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Gay activities Nov 2016

Gay activities Nov 2016

Details about show in Macho and Nake, gay dating.

Sun 30oct to Sat 5nov2016

Full body skin reddening and rash and sensitive to touch prevents me from any sexual activities. Moving room occupies my mind and I don’t want to take boys to my cheap room. No gay activities for a week.

Wed 2nov2016

A friend has a room in Nakon Pathom and for change of scenery and sightseeing, spend one night in his place while he is away. Despite not being able to engage in activities (can’t bring anyone to his place, skin rash) check hornet; if I find someone I can easily come back. It’s a male dormitory, and surprise, there someone from the same dormitory is on hornet. Bordercase juding by the one poor picture he sent, but him staying in the same building makes it interesting. After one hour of chat on hornet (information could be transmitted by a minute calling on the phone), I press for a meeting: cannot, busy. TIME WASTER! Boy seems to be scared that my friend will recognize him as gay, asks me not to tell my friend and even deletes his profile.

Fri 4nov2016

Meet Farang friend for dinner and afterwards drink in Hotmale 2 beer bar. Spot several boys I would take for free in the soi.

Years ago I was yearning for Soi Twilight. But now, if I read on the internet that it’s all gone, I would just shrug my shoulders and pass by next opportunity to confirm. This thought (not being dependent on these overpaid underperformers for sex) cheers me up!

Thu 10nov2016

Appointment with James Rama 2 from hornet at 8 pm Tesco Lotus Rama 2. While riding on bus 141, I message him on Line, not read. Then call on Line, no reply. Now it dawns on me that previous chats stopped around 7 pm. It might be that he uses WiFi at work, but has no data connection. And I forgot to ask for phone number! Have dinner there and return. Back home, reply: sorry.

Fri 11nov2016

Go to Fake disco 23:28-58 (just a reconnaissance trip, too loud and too late for me, and I don’t like singing, dancing, alcohol; but place and time perfect to go by MRT and then continue to saunas)

Farose 2 stay 00:14-01:10. About 50 customers, one cute, some border cases.

Seed 01:34-03:02. About 15 customers, no cute. But when I’m dressing to leave a cute boy Kot enters, and we exchange some looks in the locker room, so I undress and follow him and we have a good time. (Exchange Line and chat, but still haven’t met again 10dec2016.)

Sat 12nov2016

Now second trip to Tesco Lotus Rama 2 to meet James. Take Bus 141 from 17:01 to 18:08. Then long wait and several calls until he finally arrives (had a 30 min trip by bus as I would learn) 19:00. As there is nothing else to do than express mutual sexual interest, say goodbye 19:30. He goes home, I go to saunas. (Continue chatting on Line, still haven’t met again 10dec2016.)

Phoenix  20:11-50. Less than 10 customers when I arrive, more than 10 when I leave. Top floor (steam room, sauna, gym, group shower) closed. With bordercase in room, but can’t get hard despite my style.

Macho 21:07-32. When I arrive, Bom is outside with others waiting to go to Nake. In Macho about 20 customers.

(Bom is the boy I met in Wave disco on 09.10.2015, now closed, and then invited several times to my room, with one confirmed theft of 300 Baht. Then lost contact, but by chance found him to be performer in the show in Macho.)

Tue 15nov2016

Chat with a boy Kuk on hornet. He lives in Thanon Chan and I go there for a chat and streetfood dinner (he pays before I can ask for the bill). Invite him to my room. Have a good time, but a few kg too heavy. Refuses to take money for taxi. Might meet again some day.

Thu 17nov2016

1 hour oil massage 500 Baht, tip for happy ending 1000 at Zy Massage Soi Ngam Duplee (former Lomchoey).

Fri 18nov2016

A friend Bo who performs in Mor Lam (and therefore travels a lot, our first contact was on 26sep2011 on Camfrog and now meet for the first time, more than 5 years, a record!) is in Bangkok and I go to see him before performance starts. Interesting backstage insights. Positive, will go to see him whenever he being in his hometown and I being free for some days coincides (will this take another 5 years?).

Seed 20:48-21:24. Two bordercases. Computers no connection to internet.

