Saturday, 12 November 2016

Train cemetery in Bang Sue

Train cemetery in Bang Sue

I noticed this place many times when driving past by train (north of Bang Sue train station, all trains from Hua Lampong to north, north-east, west and south pass, and the fork trains to south/west or north/north-east is right after this spot). View driving past by train:

View over the fence (western side):

There is a fence directly from west, and a fence for new train station about 2-300m to the east, but the train cemetery can easily be accessed from the north walking around the Wheel Re-Profiling Shop buildings:

As this is railway territory and construction site of new railway station, say hello to every person I pass and ask for permission to enter the train cemetery, which is granted with a smile:

Inside the Wheel Re-Profiling Shop, some modern machines (lathe for train wheels) and modern trains standing outside suggest that this is still in operation:


Upon learning of this adventure, Farang friend with drone wants to visit, so we go again and take some aerial pictures. View from south to north, slum on the left side, railway track (old in operation and new in grey bed under construction), new train station and part of Mor Chit 2 bus station on the right side:

A word of warning: A day after going there, I developed a skin rash on my hands and feet, that then spread to whole body two days later and did not get better until I went to see a doctor five days later, who diagnosed it as an allergy and prescribed 3 different pills and one cream that completely healed me within days.

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  1. skin rash is still better than waking up and disturb some sleeping snake so count your blessings, specially you were healed fast


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