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Pink temples in and around Bangkok

Pink temples in and around Bangkok

Wat Phleng วัดเพลง (Nonthaburi, Mueang district)
13.865243, 100.466054 = 13°51'54.9"N 100°27'57.8"E

Wat Thawi Kara Anan วัดทวีการะอนันต์ 
(Pathum Thani, Khlong Luang District)
14.099084, 100.628031 = 14°05'56.7"N 100°37'40.9"E 
aerial picture by a friend's drone:

Wat Si Chomphoo วัดสีชมพู (Bangkok, Nong Chok)
13.929087, 100.821640 = 13°55'44.7"N 100°49'17.9"E
This one is literally named "the pink temple"

Wat Khao Durian - the pink temple in Nakon Nayok

And a pink prison building for transgender inmates:   
In an attempt to better accommodate them and address some of the problems LGBT people face in prison, the Thai Department of Corrections is conducting a pilot project at Minburi prison. A special wing that will have the capacity to house 150 prisoners has been renovated and painted pink.

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