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Gay activities 2016 summary

Gay activities 2016 summary 

Details about boyfriend candidates, sauna, gogo, disco visits and sexual partners in 2016.

Having accounted for every fuck, wank and grope in my monthly reports, I now just have to add it all up to get an overview for the year.

What became of this year’s boyfriend candidates? Italic are quotes of what I posted before. 

BFC1in2016 in Phnom Penh Cambodia (facebook).

We met on 3jan2016 and again in Aug. Only quickies at night after university. Still running as BFC, but I don’t visit Cambodia often enough to deepen our relationship beyond fuck buddy. 

BFC2in2016 JJ in Pattaya or Bangkok (hornet).

Monday 21.03.2016 Meet a boy JJ from hornet in Tuk-Com 18:26. Money boy, my offer 1000 for short time immediately accepted. Interesting conversation, then undress. More body hair, but good in bed. Boyfriend candidate 2 in 2016 (provided he goes without money on future meetings). We cavort in bed and have a nap, finally leave my room 22:10 (!). He wants to drink with friends in Sky Bar, I go to Power Boys.

The boyfriend candidacy lasted only for hours. While we met several times after, once even 2d/1n trip to Hua Hin, and now sometimes without sex or money, I quickly realized that there is no intellectual basis for more than fuck buddy. 

BFC3in2016 A from Minburi (hornet).

19.07.2016 Tue Asanha Bucha day Meet a boy A from hornet and his sister in Chatuchak Park. Everything positive, he is boyfriend candidate 3 in 2016 (BFC3in2016).

Usually I sleep with the boys on first date, but nothing more ever came out of this. So this boy we met a record number of  3 times in public places, and then it was him telling me that he would like to do more. And we did so twice, but I just don’t get excited when I touch him. 

BFC4in2016 P from Korat (Macho Sauna)

3.9.2016  Saturday

Macho sauna 21:42-00:30, entry 160. No signs of party, no food left, no show, but spot two nice bodies and chat up a cute boy P, good English and interesting conversation. I would have left it at that, but he hints for room. Despite unfavorable conditions (light, temperature, I'm generally not a fan of sex in sauna) we have a great time.

He asks me to delete all my online dating accounts, which is a bit early, and which I tell him I will not do. My gayromeo has chats with people who don't live any more, that would be lost forever if I deleted my account.

5.9.2016 Monday
After the great time in sauna, meet P again as soon as possible, which is now. We meet for lunch at moonhouse, P eats everything on his plate: I think I’m falling in love and promote him to BFC4in2016.

Sightseeing together all day. Makes some drama about love/sex, I have to tell him to shut up as it's too early to discuss such matters. Then too my room, I shower and get into foreplay without him showering. The dried clean sweat on his neck is delicious, should do this more often.

Friday 21oct2016
At night, meet BFC4in2016 for a walk around the Royal Palace. By chance, he found my blog! But still wants to see me.

At the end, chat becomes too emotional and gives me headache. It’s like listening to a foreign language when your level is intermediate, however in this case my English is better than his. Or another comparison talking about grammar, him talking to me about emotional stuff is like me asking an average native speaker about grammar intricacies.

We separate and will meet some day in Korat (his stay in Bangkok was only temporary).

Still running as BFC, but our ideas about becoming boyfriends cannot be reconciled: I would take him as first gik and sleep around with other boys for a year, and then decide if I want only him in the future. He wants me to stop seeing other boys, delete my online dating accounts, and won’t even have sex with me again unless I commit to him (and only to him). 

BFC5in2016 N from Charansanitawong (Hornet)

Friday 28oct2016

Around 2 am disassembly [I mean stalls are being dismantled, see comments] at Khao San and places closing. Have dinner with NCS and he wants to come to my room. We go to bed and try to sleep, with the occasional touching, then finally around 4 am have sex. The following morning another round. My type and my style, BFC5in2016.

Take bus to Victory Monument and split there. He goes home and I go sightseeing.

