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Wang Bua Daeng in Nong Khai province

Wang Bua Daeng in Nong Khai province
วังบัวแดง บ้านหนองบ่อ ตำบลปะโค อำเภอเมือง จังหวัดหนองคาย

After the great success of Red Lotus Lake in Udon Thani province (I've been in Jan 2015:, other similar places have sprung up:
Wang Bua Daeng in Nong Khai province (this article),
Red Lotus Field in BuengKan province
มหัศจรรย์บัวริมบึง หนองเลิง อ.พรเจริญ จ.บึงกาฬ,
Between Nakon Ratchasima and Chaiyaphum province
(ทุ่งบัวแดงโคราช / La Han Luk Nok ละหานลูกนก).
The places above are in bloom Dec-Feb. Whereas around April, there are red flowers on Bueng Boraphet บึงบอระเพ็ด in Nakon Sawan and Tale Noi ทะเลน้อย in Pattalung.

Update 6apr2017:
Bangkok Post January 12, 2017 p5 Travel Titbits:
Northeastern reservoir. Yasothon has introduced Thung Bua Daeng, a 90 rai reservoir fully dotted with pink water lilies known as bua daeng. (cut out) The vibrant pink flowers of the water lilies can be seen from December to February.

Search on google maps for วังบัวแดง leads here:
17.784432, 102.684219 = 17°47'04.0"N 102°41'03.2"E
(southern shore of Nong Sang Nok Saeo หนองสางนกแซว)

There was indeed a sign and a pier and some boats, but only few red lotus flowers:

But we could see a field of lotus flowers in front of a red pavilion at 17.789720, 102.688684 = 17°47'23.0"N 102°41'19.3"E
on the eastern shore of the lake:

So we went there and there was indeed a field of red lotus:

The lower the angle of view, the more it looks like a closed field of flowers:

Whereas perpendicular to the surface, you can see that there are only isolated flowers:

Drone picture of the entire field and red roofed pavilion:

Then on driving to Nong Khai, we found signs leading to this spot (with the red roofed pavilion):

Verdict: when we left at 10:40, flowers still in full bloom (no need to get up early to catch them at sunrise as I did in Jan 2015 in Thale Bua Daeng in Udon Thani). No other tourists around. Although in some spots same density as in Thale Bua Daeng, the total area covered here is small.

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