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Durian and pomelo varieties

Durian and pomelo varieties

Durian ทุเรียน tú rian

A display of rare and expensive gâan yaao variety whole fruit:

A display of common variety mŏn tong peeled:

Most common variety is หมอนทอง mŏn tong "golden pillow", rarer and more expensive varieties are ก้านยาว gâan yaao "long stem" and ชะนี chá-nee main meaning "gibbon" but side meaning "prostitute".

Names and shapes give rise to indecent thoughts:

There is even a website and a book The Durian Tourist's Guide To Thailand dedicated to the durian fruit.

mŏn tong comes in hard and soft, can easily distinguished by looking at how the foil it is wrapped in clings to the fruit.

Pomelo ส้มโอ sôm oh

I once bought an entire fruit and peeled it, the effort to peel it is not worth the money saved compared to peeled.

There are two main varieties on sale: ส้มโอสวนผึ้ง sôm oh sŭan pêung "bee garden" (reddish) and ส้มโอทองดี sôm oh tong dee "good gold" (yellow).

Other fruit that come in varieties are Mango มะม่วง má mûang and Banana กล้วย glûay.

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