in TH. Also amazing is that in TH the 7 seems to hit the right spot greatly-also quite different from neighbors, like Malaysia, Indo (there is circleK), PHillippine-where they are fewer and far more expensive and always without some essentials.

  4. Proximity to a 7-11, Family Mart or alike is my requirement anywhere and everywhere I travel, bkk in particular

  5. Most 7-Eleven have an automatic sliding door. But beware, there are a few whitout automtic door, I almost run into the door! Another spot with three 7-Eleven close to each other / across the street is Nang Linchee near Soi 8.


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