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Khao No in Nakon Sawan province

Khao No in Nakon Sawan province

The twin mountains of Khao No-Khao Kaeo เขาหน่อ-เขาแก้ว rise majestically off the plain in northern Nakon Sawan province. 

Picture by a Farang friend's drone (Khao No from hwy 1 side):

Entrance from hwy 1 = Phahonyothin (Khao Gaew in background):

Visitor center, temple, restaurants, monkey statue between the two mountains:

What I think about monkeys in an urban environment (this is a natural environment, but I still object feeding wild animals) here:

Monkey-proof parking (behind the gate) and monkey-proof lanterns:

Staff from nearby Wat showed us the start of the stairway, then we were alone for the entire ascent and crossed a group of Thai youth who returned less than half-way.

After several hundred meters flat at the beginning, a total 727 steps (counting from gravel fiel of above picture) of concrete (left, view up), and 218 steps of rock (estimated) and metal (right, view down). My flip-flops got slippery from sweat, and the metal hand rail was hot.

After the ascent (10:36-11:27, with stops to wait for FF), we were rewarded with a view of Khao Gaew and the surrounding countryside:

Drone pictures of the summit 
(about 250 m elevation from gravel field by GPS by drone): 

There is a shrine with Buddha footprint on top, and 39 bells:

After getting down, I was thoroughly drenched in sweat, I had to change into fresh clothes. This is the most exhausting mountain climb I have done in Thailand so far.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Cambodia general observations Jun 2017

Cambodia general observations Jun 2017

Various observations in alphabetical order of my visit 5 to 9 jun 2017 Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Koh Kong town. “We” refers to Farang friend FF (with car and drone) and I. I had no plans to go to Cambodia, but FF persuaded me to join him and it fitted into my visa run schedule and I know several boys in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat
Price for 1 day ticket has risen from 25 USD (my first visit in Aug 2014) to 37 USD (Jun 2017). That’s an inflation rate of 14% per year! (In comparison, Eiffel tower is 17 EUR, I remember 18 EUR from 2012.) None of that money is invested in infrastructure. Even around Siem Reap, roads are poor, electricity network has outages (most hotels have generators), mobile network is spotty, garbage is dumped on the road, land mine victims are left to beg and orphans left to collect garbage for recycling.

For more rants about corruption and infrastructure in Cambodia and Siem Reap in particular read here:

On a rainy day near closing time, you can have Ta Prohm for yourself for some minutes:

At the Bayon / Angkor Thom, locals show tourists how to pose (probably expecting a tip) to give the impression of touching, even kissing, the stone heads. 

This is blasphemy! Shows once more that all religious teachings are quickly dropped when they come into the way of fun or earning money (and I have to say glad this is so, as those who follow religious teachings to the letter bring problems on us).

Overall, it’s overpriced, the infrastructure is poor, too many tourists, too hot, I wouldn’t recommend Angkor Wat. (I came to the same conclusion after my first visit, only to accompany FF I went again.) There are only few things that can destroy the beauty of a place like masses of tourists: earthquakes, tornadoes and nuclear bombs.

I don’t drink coffee, but FF does and praised several of the coffees he had.

Drone flying
Drone flying is prohibited in Angkor Wat and internet says they are serious about it (arrest, fine). So we went to office and asked for permission: usually not granted to tourists, and anyway it takes 5 working days normal or 3 working days express (but can be done by email) and costs 1000 USD per day. Drone flying is prohibited in Phnom Penh, in addition it was raining whenever we had a chance to do so, so no flying there as well.

There are no 7-Eleven in Cambodia, and similar shops are not widespread. I marked those I came across near my hotel on google maps so I can find them. But there are some imitators:

First there is the language problem. In average local restaurant, people speak no English and we speak no Khmer, and often no menu at all, we had to skip many places for lack of communication. When you get someone who speaks English or a menu in English or with pictures, food costs about 2-3 time of comparable in Thailand and takes twice as long to prepare for no obvious reason. Most meals I had there were so-so, some were awful. This is the lowest point:

Chicken fried with vegetables. The chicken was mainly bones and bone splinters. I wouldn’t feed that crap to my dog! (Figure of speech, I don’t have a dog.) Even the vegetables were contaminated with chicken bone splinters! When I had pork bone splinters in a pork meal, I decided to switch to vegetarian or Western food (similar prices as in Thailand).

