Monday, 21 November 2016

Black money boy in Bangkok

Black money boy in Bangkok

I like Blacks almost as much as Asian. In brown skin, they even score higher, but body hair can be a problem.

In 2013, there was Black Woman (lost contact in 2015), who was interested, but not my type.

In the same year, there was a Black twink, who said he was in Bangkok to study, but spent much more time in Silom Soi 4 and DJ-station that can be reconciled with studying. We once met for dinner, and after ordering he told me had forgotten his wallet and if I could lend him the money. A poor start. During later by-chance encounters (Soi 4, DJ-station), no hint of paying back, and slightly drunk, at the end I lost interest.

And now, Oct/Nov 2016, a new opportunity to have sex with a Black. While I deal with south-east Asian money boys routinely, this is a new situation and has me asking for advice: 

A week ago [on 20oct2016], I crossed paths with a Black (from Senegal) in Soi Sri Bam Pen, and when he noticed I'm ogling at him, he chatted me up and we exchanged phone number and facebook (shirtless pics on facebook look promising). 

[Skin temperature check, poking my elbow in his lower arm and handshake, was negative.] 

Yesterday night, I saw him sitting alone in Telephone bar. But I haven't seen him on gayromeo or hornet. We figured out the details (1000 Baht, we can't go to his room - I just moved and have stuff standing around so I have to tidy up my room before I can invite someone). Now my indecisiveness kicks in, combined with the fact that I never had anything with a Black (but it has been on my wish list for years).

Any experiences or anything to look out for? He looks pretty macho and probably top only. Of my size and weight. I had one Cambodian and one Vietnamese money boy who refused to leave my room over a money argument, I simply shoved them out. That wouldn't work here. 

Chat from facebook, CPFC = ChristianPFC, BMB = Black money boy, comments in italic.

Oct 20th2016, 4:17pm
CPFC Hello
CPFC I'm busy today. And tired from flight. Arrived just this morning from Germany.
BMB Ho yeah do you want massage

Almost to the point, I like that! It would have taken me a lot of beating around the bush to get to this point.

CPFC Good idea. Do you have a room? I will move into new room tomorrow, so my room will be messy some days.

Oct 20th, 7:11pm
BMB Sorry. Is not possibl
CPFC Then wait until my room is ready.
BMB ok but I work if you want I can come have a good time with you, you may have to give me money pat this here life is too dificult for me

And again to the point! Saved me a lot of beating around the bush. And “you may have to give me money” is a funny wording for being a moneyboy.

Oct 21st, 9:41am
CPFC Yes, I can help you. Good night.
Oct 21st, 3:40pm
BMB ok so if we see how much you will give me
Oct 22nd, 9:45am
CPFC 1000 Baht
Oct 22nd, 1:39pm
BMB I worth more than you have me look good

Oct 22nd, 4:21pm
CPFC Sorry, I can't pay more than 1000.
BMB ha ok give me 1500 beats veins if you want I go with you a good time
CPFC 1000 but now I'm going to Babylon sauna, probably get someone there for free.
BMB ok 1000 beats agree on how to actually see
CPFC I will message or call when I'm free. Not today.
BMB Ok. I wait you

I have a lot of other business, and not sure if I should let someone who is bigger and stronger than me in my room. But my friend Bill in Malaysia hotel is interested, that would solve all security problems. 

Nov 7thMon 10:46am
CPFC Hello
CPFC Hello
CPFC Still in Bangkok?
BMB Yess
CPFC Free this afternoon 13:30?
CPFC Then we can meet. My friend Bill from America likes to get fucked and I want to watch. 1200 for three some. In Malaysia hotel.
BMB 1200 what?
BMB No. Sorry but I never fuck for 1200
CPFC What do you like for sex?
BMB Sorry but I can not talk too much about her with you in what you pay for bad sex
Mon 1:14pm
CPFC So do you want to come?
BMB Your price is no good for me 

(End of conversation) Then good luck to find someone who pays you more. I made a reasonable offer and that’s it. BYE.

I don’t understand these boys. Sure I would prefer one customer at 2000 than two at 1000, however the supply and demand is rather one customer at 1500 or two at 1000.

But I can rejoice: the situation is asymmetric. I can wank to black porn on my computer or mobile phone (free, instant, any time), but he can’t get money for food or rent out of his computer or mobile phone.

Score ChristianPFC:Black is 0:2 (one owes me 318 Baht for dinner, the other one wants too much money for sex), but keep trying!

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  1. Why didn't you counter offer at 1,500? Good deal for both parties.
    You should be more flexible in your negotiations, the aim is to meet him, the aim is not a low price.

    1. obviously Christian's aim is not to pay more than 1200

    2. Vinapu: for sure 'Bill from America' will chip in, after all it is his ass which will get fucked....
      Christian is only an innocent bystander so to speak.

    3. I paid 1500 for short time with boys from Soi Twilight, but then I haven seen them in underwear before committing. If he (the Black) agreed on 1000 to meet me, I thought 1200 for a threesome (Bill never pays more than 700, I would add 500, that's how I came to offer 1200) is an acceptable deal. I did once, in 2013, increase an offer to a money boy from 1000 to 1500 (and still didn't get him), it was a humiliating experience that I do not wish to repeat.

  2. i once met a Pakistani boy in bkk, & soon got to learn if you want whats not usually available in los then you pay more than the going rate, simply as that, makes sense to me, but I soon declined he's inflated offer knowing thai guys are readily available to satisfy me - shuee

  3. If he's bigger than you, don't risk if you have even the slightest doubt. Since he is already very assertive in the negotiation, he may be even more assertive when you want him to leave your room.
    I would just block his phone number & end all dialogue.

  4. "a new opportunity to have sex with a Black" & "I crossed paths with a Black"

    Sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but this comment is either poor English or borderline racist.

    You would not have sex with "a white" you would have sex with "a white guy" - similarly you would have sex with "a black guy" not simply "a black"

    1. A Thai friend once told me that a girl friend of his is "married to a negro". He must have studied English using a rather old book. Well, at least he didn't use that other n-word.

    2. As far as I know, the following are politically and grammatically correct (capitalization is important to distinguish between a noun - inhabitant of a country or member of a race - and adjective):

      I have never had sex with a White (a German, a French), would like to have sex with a Black, and had a lot of sex with Asians (Thais, Cambodians, Burmese).

      I have never had sex with a white guy (a German guy, a French guy), would like to have sex with a black guy,...

      But correct me if you know better and I have missed recent developments in grammar or political correctness (in Germany, the current political correct name for Blacks seems to be "sub-Sahara Africans").

    3. Its is not a recent development in either grammar or political correctness. The capitalization makes no difference.

      What you have written may by ok on the basis of language rules, but since when does English have any consistent rules!

      I have never had sex with a German => This is ok
      I have never had sex with a French => This is not ok (should be French person/guy)
      I have never had sex with a Spaniard => This is ok (sex with a Spanish is not)
      I have never had sex with a White/Black = Similar to French, this is not ok, should be white or black guy.

      No political correctness, just correct English!

  5. the top of your blog says "Not politically correct" Say it like it is. You want to try raw animal sex by having sex with a monkey from Africa.

  6. BMB is still around. Saw him yesterday in moonhouse while having chat with a Farang friend C. C noticed BMB, and found BMB interesting, and after I told C our history, C said he would contribute 500 Baht to watch BMB fuck me. An interesting suggestion, however I'm not so much bottom, and big cock is out of question.

  7. Maybe your type?


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