And that’s the last I have seen or heard of him. Messages on Line not answered, can’t find his profile on hornet and our chat is gone.

We didn’t have time for much else than sex, so can’t judge about character. I’m busy with other boys and sightseeing, so couldn’t make an effort to find him again on hornet or elsewhere.

Summary: 3 from hornet, 1 from facebook, 1 from sauna. 

Saunas visits in 2016
Jan 8 sauna visits, 3 sex
Feb 15 sauna visits, 1 sex
Mar 4 sauna visits, 2 sex
Apr 10 sauna visits, 2 sex
May 9 sauna visits, 1 sex
(Jun away all month)
Jul 4 sauna visits, 1 sex
Aug 5 sauna visits, 1 sex
Sep 5 sauna visits, 1 sex
Oct 4 sauna visits, 2 sex
Nov 12 sauna visits, 2 sex
Dec 9 sauna visits, 4 sex
Sum 85 sauna visits, 18 sex

That’s approximate 5 sauna visits for 1 sex. If you assume these 5 sauna visits take 2 hours each and cost 300 Baht in entry + taxi (low estimates), that’s 10 hours and 1500 Baht for each encounter. 

Gogo bars, host bars, karaoke number of visits and boys offed 
Jan none.
Feb 2 discos, 1 karaoke. 
Mar 6 gogo; 1 boy from gogo (Screw Boys).
Apr 3 gogo.
Mar none.
(Jun away all month)
Jul none.
Aug 10 gogo, 2 host bar; 1 boy from gogo (Nice Boys).
Sep none.
Oct 6 gogo; 1 boy from gogo (Kawaii).
Nov 4 gogo.
Dec 5 gogo.
Sum 39 venues visited, 3 boys from gogo.

That’s 13 places visited for one encounter, at estimated average 200 Baht drink price and 1 hour spent in there, that’s 2600 Baht and 13 hours just to find the boy! But gogo bar visits count as general entertainment, even if I don’t find a boy nothing is lost. Even more time and money spent than for sauna visits. 

One visit in months of  Mar, May, Aug, Nov, one boy. Sounds like a better ratio 1 in 4, but that boy was brought by a Farang friend and then passed to me. Previous years, ratio about 1 in 10. And I find discos a horrible place, too loud, too late; I don’t sing, I don’t dance, I don’t drink; if I don’t find a boy, I have wasted time and money in vain. 

65 Sexual partners in 2016 
How often did I meet which sexual partner, sorted by frequency then alphabetically, with comment what became of them. There might be some inaccuracies as reporting in monthly reports is not consistent over the year, and in some monthly reports encounters out of Thailand are included (but now I separate Thailand from other countries).

5 Kot (1000+300+300+1000+800, my type but not my style)

3 Top Suk62 (600+500+500) (meet about once per month, sometimes no sex)
3 Yoi (3x500) (would like to see him again, but doesn’t read my messages on facebook)

16 boys I met twice for sex in 2016:
2 BFC1in2016 in Phnom Penh (free, will meet again when in PP)
2 BFC3in2016 (free; oddly, I don’t get horny when I touch him)
2 BFC4in2016 (free in Macho and in my room, still running as BFC, will meet him when passing Korat)
2 BFC5in2016 (free, doesn’t read Line and blocked me on hornet)
2 Bom (1300+1100+300 stolen, will meet again despite theft)
2 JamesD (500+500 for taxi, not so much my type)
2 JJ Pattaya (1000+1000, met several times more, sometimes no sex)
2 June Cambodia (free, my type but not my style)
2 Lay (1000+1000, would like to see him again, but he has been in Cambodia throughout)
2 Lek Lao (1000+1000, might meet again)
2 Non in KK (meet again next time I’m in KK)
2 Pong (1100+800, will see him again when he comes to Bangkok)
2 TarA (free+500, not so much my type)
2 Win and Bom Nakon Sawan (free, will see them again when my travel leads me there)
2 Wit (free in Seed and in my room, will meet again)
2 X (800+520, lost contact on Line and facebook)

