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The narrowest part of Thailand (east)

The narrowest part of Thailand (east)
ส่วนที่แคบที่สุดในประเทศไทย or

(most maps and articles do not distinguish between narrowest part of eastern and western Thailand, but having been to both, I do)

In southern Trat ตราด province, there is a part of Thailand that is about 50 km long and on average 2 km wide from the sea to the Cambodian border, and the narrowest point about 450 m.

View from Sukhumvit สุขุมวิท road (km 480; that's the same Sukhumvit that starts in Bangkok and goes through Pattaya to the Cambodian border) to the border (watershed on top of the mountain):

View from the park across Sukhumvit road to the Gulf of Thailand:

View north along Sukhumvit road:

The park is located at
11.720017, 102.907270 = 11°43'12.1"N 102°54'26.2"E
About 600 m from shore to border. The park is not on google street view Mar 2013, must have been build later. Probably that structure was there before:


The really narrowest part (judging by satellite view on google maps) with about 450 m width is about 500 m south of the park (no signs there). On neither point you can walk from shore to border (on the shore there is private property, and on the border there is forest). 

About 8 km south of the park is Cham Yeam to Baan Hat Lek border crossing where you can get van to/from Trat or mocy to the narrowest part of Thailand (east).

Having walked across the narrowest part of Thailand (east, this post) and narrowest part of Thailand (west, upcoming post) next step would be swimming across which would take too long, I will take the ferry Pattaya - Hua Hin instead.

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  1. Just a side note: you may want to avoid walking in the border forest. Not sure if it's true but according to a local the border was mined a few decades ago.


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