There is one good thing about the dire food situation: I skipped several meals and I lost 0.8 kg over the trip to Cambodia.

Mobile data
Most trips abroad I weasel through without local SIM, but here travelling with FF and staying in different hotels, we needed reliable communication. So I followed advice of another FF and got sim2fly (, Asia 399 THB, 3 GB to be used within 8 days of activation) which worked well (after some discomforting messages “Your balance is insufficient…” and with poor coverage – but that might just be the poor network in Cambodia). Now let’s see if I can top up that SIM and use it for upcoming trips.

At time of writing, 1 USD = 4070 Cambodian Riel. In general, everything above 1 USD is paid in USD, fractions are paid in Riel. The bigger the USD notes, the better they have to be to be accepted. On the internet, I read “You can starve in Cambodia with a 100 USD note because nobody has change”. And indeed, when I wanted to pay a 1 USD item in a shop similar to 7-Eleven with a 100 USD note, the cashier didn’t have change. Then in a restaurant, paying for a 7 USD meal, the owner reluctantly accepted the 100 USD, after asking for smaller notes (I did have smaller notes, but I have to fob off the 100 USD onto someone). In another place, our meals were 6 USD combined and the cashier didn’t have change for 10 USD! Even more than in Thailand, you have to manage your banknotes! The one good think is, US-Americans don't have to change money!

Money exchange
ATMs have a fee of 4 or 5 USD, in addition I don’t know until later what rate my visa card gives. For Thailand, I found bringing cash is the most efficient way. Apply this to Cambodia. Following this lead, I searched for the place recommended and walked along street 51 (Pasteur) from south to north and checked banks and other places along the way for exchange rates to exchange EUR to USD. Tue 6jun2017 around 9 am on 1 EUR = 1.12635 USD. Most banks don’t have exchange rates displayed, but if you ask they will tell you their exchange rate (not my style, skip). A place Wing (green, street 51 diagonally opposite Heart of Darkness disco) 1.08. Lang Daro pawn shop (green, near st 144) 1.105. Somnea (gold shop, st 136 between st 51 and st 53, south-east corner of Central Market) 1.121. Or Sovann (gold and jewelry, across st 136 from Somnea) 1.121. Exchange there. (Update: recommendations for Ly Hour Exchange elsewhere on the internet, will check next time.)

Roads and driving
When going by public transport I don’t pay attention to traffic, but here in front seat I had to assist FF in driving. National highways and main roads in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are ok, everywhere else is poor, sometimes awful. Only part of the national highway network is two lane. Everywhere else, one lane, that means we were often stuck behind trucks (huge number of petrol tank trucks around) or overtaking, which considerably slowed down average speed. Add in cows crossing day and night or even lying on the road, other vehicles without light or with full/high/upper beam at night or driving on the side in the wrong direction. No thanks, I don’t want to ever subject myself to that again as front seat passenger!

Shoe theft
My hotel has a policy of removing shoes and leaving them on a shoes rack outside, and so I did. The following morning, my sandals were gone! Add the attempted mobile phone theft on my first trip in 2014, and the visa on arrival scam (see below), Cambodia is the country where I have been scammed or become victim of attempted or successful theft much more than anywhere else.

Taking a Thai car into Cambodia
FF owns and drives a car in Thailand, which we took into Cambodia. This was possible without much delay or bribes or documentation, but can only be done at two border crossings: Hat Lek (Trat province) / Cham Yeam and Kap Choeng (Surin province) / O’Smach (information from internet). Taking the car back to Thailand should be possible at any border crossing, however upon entering we learned that we have to come back to the same place (Hat Lek, our place of entry), recent regulation. If I had known that before, I would not have gone. In addition, you are only allowed to drive in the province of entry, but we kept the red number plate they gave us (to be displayed behind the windscreen?) in the glove compartment as to not draw attention, and drove all over Cambodia without being stopped.

