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New songtheo lines in Pattaya

New songtheo lines in Pattaya

On 24dec2016, songtheos in Pattaya have been organized into lines. There are 4 lines named 4,5,6,7 (sic!). 

4 Bali Hai pier - Banglamung
5 Charoenpattana village - Na Jomtien
6 Circle line
7 North Pattaya - Central Pattaya

They are all dark blue and bear the name of the line on front:

(They all have line number and end points in Thai on the side, but these have long been abandoned.)

Price remains at 10 Baht (there were discussions to raise it to 20, which I find outrageous - songtheos everywhere else in Thailand cost between 7 and 10 Baht update - except Chiang Mai 20 Baht, see comment), but you still don't know if a passing songtheo is regular or hired.

Best map of old baht-bus routes is here:

Map of current lines (the colors are arbitrary, all songtheos in Pattaya are dark blue; but elsewhere they are color-coded):

from: (with separate map for each line and list of places they pass in Thai; despite search in English and Thai and by picture, I couldn't find another source)

In my opinion, an improvement from the previous situation. Let's see how long these lines stay. Remember what happened to the designated areas to stop for getting passengers on and off?

Other baht-bus lines around Pattaya:
1631จ (Joo Jaan) white Nakluea - Sattahip นาเกลือ - สัตหีบ
6079 dark red Nakluea - Siam Country Club 

นาเกลีย - สยามคันตรีคลับ (via Sukhumvit Pattaya Soi 53, not Soi Siam Country Club)
6085 light blue Nakluea - Pattaya Tai - Lotus - Chak Ngaeo 

นาเกลีย - พัทยาใต้ - โลตัส - ชากแง้ว
do my readers know more?

Language note: baht-bus = songhteo สองแถว literally "two rows (of seats in the back of a pick-up truck)". Baht-bus because they cost 1 Baht when they were introduced?

The subject has been discussed on forums, e.g. Thaivisa (see link above) and here: Major changes for Pattaya baht bus system ? 

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  1. probably just a little less chaos , but chaos nevertheless, thanks God for the legs

  2. 1.1631-as the letter indicates, is in fact the long-standing Cholburi(town) S'heep bus, along Sukhvt, which has several variants/short workings-starting from koh khai.
    2.ST fares in TH vary dramnatically now-and f.e. in ChMai they are 20 bt (IF you can get it-as its for any length and on demand), 15 bt for naak rian in uniform. In BKK they are indeed mostly 7 bt-but these routes tend to be very short-soi shuttles. In NAN (last yr) it was either 12 or 15 bt-more after 18.00/dusk. with very sloppy service too.
    You were in PTY right place/wrong time-see how that Chn. NwYr brings in the punters for the cheap rooms!

  3. More about songtheos: Khon Kaen and Nakon Ratchasima (Korat) have an extensive songtheo network, and printed maps exist for both (I got one for KK, but in TAT Korat they had only one left, so I took pictures of the map). Bangkok has an extensive songtheo network as well, without any documentation.

  4. white Nakluea - Sattahip นาเกลือ


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