Thursday, 6 April 2017

Bus Rapid Transit BRT Sathorn - Ratchaphruek

Bus Rapid Transit BRT Sathorn - Ratchaphruek

There were plans to stop operation of BRT end of April 2017, but the service will continue

More about the line on and

I took the announcement to end the service as an incentive to ride the entire line.

(BTS extension not yet in this map. Now BRT Ratchaphruek connects to BTS Talat Phlu.)

At currently 10 Baht for the entire line (16 km), with air-conditioned buses and terminal stations, this is by far the best value for money public transport in Thailand. Time between terminal stations is about 30 minutes, largely independent on traffic situation (on one crossing, BRT had a delay of several minutes because other vehicles standing perpendicular blocked the lane).

BRT has their own lane, but at crossings and on bridges, other vehicles can enter and sometimes do.

The inserted road sign is from a part where BRT shares road with other vehicles.

Boarding bus at BRT Sathorn:

In the bus:

There is not much of interest to tourists along the line. 

Wat Pariwat is worth a visit and easiest accessed by BRT:

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  1. I like this bus line, I use it to visit a friend who lives along the line.
    I travel outside rush hours and it is a rather comfortable ride. The 'waiting room' has air conditioning, only minor complaint is the extended walk from the sky train station to the bus line.


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