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Gay activities Apr 2017

Gay activities Apr 2017

Details about Saranrom, dating Thai boys.

Sat 1apr2017

Nake 22:17-55, entry 140. Over 20 customers. Show starts about 22:35 and still running when I leave (fatty and skinny, none my type). Between 3 and 11 spectators.

Farose 2, 23:32-00:55, entry 170. Brimming, 5 bordercases, but those I approach not interested. Sauna and steam room hot.

Sun 2apr2017

Book fair in QSNCC many cute boys. However none of them looks gay or notices me looking at him.

Tue 4apr2017

A boy Joe O I have chatted with first in Dec 2014 (bordercase, that’s why it has been dragging on so long) is in QSNCC (works there), and we make an appointment to meet at 7 pm after work. Message him 8 pm: he is tired and went home already, can’t meet today. I tell him he had two chances (first no show was last month, and in both cases only after appointment passed and I asked what happened) and say goodbye.

Wed 5apr2017

Meet First from hornet near Silom Complex. Then to hospital (my eye infection), then my room. Wank, sleep, wank again. Dinner together in Terminal 21, then stays over night. BFC3in2017.

Thu 6apr2017

Go to book fair in QSNCC, split there. Suddenly he is out of Line and hornet. Fortunately I have his email, so can resume and get his new Line. He says he was stalked on hornet and Line and deleted them.

Fri 7apr2017

First comes for lunch and leaves his backpack in room to pick it up later. But then becomes sick and postpones pick-up several times. (Finally Tue 11apr2017 by taxi. You can send an Uber taxi somewhere to pick something up for you.) Chat with straight boys in Klong Toey (with intention to get them to my room). But I have a new boy, Ton BFC4in2017, reported separately.

Sat 8apr2017

Two BFC’s at the same time, but First sick and Ton tired.

Sauna binge (5 saunas in one night, new record!)

Male Box 20:05-37, entry 200 Baht. Over 20 customers, all too old and/or fat. Condom 52mm and lube provided. Free various cookies, instant coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks, re-usable plastic cups. Everything as I remember before. In front of cashier small karaoke and sale of various stuff (cosmetics, underwear). In ground floor shower head with LED light. Warm water in group shower.

Waterboy Onsen 20:58-21:11, entry 170 Baht. About 10 customers, warm pool, two half-size towels. Drinking water from paper cups. Condom 52 mm and lube provided. Pool warm water, but no bubbling. Sauna 70 deg C, sand clock and hygrometer broken, well lit. Steam room hot and well lit.

Phoenix 21:45-22:06, entry 160 Baht. 30 customers estimated, 29 occupied lockers counted. Two bordercases. Just when I leave, cute boy enters, but not alone and instantly into bathroom, then locked. Music too loud, smoking cigarettes in locker room and staircase. Customers in towel or underwear.

Farose 2, stay 22:39-23:58, entry 170 Baht. Filling up during my stay, 2 bordercases. Two Pinoys chat me up on rooftop. Not my type, but all Pinoys I have met in Bangkok are fluent in English and can hold a conversation.

Nake 00:45-01:12, entry 140 Baht. Over 20 customers, between 5 and 10 in group room in various indecent activities. But it’s too dark, even worse eyes cannot adapt: every time door opens, too much light comes in. Two bordercases, one of them Japanese. Free watermelon, pineapple, rice and other food.

Visit 5 saunas, but no sex! Spent 840 Baht on entry and 340 Baht on bus or taxi, 1180 in total, and nothing to show! Time away from home 18:55-01:20 = 6h25min.

Mon 10apr2017
In the afternoon, local boy Kim45 comes for a wank. Last time I told him I want to see him cum, otherwise I reduce rate to 400. And indeed, he gets hard and cums, but neither his dick nor cumshort is worth writing about.

Tue 11apr2017

By chance meet a Farang friend at Malaysia hotel and later meet for dinner.