Farose 2 stay 21:55-02:30. Entry 170. Number of customers increase from about 50 to about 100 during my stay. Record number of 5 foreigners. Spot 5 bordercases. One not interested. Another fully clothed and interested. However chain smoker, and when I chat him up and look from close not so attractive any more.

Sat 19nov2016

Macho sauna 19:12-21:08. Entry 160 Baht. Over 30 customers when I arrive. During my stay spot some bordercases, but none of them interested.

Show times posted at counter: Wed 19:30, Fri-Sat 20:00, Sun 19:30.

19:55 spot Bom in room where show will take place (found him on hornet earlier). Around 20:00, food buffet, but doesn’t last long. Show around 20:30 to 21:00. The two boys bring their music, and I guess it’s 30 minutes long and when music ends, they leave. When I last watched the show many months ago it was nothing special, but this time better. Poor light, but both performers naked, and engage all spectators (around 15) in indecent touching, stroking, licking. Everyone can have a grope and a stroke within reason, I like this!

Chat with Bom and find out he will go to Nake (Muffil sauna moved from Ladprao Soi 113 to Happyland) next, so I join and pay for taxi. (171 Baht, 21:10-51).

Nake sauna 21:53-22:50. Entry 140 Baht. Less than 20 customers, several promising. Show about 22:15 to 45, the two performers just lie down naked in the room and everyone can have a grope and a stroke and a lick within reason.

Between 5 and 10 spectators during the show. I noticed already twice in Macho and now in Nake, the other customers show much more interest in Bom’s friend (who is too fat for my taste) than in Bom, so I have Bom almost to myself, and have a good time. Then I give Bom a rest and lie down on the mattress, and suddenly have four other customers (all too old and fat) working on my, while Bom sits alone in the corner. A strange world!

Upon leaving, Bom does not let this chance pass to ask for money (300 Baht). I initially refuse, but give him 100 when we are outside, and will invite him to my room some day.

Seed 23:21-01:08. Entry 100 Baht. About 20 customers. Orgies in darkroom. One of these rare times of group sex where everyone can join within reason and listen for free, but not so much watch for free as it’s too dark. Get my hands on one slim warm hairless body Wit, and without having seen him in light, have sex and afterwards exchange Line. Then cross paths with another cute boy Tae who is interested, exchange Line and meet another day. (Update 12dec2016: still haven't met, but working on it.)

Farose 2, stay 01:31-02:02 (just a quick reconnaissance because right place and time). Brimming, but nobody my type. About 20 in disco, 20 in karaoke, 50 in front of rooms and all rooms occupied. Pool has been dry for weeks, steam room cold, but sauna in operation. A Farang friend stays in Farose Mansion: 300 Baht per night, double bed and aircon, was nice once but now pretty run down and no maintenance. Bed is a plastic covered (so can easily be wiped clean) mattress only, pillows similar, no bedlinen.

Sun 20nov2016

Message several boys: no reply or not free.

Mon 21nov2016
Ball comes to my room, just hugging, 500.

Tue 22nov2016

Trip to Sakon Nakon to meet friends and the cute boy James. Staying at my friend’s place, I can’t invite him to room, just have chat outside in the garden. I have a few hugs and gropes, but not much response. I guess I will abort.

Wed 23nov2016

Return to Bangkok by bus. Some weeks before I found a boy Jumbo on hornet who lives in Bang Sue, today is his chance as I pass there (Mor Chit bus station). He turns out to be a money boy, but pictures look very promising so I offer 1000 Baht. After extensive but slow communication, he says he doesn’t want to go out at night, but will be free tomorrow afternoon. TIMEWASTER! But pictures very promising, will keep in touch and hope to meet some day.

Move on in my list of boys on Line, here reported in increasing signal run time (time between my message and reply):

1 min (Tae not free)

1 min (Chok traveling outside Bangkok)

1 h 35 min (Oat doesn’t know the way)

5 h 41 min (James D, meet the following morning)

15 h (Wit Seed)

19 h (James Rama 2)

3 d 6 h (Kot Seed)

still no reply (Non KK, probably Line account abandoned)

Contacted 8 boys, give up. The problem is clearly signal run time, I should switch to calling (a call not answered is much more useful than a message not read).

