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The narrowest part of Thailand (west)

The narrowest part of Thailand (west)
แคบที่สุดแห่งประเทศไทย or

(most maps and articles do not distinguish between narrowest part of eastern and western Thailand, but having been to both, I do)

In Prachuap Khiri Khan ประจวบคีรีขันธ์ province, near PKK town and Dan Singkon ด่านสิงขร border crossing, there is a part of Thailand that is about 100 km long and on average 15 km wide from the sea to the border to Myanmar, and the narrowest point is about 11 km wide. At that point, there is no access to the border (forest and mountain), but at Dan Singkorn (left end of the blue dot track in picture below) you can walk from the border to the sea, which I did on 3jan2016, 16:34-19:32 (I could hear the sea 19:15, but at that place it was dark, so I had to walk a bit longer to find a spot - Tri Shawa resort - where I could actually get my feet into the water, making total distance 17.4 km by google maps). During that walk, I had to reject 2 offers by cars and 5 by mocy to take me to in the direction I was walking.

There is a small park along hwy 1044 at
11.7237648,99.6730656 = 11°43'25.6"N 99°40'23.0"E
(where distance from border to sea is 11.5 km, about 1 km north of the really narrowest point) where you can see the border (watershed on mountain range) and the sea at the same time.

View to the sea (you can see two islands on the horizon that seem to float, I had a similar optical illusion in That Surat in Surat Thani):

View to the Myanmar border (top of mountain range):

There are several more, misplaced, signs for the narrowest part of Thailand (west). On Phet Kasem ถนนเพชรเกษม road (the same Phet Kasem that starts in Bangkok, runs through Hua Hin and all the way to the Malaysian border) at Ratchamangkhala Phisek Park สวนราชมังคลาภิเษก (where you turn to hwy1039 to Dan Singkorn):

At the Y-junction about 200 m before border crossing:

There are further signs for narrowest part of Thailand (west) whose location I don't know:

from internet, didn't note where and can't find it again

from: (who undertook a similar hike across Thailand in one day) probably at Wang Duan Railway Station สถานีรถไฟวังด้วน (this might be the most precise for narrowest point):


The border crossing itself is a quiet one. I didn't inquire if foreigners can pass. The market for wooden furniture and plants is interesting (was open and busy on Mon 2jan2017 around 15:30).

There is van 8361 from/to PKK town, however they couldn't tell me where in PKK town it starts or ends and told me to call their phone number (on banner in picture) for pick up in PKK town.

Not to be confused with Kra Isthmus คอคอดกระ, the narrowest point of Malay Peninsula, in Chumphon ชุมพร province and Myanmar. 

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  1. Thanks - a fascinating post. I have long been intrigued by this border, and how neither Thailand nor Myanmar managed to secure the entire isthmus.


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