Monday, 27 March 2017

A Thai friend's expenses

A Thai friend's expenses

My friend B occasionally borrows money from me (and even returns some of it!), and one one such occasion I told him I will not lend him any more unless he writes down how he spends his money, so I can help him to save. I had to ask him many times, but finally I got the following list (digitized and slightly edited, original in italic, my comments in normal font):

Spend moneys March 2016
1 Ticket to Sesaket
(Sri Saket) round trip 750
2 Foods + Milk for mummy
(mother) 1000
3 electric + water 450 + 150 

(flat fee of 450 for electricity, no aircon, and his landlord does not allow him to use a refrigerator; it's just electric light, a fan, and mobile phone charging: a rip-off! Same with 150 Baht flat fee for water in a shared toilet and bathroom: a rip-off!)
4 mobile card 455
5 my room rent 2500
6 my food 3 time
(per day) 3700 for monthly (3 meals per day, 40 Baht per meal)
7 haircut 80
8 give to sister the one take
(care) my mummy 5000
10 Leo beer 500 per month

(I guess he spends more on beer, he has always money for beer, but rarely money to pay back what he lent from me.)
11 mummy hospital 2000
12 uniform with shirt 570
13 pan, pot for kitchen 2700
14 foods on train + water 300
15 taxi go to Hua Lampong station 70


Sum 22,230 THB, of which 8,000 for mother. A similar proportion of what we would pay for social insurance and pension in Europe. The entire list is probably reverse-engineered (despite multiple asking, I didn't get data for other months, but he hasn't asked to borrow money since then, so I can't complain) by starting from his paycheck and distributing that money plausibly (I didn't get any individual expenses, only the sum for the month).

Another Thai friend W is a student and gets 8,000 per month, of which he pays 2000 rent and is then left with 200 Baht per day. When studying Mon-Fri, he needs 120 for food, that means on Sat-Sun he has 420 per day. I would have thought he has 20,000 per months, judging by his clothes, camera (which he bought second hand many years ago when he was working) and what I see on facebook (probably often sponsored by Farang). 

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  1. """(I guess he spends more on beer, he has always money for beer)""",

    I like when young people have their priorities straighten up


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