Suddenly, after 2 months of messages not read, Pong calls and messages me. He would be just right now, but is still in Khon Kaen and wants to come to Bangkok and be my boyfriend (read: he wants to go to Bangkok and has nowhere else to stay and no funds, and offers sex for accommodation and alimentation).

Thu 24nov2016

James D in the morning. 500 for taxi. He is hard from the beginning, but a bit too fat, too hairy, too cold skin for my taste (same like on first encounter).

Fri 25nov2016

Meet Reader J for dinner, then bar hopping and sauna hopping.

Super A 21:07-49. Soft drink 100 Baht. When we enter 8 boys, when we leave 10 boys in individual underwear and individual shoes, 2 I would take for free. Up to 2 other customer.

Nature Boys only two boys and no staff when we poke our heads in.

Neither X-Boys nor Fresh Boys will let us in for 250 ( displayed price 400).

X-Size separate report.

Farose 2 sauna 00:17-01:28. About 50 customers, two worth a second look.

Seed 01:37-02:30. About 10 customers, none my type. Spend some time on the internet.

Sat 26nov2016

Chat with a boy Arty from near Central Rama 2 on gayromeo. He comes by bus, I pick him up at bus stop and we have a good time in my room. Might meet again some day.

Tue 29nov2016

Phuket separate here:

Wed 30nov2016

In Surat Thani, quickly after arriving find a promising looking profile (only one picture, quality not good) who contacts me. Then move conversation to Line, no profile picture (here I should have asked for a picture or video chat, but I had nothing to lose – no other plans for the night).

Efficient communication, and boy Lab on time at place of my choice (actually his choice, he asked for my hotel and room number and is there even before I’m back from dinner).

So I walk up the stairs and find someone who is not so much my type waiting for me (can’t even say if it’s the boy from the profile picture). I should have opened hornet and ask if that’s him, but I’m impressed that Lab is at the right place at the agreed time and reward him by inviting him to my room.

And who knows, he might have an awesome body and beautiful dick. He quickly gets to the point, and I find out he has neither. I play along (still amazed at right place and time). Afterwards I can’t contain my curiosity any more and open his profile on hornet, and he volunteers it’s a picture of his younger brother.

My sentiment changes to pity (he is not out and below average looking – face and body – that he has to use his younger brother’s picture to get any hits on hornet) and only when telling this story to FF, I see that I should have told Lab to fuck off go home (alone).

Striking similarity to the boy in Phrae: both had one poor quality picture of their younger brother, both came by their own car to the right place at the agreed time, both efficient communication in written Thai.

Summary nov2016:

5 free sex: Kot in Seed, Kuk from hornet, Wit in Seed, James D (500 for taxi) old aquaintance, Arty Rama 2 (100 for bus) from gayromeo.

1 paid sex: Zy massage 1000 .

12 saunas: Farose 2, Seed, Phoenix, Macho, Seed, Farose 2, Macho, Nake, Seed, Farose 2, Farose 2, Seed.

4 gogo bars: Super A, X-Size (Bangkok), MO2, My Way (Phuket).

4 no sex: James Rama 2, Bo Mor Lam, Ball 500, James Sakon Nakon.

3 no show: boy in Nakon Pathom, James Rama 2, Jumbo Bang Sue.

1 disco: Fake.

1 massage: Zy (happy ending).

4 boys from online: James Rama 2 from hornet, Kuk from hornet, Arty Rama 2 from gayromeo, Lab from hornet in Surat Thani.

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  1. hi! i live in ramkhamhaeng area and very curious about Seed. Have been to all or most saunas and cruising spots in my area but Seed i haven't been to yet. May i ask for the exact location?

    1. Too late. Closed 2 weeks ago.

    2. I haven't checked myself, but a friend reported Seed closed without explanation two weeks ago and no updates on their Line.

    3. I passed yesterday, closed without reason given. On Line last post 8dec2016, after that only comments asking if it is open.

  2. Do you know what was the cause of your skin rush? Could it be Zika?

    1. Allergy from dust on old trains, details here:


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