Wed 12apr2017

BFC3in2017 First calls: can’t go to CM, bus booked out (before postponed trip by plane twice, and picking up his bag multiple times, something is wrong with this boy), and he needs a place to stay. Well, I tell him the truth: I have another boy BFC4in2017 Ton coming and hopefully staying over night, if he doesn’t stay o.n., then I will message him (First).

Thu 13 – Sat 15apr2017 Kanchanaburi Songkran escape

Chat with a nice boy on hornet, but can’t meet this trip.
Fri 14apr2017 Kanchanaburi

At night walk along river, many locals hang out there. Finally a group of 6 boys, 3 of them cute, one of them chats me up. One of the cute has both hands and knee bandaged from a mocy accident. I was thinking of asking if he can wank with the bandage, and then offer my help, but am not bold enough. But at least I get a free ride home (their offer, otherwise it would have been 20 min walk for me).

Sat 15apr2017

Nake so-so. Farose II soso.

Sun 16apr2017

Oat not free afternoon, but late at night. When I resume conversation at night, he writes he has no money for taxi. I offer to pay, but he won’t accept. This seems to be real, as he will come on 22apr2017 and good sex and no request for money.

Meet Farang friends in Surawong (Hotmale beer bar). Boys pass, several boys I recognize, but they don’t notice me. Those who recognize me are those I filed as “not stupid” before, the stupid ones don’t have enough brain capacity to remember and recognize?

Mon 17apr2017

Afternoon and evening on hornet no luck, at night between 22 and 22:30 message several boys on Line (send “Hello” to see if they read or reply, then take it from there), sorted by signal run time (in cases of “read, but no reply” estimated) and reply:

1 min Bom Minburi (the boy who stole 300 Baht) is in Minburi 
(but I won’t wait that long until he is here, 
and I won’t pay for taxi return).

1 min Kuk Chan (5 km away) will sleep soon.

2 min Nest BP is in Baan Pong.

5 min (estimated) Boss McDo read within minutes, no reply (the boy who stole my Bluetooth headphones and long-sleeved T-shirt).

13 min Oat Charan reply: free on Friday.

25 min Fluk will sleep soon because he works 10 am tomorrow (our exchange was 10 pm, that’s 12 hours, and he lives 5 km away, so surely it must be possible to come to see me, when I pay for one hour what he earns in 3 days?).

30 min (estimated) Ton message read, no reply, no show.

2 h Pee Klong Toey message read, no reply.

13 h James Rama2.

20 h Art.

2 days Lee X-Size.

Still not read X.

Still not read Net (has been slow throughout, never met before).

My readers might wonder why I contact boys who stole from me, or boys who have a history of slow reply, but among 13 boys there might be one who is online right now and needs money right now, but not in this case.

Tue 18apr2017
A boy from hornet Pekke who looks bordercase on pictures, but lives nearby, comes to see me. Not my type, and in addition would want money. Details here:

Another boy PS from Thonburi wants to meet in Silom Complex. But just when I’m 100 m out of my room on the way to bus stop, message: his grandmother died and he can’t come. (This seems to be true, he changed his profile picture to black and in subsequent chats comes back to the subject of dead grandmother.)

The boy Joe O messages and me and wants to meet. Even though I said goodbye after second no-show (Tue 4apr2017) I tell him we can meet, but he has to come to my room, I won’t waste any time traveling for a third no-show. (This new situation: I don’t want anything from him, but he obviously wants sex with me, allows me to perform an experiment.)

Give him directions to my room in English, and without much further ado and within reasonable time he arrives. In my room 16:55-17:30. Not so much my type. He asks for money for travelling, I ask how much the bus was (9 Baht), and offer 18 Baht for bus return trip. (For someone I want to have sex with, I would have agreed to all reasonable taxi money requests and beyond.)

But he didn’t come for money, he came for sex, so this subject (money for traveling) is quickly dropped. After having come by bus, it would be unfair to send him away, so I let him play with my dick while he wanks himself. He is too fat and too hairy, I can’t even get hard.

