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Unusual trees of Bangkok

Unusual trees of Bangkok

ChristianPFC is a man of many interests, and now he branches out to trees (pun intended).

There are some articles on the internet about unusual trees in Bangkok, and I have been to some of these trees. (in English) (in Thai) (in Thai) (in Thai)

Weird tree in Charoenkrung Soi 55
13.715599,100.516366 = 13°42'56.2"N 100°30'58.9"E 
at the canal behind Sri Suriyothai Girls' School

There is a shrine next to / under the tree, and you can walk through the trunk of the tree. The pictures don't to it justice.

Weird tree near Don Muang airport
13.909341,100.619639 = 13°54'33.6"N 100°37'10.7"E
in Bhumibol Hospital in Pahonyothin  

Here again the pictures don't do it justice. You have to go and see for yourself what a clusterfuck of trunks and branches it is.

Tree sideways on Latprao road
13.776752, 100.625846 = 13°46'36.3"N 100°37'33.0"E
Ladprao between Soi 122 and 124

Tree sideways on Sathorn road
13.724476, 100.539535 = 13°43'28.1"N 100°32'22.3"E
in front of Thai Wah Tower 

While the above two grow sideways parallel to traffic flow, this one in Klong Toey grows sideways perpendicular to traffic flow:

Tree sideways in Klong Toey Kasem Rat road
13.712263, 100.564006 = 13°42'44.1"N 100°33'50.4"E 
in front of Kotang Stadium โกดังสเตเดี้ยม, near customs office

In nature, most* trees grow up towards the sky. These trees in Bangkok that grow sideways must have been planted that way, which means trees have a better sense of direction than the gardener who planted them

*few exceptions: 

Now that I started looking out for sideways growing trees, I find more and more. On Ratchadamnoen Klang at the entrance of the soi leading to Sake disco
13.757202,100.498121 = 13°45'25.9"N 100°29'53.2"E
on Rama 4 in front of Chula Hospital  
13.730159, 100.535589 = 13°43'48.6"N 100°32'08.1"E,
a bit south of BTS Ratchadamri on west side. 

See here as well: 

I have written about unusual trees in Kanchanaburi: 
and visited Wat Pho Bang Khla in Chachoengsao (not published yet), which has a toilet built around a tree. 

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  1. lol ur comments about lying Thai boys too funny

  2. * intended not intented.

  3. Looking at your tree a question I meant to ask for a long time comes to my mind. I intend to go to Bkk this May and I want to retake the many failed challenges of the legendary saroom park. How do I give the exact location to Uber/taxi? Where are the boys hiding? What does one pay and where to carry the trade? Danke Bruder!

    1. The trade at Saranrom has almost died out. You will be wasting your time. Details in upcoming April report. For taxi, I used to tell them to go to Wat Pho and get off a few 100 m before (coming from East). Or take taxi to Sanam Luang and then direct them a few 100 m further. The other questions are answered in previous reports on Saranrom.

    2. Pity. How is the theater scene then?

    3. After about 20 visits to all porn cinemas in Bangkok, I found this is not for me. Old information (2013-2015) can be found on this blog. I have no new information (except that it is still going, and the occasional interesting activities, reported by a friend who goes often).

  4. Hanguy (from Thai Gay forum)30 April 2017 at 13:02

    Not really relevant to this topic but after following you for some time, I feel like I should contribute something :) If 45kg at 1m61 is not too fat for you, I have this boy (who recently moved from Changmai to Pattaya), 19, bottom, enthusiastic in bed, can do massage. Hornet: e07cq

    1. Thanks. I had a look, not so much my type.


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