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Pattaya 7-9dec2016

Pattaya 7-9dec2016

I was sick with sore throat and running nose from Tue (with hints already Mon night), but had a booking for room, not going to Pattaya would have meant loss of money. In the past, I cancelled or postponed several trips to Pattaya, just because I didn’t feel like going to Pattaya or something more interesting came up.

I had messaged the Cambodian boy J (positive encounter in Bangkok in Oct and no money) some days before on Line, hornet, gayromeo, no reply. (but see end of post.)

Wed 7dec2016
Bus from Bangkok to North Pattaya. Wait in vain for songtheo, finally take mocy (80 Baht, 20:15-27 to Tuk-Com).

Pass BBB parade around 21:05, so-so, nobody who would entice me to enter the bar.

Kawaii 21:08-50. Hot tea 150. 14 boys and no customer, individual underwear, bare feet. Smoking allowed (boys and customers). When I leave 15 boys and 6 customers. Tip #13 (Arm whom I had in Oct) 100 Baht. #8 would be my second choice.

Then on Beach Road and old acquaintance ambushes me. First from Samsung (there really is a district “Samsung” in Khon Kaen province), whom I had 2 or 3 times in 2014/5, and who really is into me, but only a bordercase for me. After I have told him 2 or 3 times “maybe next time” over the last two years, now his chance. Some hugging and cuddling in my room. Both of us wear face masks. He after a recent cosmetic procedure on his lips, I to protect him from my cold/flue/whatever. No money request.

Stroll around Sunee Plaza 23:45-00:00, rather quiet.

Thu 8dec2016
Meet friend for brunch at Lek Hotel. Then some sightseeing and second hand book shops on eastern side of Sukhumvit.

Sansuk Sauna 16:43-18:22. Entry 230 Baht. From less than 50 customers to more than 50 customers during my stay. Mainly Farang, some Asians, one Black, one ladyboy who looked like woman (even dressed in woman’s swimwear with bikini).

In the maze/rooms on second floor (aircon too cold!) hook up with a customer. Perfect warm and dry skin.We go to a room and after I tell him twice that I will not bottom, he aborts.

Some groping in the steam room. A customer who must have been Farang (from body and body hair) gives me an excellent blow job. I had to touch his ample chest hair (disgusting), and shaved pubes (I’m indifferent to shaved pubes, however when they grow back and are some millimeters long and spiky, that I don’t like) to keep me from cumming. (Why? I’m hapto-visual, I either have to look at a nice body, or touch one, or better both, to have meaningful sex.)

On the way from Sansuk to Sunee, I find a 500 Baht note. Now I have found all coins and notes except 1000 Baht.

Nice Boys 20:55-21:30. Orange juice 150. 11 boys and 3 customers. Individual underwear and closed shoes. Poor light, music and temperature ok. Some cocks out. Tip #23 100 Baht.

Eros 21:33-58. Pineapple juice 100. 11 boys and 6 customers. Shorts and bare feet. Some nudity. Music and temperature ok, poor light.

Power Boys 22:03-29. Hot tea 140 Baht.11 boys and 3 customers. Individual underwear and bare feet. #16 is cute. Up to 8 customers during my stay.

Bali Hai pier 22:50-23:20 quiet. Boats that were on the shore and restaurant all removed (was in the news some weeks ago), now vast empty space. No signs of Pattaya-Hua Hin ferry (which is supposed to run from 1jan2017).

Fri 9dec2016
Visit TAT office Pattaya and ask for ferry Pattaya-Hua Hin: not sure. If there is a ferry service, it will probably to Pranburi pier 20 km by road south of Hua Hin.

Bus from Jomtien to Suwannaphum. Price now 120 Baht, down from 134. And who is there waiting for the same bus? The Cambodian boy J! He gave his phone to his cousin and has a new one. Re-established contact, and only due to being still unwell I didn’t directly invite him to my room in Bangkok.

Summary: no sex during this trip. That’s a first. (Meaning I didn’t cum, not even get hard, but several encounters with nudity and touching.)

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