The experiment was rejecting money request. I had two boys in the past (Bom Minburi and Kot KT) who during foreplay asked for money. In these two cases I really wanted the boy, so I agreed.

Wed 19apr2017

Local boy Fluk comes to my room 15:35-16:25. Good encounter, like last month.

Thu 20apr2017
R3 sauna. When I’m about to leave (the few cute not interested), a boy Bom enters and is interested and looks promising fully dressed. We spend some minutes by the Jacuzzi, but he is a bit too fat and hairy, so I say goodbye.

In the course of two weeks I had two phone calls where the caller knows me, but I couldn’t match him with any recent encounter. On the second call I ask the caller where and how we met, but still don’t remember him. Then that number is added on Line, and only after talking to a Farang friend I recognize the boy in the picture (poor quality) as Z, now posing under new name Chris! Now I see why what he told me (where and how we met) doesn’t add up, not poor memory, but all lies! While everyone else is running away from me, this one keeps coming back under new disguise!

Fri 21apr2017

Sake disco 00:01-18 about 50% full. Leave my friend’s table for a stroll to Saranrom.

Update on Saranrom. I haven’t been for over 6 months, assuming that mourners and funeral preparations killed the already poor trade. But a friend reported there are still boys around. Area around Sanam Luang is mostly closed. East and North of Royal Palace is closed. The pillars that separate bike lane from car lane have been removed. But along the canal in front of City Walk (closes 1 am, I walked past 1:30, and a customer ? tried to lure me in a dark corner for sexual activities ?) I spotted 2 boys who looked available (but not my type, so I didn’t ask for details). (A friend went a few days after me and reported the same: large parts closed with police presence, he didn’t see any boys.)

On my way back to Sake, there are many available ladies. Ask them where I can find boys: in Saranrom (obviously they don’t know or don’t care that the trade there has died out). One fetches a nearby male and offers him for 1000. Not my type and 1000 too much anyway, but we have the usual conversation (generalized from similar conversations and translated to English):

“Do you want him?”

“Sorry, not my type.”

“But he is male!”

“I like slim boys.”

“But he is slim!”

“I like young boys.”

(she asks him for age)

“But he is only 35 years old!”


(All while the subject is standing nearby and playing with his phone.)

Sat 22apr2017

I have a local boy Nat on facebook. He scores very high on dark skin, I suspect one parent is African. Agree to meet in a nearby park for a chat. There, offer him 500 Baht for wanking in my room. He accepts, but cannot come now because he has to go to hospital (indeed several bandages from mocy accident) and asks for an advance of 300 Baht (and would come to my room at 11 pm). Now I know from previous interaction that this boy can’t plan any further than his next meal, so 11 pm alone gives it away. Furthermore, I once did an advance payment on sexual services, and didn’t get any (and experienced friends told me that ALL advance payments on sexual services are scams, that includes Scandic/ScamDick Massage in Boyztown as reported here The boy is so stupid, he doesn’t even know how stupid he is. But still, my intellectual superiority doesn’t help to get him in bed. All I can say is “see you at 11 pm” fully knowing he will not come.

The boy Oat whom I had in January (all positive except for body hair) finally is free and comes to my room 19:03-20:09 and we have a nice time. Remembers the way, then into my bathroom and back in underwear and into bed without much talking. Not even a hint of money request.

Sun 23apr2017

The Beach Resort 20:45-21:16. Entry 119. One big blue towel of good quality, all customers in towel. About 50 customers, none my type. Water in pool a bit too much chlorinated (but I love the smell!), have a naked swim in the pool. Sauna and steam room hot, light only through window in door. Food and drink can be ordered (menu at cashier). Dark rooms far too dark, same for rooms on 2nd floor.

Nake 21:55-22:44. Entry 140. Counted 12 customers. No food! Show schedule and real 22:30. Fatty and skinny, not my type. Up to 5 spectators. The MC is shirtless and cute, but unfortunately doesn’t participate in show. Leave before show ends.