In approximate chronological order 41 singular encounters:
1 no name in Seed
1 TarT (free, not so much my type)
1 (in 39 underground)
1 (massage boy)
1 Tong in Ubon in Relaxing (not my style)
1 Xor in Seed (would like to meet again, doesn’t read Line)
1 Boss/Tang (300+T-shirt, would meet again, but my messages on Line not read)
1 Doy (500, straight, my type but not my style, wonder if it’s worth teaching him what I like or leave it)
1 Boss Vipa16 (700, doesn’t read my Line, might call him some time)
1 Kiw Screweboys (1700, after several long chats trying to get him to my room for 1000 I gave up)
1 Kit Royal House Pattaya (1000, worth a repeat, but I don’t go to massages that often)
1 Nus/Nat (1000, not so much my type any more)
1 massage in The Sun (1000)
1 no name in Farose 2
1 Nicky Minburi (1000 for taxi, would meet again, but not pay 1000 for taxi and he is unable to figure out which bus to take here)
1 no name in Waterboy Onsen sauna
1 no name in Seed
1 Kim gboysiam (1500, worth a repeat, but too expensive and don’t have his contact details, only via his pimp)
1 Jo (1000, I don’t remember details)
1 no name in Seed
1 Chok (300 taxi, meet again some time)
1 The Bridge Massage (800)
1 Ohm (1000, have known for years and met many times)
1 Wut (700, straight, my type but not my style, wonder if it’s worth teaching him what I like or leave it)
1 Nake in Pattaya (1000, have met several times over the years, skin too cold/wet)
1 A in Pattaya (1200, meet once or twice in 2015, will meet again)
1 Nice Boys (1000, good but not good enough to meet again)
1 M Taling Chan (1000, cold and wet skin, if we could overcome this could become a regular)
1 no name in Farose 2
1 Art in Kawaii (1000, might meet again)
1 Kot in Seed (free, long chatting but not met again so far)
1 Kuk from hornet (free, bordercase, might meet again)
1 Arty Rama 2 (100 for bus, might meet again)
1 no name Zy massage (1000)
1 Non in Seed (free, might meet again)
1 no name in MachoX
1 Love in Nake (would like to meet again and promote him to BFC, but doesn’t read Line and blocked me on hornet)
1 no name threesome in Nake (would meet again, but didn’t exchange contact details)
1 James Mae Sot (free, will meet again when I pass; actually I will plan my next trip to north so I will pass)
1 Ball (510, will meet again)
1 Bank Magic Hands (800, my style but not my type)

Some generalisations from above list (very similar experiences with different boys):
 2 Boys (BFC5in2016 and Love in Nake) all fine in bed, but blocked me on hornet and Line, and I don’t know why.

2 Straight boys Doy and Wut, I got them into my bed after about a year of courting them, but the experience was poor.
Several boys I would meet again, but lost contact on Line/facebook/telephone.

I spend a lot of time finding someone, but usually it’s just one encounter, because sex is underwhelming or the difficulties meeting him again exceed the effort to meet someone new. I would rather have fewer partners and meet those more often, but it’s not meant to be.

Copyright 2017 ChristianPFC


  1. your sex adventures are like travel, destination may be sometimes disappointing but getting there is always fun

  2. Only 65 sexual encounters in 2016? I know a guy twice your age and his encounters number 650 in 2016. Francois

    1. I'm aiming and quality instead of quantity, and free instead of paying. I failed on both accounts.

      How many national parks, museums, temples, provinces did your friend visit in between these 650 encounters?

      A friend told me, in his 20s he had up to 300 encounters per year, all for free.

      Another friend (over twice my age) gets fucked about 500 times per year, and pays 700 Baht per encounter, that's 350kTHB per year spent on sex.

  3. I am highly impressed by the detailed record keeping and the statistics. I only keep a daily log of the places I visited in my vacations.


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