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Gay places in Taipei

Gay places in Taipei

Gay saunas, gay hot springs and gay cruising that I visited Dec 2016, in alphabetical order. For address, location and further information see I don’t know about gay bars and discos, and it’s not my area of interest.

ANIKi WoW (World of Wonders). OVERPRICED and OVERRATED. Visit Sat 17dec2016 21:25-23:25. Entry for non-members 1000 TWD (about 1100 THB or 30 EUR or 31 USD; compare Sun City in central Paris which is 20 EUR on weekends). You get a wristband (water and tear resistant paper?) with a chip (contactless data transmission) to enter sauna and open locker, and you can leave and return within 16 hours. But unlike Cruise Club in Singapore (where you pay membership fee and become a member when you first visit), this is obviously not your membership chip. Members wear a removable plastic/rubber wristband with chip and pay 800 TWD entry (information from one member, their website is scarce on pricing).

Most customers (about 100 when I visited) in underwear. Activities in darkroom. Condoms and sachets of lube provided, in addition there are lube dispensers (!!!) in private cabins. Those private cabins are pretty small (when I lie on the mattress, my feet poke out of the door, and about 1 m wide, but sufficient for activities – I tested with other customer). You can dim the light by sliding you finger along a touchpad in the wall, and the light level is indicated by LED in that touchpad.

Temperature and light ok. Water in showers (group showers) only luke warm, sauna only luke warm, part of steam room closed altogether and rest luke warm. Unlimited small white towels.

The sauna is on two underground levels and rather labyrinthine (and not in a good way, I have been to over 40 different saunas and this one is difficult to navigate). Over-engineered (contactless chip to enter and leave, to open locker, and on leaving you can choose on a touchpad if you want to keep your locker and come back later). Over-sanitised (staff in blue and white costumes pick used paper cups from water dispenser out of dustbin every five minutes).

Hans Men’s Sauna Visit Sat 17dec2016 19:45-20:43. Entry 350 TWD. Large yellow towel of good quality, all customers in towel. Over 100 customers, space for many more. Customers a bit older and fatter than other places I visited, but still 2 worth a second look. Too dark and a bit run down. Toilet cubicle small, my knees touched wall and door. Steam room completely dark. Dark room and many private rooms. Single use razors, toothbrushes and family-size tube of tooth paste provided. Cinema (TV programme on screen) with about 35 comfortable seats and blankets. Rooftop garden for smoking, but now cold weather.

Huang Ding Hot Spring Visit Fri 16dec2016 18:37-20:55 and Mon 19dec2016 20:46-22:05. Entry 250 TWD. Bring your own towel! Locker room small and busy. Highest locker number 146, and all seem to be occupied on Friday. Size of lockers ok. Everyone nude, few tattoos, no fatties. Floor cold and body parts looking out of water get cold as well at 15 degree Celsius air temperature. I have a chat in the hot spring, and then we go to steam room for more.

The showers (group showers outside; except for steam room everything is open to the atmosphere, just a roof, but no walls) have hot water at strong pressure, at maximum temperature and pressure you could strip paint off a wall.

Monday night about 50 customers, and high turnover. Three shapely bodies, and one would have been my type but didn’t seem interested. Now I spot the thermometers: one pool is 40 degree Celsius, the other 43. One cold pool as well.

On the internet there are more gay hot springs mentioned, but comments on the internet and speaking with customers at Huang Ding say that Huang Ding is the only one at the moment (management elsewhere discourages gay activities).

Peace Park Sun 18.12.2016 20:55-21:55. Coming from north, nothing interesting (general public), but in the southern half mainly men idling around. Public toilets active (traffic in and out and several standing at urinals), but not a trace of indecent activities when I went in for a pee. People disappearing in the woods (if you can the trees and bushes that), others following, for a kiss and a grope as I could spot (consider it is winter, with night temperatures as low as 15 degree Celsius, everyone in two layers of long clothes). There were over 30 while I was there, and it looked promising.

Rainbow Sauna Visit Sat 17dec2016 17:55-17:25. Entry 450 TWD. Single-use toothbrushes and a family-size tube toothpaste (instead of mouthwash like in Thai saunas), hair dryer, comb, cotton buds. One small towel. Good light in locker room and aisles in front of rooms. Plenty of activity in dark rooms. Estimated over 150 customer, several shapely bodies. The place is so spacious, could easily accommodate twice as many. On average 5 people in locker room coming/going. Two large darkrooms, so big I couldn’t fully explore them. Completely dark, but light comes in when someone opens curtain to enter/leave, preventing eyes from adapting to darkness. 38 private rooms with mattress and light. Video room with porn. Sauna well illuminated with window, but not hot. Pool with warm and cold water. Private and group showers. Will soon move (announcements at cashier). Open smoking corner near locker room.

Taipei I/O Visit Sun 18dec2016 22:43-23:18. Entry 350 TWD. Staff speaks little English, but friendly. Tell me closing time is 2 am. But now only 4 other customers: one local who speaks some English and two Japanese. Hot group shower with shampoo and shower gel. Steam room switched off (due to low number of customers?). Small white towel, condom and lube provided.  Everything new and clean. No labyrinth, but private rooms for couple and group activities. TV room. The place could accommodate 50 customers, more would feel crowded. Ask staff about busy times: 6 to 7 pm (weekday or weekend the same).

XL Club confirmed location, not visited. Shop signs says XL4F (4th floor?).

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  1. Thank you for another comprehensive guide to Asia's charms

  2. Aniki is considered as the best gay sauna in asia. It's expensive but often has promotion for locals. Based on what I read from your blog, Taiwanese guys are probably at the far opposite from the type of guys you like in Thailand. And Taiwanese guys are mostly rice queen. If you're white, you have less chance in Taiwan.

  3. The last time i visited Rainbow sauna it was 400 TWD for foriegners and much less for locals. The dark room was a haven for unsafe sex which i declined and the rest of the sauna had a vile stench which besides the dual pricing and requested bare backing puts me off ever returning. Hans sauna was a much better experience and i had fun with a visitor from Bangkok. Not many twinks at Hans but at least it was very clean.


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