Farose 2, stay 23:09-36. Only about 20 customers (on Saturday, there are up to 200 estimated).

Tue 25 – Wed 26apr2017

Kanchanaburi to meet a boy from hornet, will report separately.
Thu 27apr2017

Zy massage (former Lomchoey in Ngam Duplee), one hour oil 500 Baht with No from Chiang Mai (but I suspect he is from Myanmar), 1000 tip well earned. Good massage and good afters. Massage starts in underwear, but that is dropped when I indicate.

Fri 28apr2017

Macho 20:20-21:34. Entry 160. Customers in underwear or camouflage loincloth provided by sauna. Show (fatty and skinny, the skinny warm and dry skin) starts about 20:30. About 3 spectators (out of about 30 customers). One customer worth a second look, and one cute staff. (This is quite general, one third of gay saunas in Bangkok have one cute staff.) Overall so-so.

Sat 29apr2017

Nake 22:45-23:20. Entry 140. Underwear day. About 30 customers, up to 15 spectators. Show in progress, Bom and other slim boy (now cold wet skin, whereas yesterday warm dry!) and fat boy. Cute MC shirtless, I have a few gropes without opposition, but where he is sitting I don’t have good access to his body.

Bom is lazy, just lies on mattress during orgy after show, whereas other boys participate in orgy (standing around, groping, wanking, nipple play).

Farose 2, stay 23:51-01:28. Brimming, but nobody my type. Shortly before leaving, a boy Alex chats me up. He is Thai but has been working abroad for many years. Fluent English, and we talk for about an hour about various subjects. We could have gone on much longer, but I have an early start tomorrow, so exchange facebook and leave.

Sun 30apr2017

I recently found the boy M who stayed with me a week in Jan 2015 (then it petered out, then hornet and Line abandoned) on hornet and resume contact. He wants to go to cinema (i.e. wants me to invite him), and we meet at Siam 21:15 Scala cinema booked for a private event today, Lido closed already. But Siam Paragon is still open, albeit expensive (580 Baht (!) for two tickets Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and 245 Baht (!) for popcorn and coke). But this is just money, and everything else worked out quite fine (I gave up on going to cinema with boys because you have to agree on place and time and movie, time getting there and back, and I have to wear long trousers so I don’t get cold). While the original intention was to go to bed (for sex) afterwards, he wants to go to disco, so we split.

That was quite fortunate, because in addition to being tired, I had an uninvited guest. A friend W sometimes stays in my place, and I even gave him a set of keys so can enter and leave independently. (Considering all cases of theft, I shouldn’t. But he had two years’ time to steal everything he wants, and he knows when I’m abroad, so if he hasn’t until now, chance is little that he will in the future.) For this night, I had moved W to another room (I found by chance that some rooms in my building that are not occupied are not locked, and my landlord turns off the water at the main switch on the common balcony, that’s how I know which rooms are not occupied and then just try the handle if it’s open). However during the movie (my phone in airplane mode so I read it only afterwards) he messaged me that that room is locked, and he will sleep in my room on the floor (so I can bring M back and we can sleep in the bed). And that’s how I found W when I came back alone to my room: sleeping on the floor. Glad M didn’t come with me, that would have required a lot of explanation, and most probably no sex when a third person stranger is sleeping on the floor next to the bed. (Can you see the picture, ChristianPFC and M entering the room, embracing and kissing, and suddenly “Who is sleeping there on the floor?” – The ultimate cock-block, I couldn’t make it up!)

Mon 1may2017

Continuing where we left the night before, M comes at night and stays over night, lackluster in bed. Give him 300 to cover his travel expenses.

Thank god this truly awful month of April 2017 is over now!

If you have read it to here: my Thai gay dating is a train wreck in time lapse! Dating-wise, April 2017 is the most miserable month (in general, April 2013 is the most miserable month, where I participated in Songkran, had my passport stolen and drunken boy pissed in my bed).

So why do I keep doing this? Do you remember cathode ray tube TVs and monitors? These heavy, bulky, misshapen devices (not only do they need a lot of area, their top usually has a shape that you can’t put anything on top, losing the space above) with poor resolution? Now mostly replaced by flat screens. But about 50 years long, these CRT have the state of the art! And that’s my situation, there must be a better way, but I don’t know how.


5 Free sex: First, Ton, Joe O, Oat, Ball K.

3 Paid sex: Kim45 500, Fluk 1000, No Zy 1000 = 2500.

Health 1900, 1030, 1030 = 3960.

There we go: the first time in my life where I spend more money on health issues (not even solved the problem) than on prostitutes.

16 Sauna: Nake, Farose 2, Male Box, Waterboy Onsen, Phoenix, Farose 2, Nake, Nake, Farose 2, R3, The Beach, Nake, Farose 2, Macho, Nake, Farose 2.

Including House of Male and Club One Seven in Chiang Mai end of March, that’s 18 sauna visits in a row without action! And still counting!

5 no show: Joe O, Ton, Ton, PS Thonburi, Nat.

6 no sex: Ton BFC4in2017, Ton, Ton, Ton, Pekke, M Uttaradit.

2 disco Sake, Sake.

Copyright 2017 ChristianPFC


  1. A classical Christianpfc once again, thanks.
    A great read, but your (sex)life sounds very tedious. I would say, relax, if it comes fine, if it doesn't come, fine also, whatever 'it' means.

  2. Great read!
    Keep it up (literally and figuratively).

  3. Following this yournal now for two years ... was really excited to read your experiences about abroad gay life and love and sex. But now its getting more and about complaints about negative behaivior of thai guys - lying steeling - all about money. Well - my point of view to this journal has changed a lot. Its gotten more and more a blog of abusing boys for ridicilus less money - and then complaining about their behaviour - this all reflects mostly the action of the publisher. Life as a meat market in a cheap country. No wonder why many thai people dont respect foreigners who behave like this - at the end you get what you treat other people.

    1. Sorry Christian,
      I feel there is a lot of truth in what Anon is telling you. You seem to be living more and more in a world where your are both the exploiter, and the exploited. Continue down this dark path and you will soon find yourself dying on a beach dreaming about a 14 year old boy you would like to have sex with. You would not be the first German to do this. Der Tod in Venedig

    2. There is indeed a lot of negativity recently. But these issues have to be addressed, nobody will deny that some of them lie and steal. "abusing boys for ridicilus less money" I object to this. I find 500 Baht a fair price, and many who come with me once are eager to come again. And if you read closer, I tried to establish friendship with some boys (there is money for sex as well, but not always), and they failed me.

    3. "your are both the exploiter, and the exploited" recent events (more insights to be published soon) show that there is no free sex in Thailand (except in gay saunas). It's always a trade. With money boys it's easy, with boys who I think are free, it's complicated. If any, I am the exploited, because usually the boy gets what he wants, but I don't get what I want. And he can sell his body (figuratively), and still has it!

  4. Sat 22 Apr 2017
    The boy Nat is 300 baht richer and you are 300 baht poorer with nothing to show for it. So who is the stupid one? It seems that Nat has far more smarts than you ever will.

    1. Read again: I did NOT give the boy an advance of 300 Baht, well knowing this is a scam. But now thinking about it again, I get the following finding: the boy rather scams 300 Baht out of me once than earning 500 Baht by honest work, with chance for a repeat (meet 11 pm was part of the scam, he could have come with me when we talked face to face). The boy who stole 6000 Baht the same: rather 6000 now than 10,000 in the course of a year and more benefits from friendship. On a large scale, it works the same as corruption: a small instant benefit for one, a large loss over longer time for the public. (Nothing new, but now it falls all together, small scale and big scale, own experiences).

  5. Christian is being honest and baring his soul, more than any of those that criticise would. Continue please CPFC.

    1. I agree with you although it may be some merit in observation above about money issues. Nevertheless being open and honest is not an invitation to be abused by readers.


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