I entered separately from FF as a pedestrian, and taking car in took about 30 min longer. Here what he told me: red number plate costs 1000 THB, an obscure fee 100 THB for stamps and documents, a tip 5 USD for a taxi driver who led FF to the various offices.

Going back into Thailand on Sat 10jun2017 we did together, and indeed from their pile of documents they (Cambodian customs?) picked out the one relating to FF’s car, for him to present elsewhere at the border.

Visa on arrival at land border scam
When we arrive at Hat Yeam Mon 5jun2017 shortly after 8 am, already busy with locals crossing (but only short queues). Opening times 6-22 are posted at the border crossing. Stamp out Thailand 8:11, stamp in Cambodia 8:30.

I was aware that there are scams running, but didn’t have details. When applying for visa on arrival at Cham Yeam (in a room with table and chair, whereas the arrival/departure card and passport was handed through a window while I was standing outside), I was asked for 1600 THB (47 USD), and without saying a word, I handed them 30 USD. Then I was presented with an officially looking document (about A4 paper laminated, with signs of wear and tear), that said something like “Ministry of …, Announcement on …, Visa is 30 USD + 7 USD processing fee, stamp, signature” which I was not prepared for. The idea to ask to take a picture came to my mind, but I dismissed it. I should have asked to take a picture! And show them my old passport with previous visas from Phnom Penh airport with 30 USD stamped in. But I was flabbergasted and handed them a 50 USD note and received 13 USD change. My visa sticker does not have the price stamp.

Even without any particular mishap (we didn’t get stopped by police, rain disturbed our plans only little), a poor trip. Overall, I can’t recommend Cambodia as a travel destination. I can understand that everyone who does not belong to upper class and has internationally marketable skills or a body to sell wants to get out.

I traded the freedom of traveling alone (can change my plans any time) for the comfort of traveling by car (FF’s car, so I had to compromise, and having to exit the same border checkpoint was just one restriction too many), and found that freedom is more important than comfort to me.

Nonetheless, I will go again to meet old and new Cambodian friends and to ride the one public bus line in Phnom Penh and the one passenger train to Sihanoukville.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Gay activities in Cambodia Jun 2017

Gay activities in Cambodia Jun 2017

I had three boys in Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battambang) scheduled for this trip, and as is to be expected, I didn’t get any of them.

Mon 5jun2017 Phnom Penh
I announced my arrival in Phnom Penh days before on facebook (my message “Meet Monday night in Phnom Penh?”, reply “We will see”) and Line (not read). He obviously forgot about my coming (but is forgiven because he is student and it’s exam time judging by his facebook), and in such cases I don’t run after the boy, but go to saunas instead.

Amam 3 USD (price is falling, was 4 USD last time), 17:36-18:22. Big and small white towel of good quality, sauna cold, Jacuzzi dry, computer for internet for customers broken, flat screen TV in video room gone. About 5 customers, one cute but too fat. Opening time 15:30-21:00. Cute receptionist.

Hatha Khmer Spa 4 USD 18:36-19:28. Sauna and steam hot, small pool cold, movie room dark (except for the porn movie). About 50 customers, of which 5 interesting to me and 5 interested in my, however no overlap. Locker room busy with 5 or more throughout.

Love Spa 3 USD 20:03-53. Over 20 customers. Closing time is 22:00, and in locker room more leaving than coming throughout my stay. In the dark steam room, 3 rather feminine boys descend upon me (touching, sucking, giggling), but don’t want to take off their towels (whereas I’m naked). Sharp teeth (?), I have slightly sore foreskin for the next days (apply canesten cream to prevent fungal infection; invisible damage to foreskin from sucking happened to me before in 2013). The Khmer are masters of changing under towel, in the locker room you barely see skin between knees and abdomen.

source: youtube Quick Change Duo

Exchange facebook with the cute boy who groped me in the steam room. He has no Line and I have no Khmer mobile phone number. His phone is a very basic, so I assume it cannot handle data, or he has no data connection or facebook on the phone would be too awkward (I saw it once: with a small, non-touch, screen, you have to scroll and zoom in and out with buttons). My messages still not read. However his not so cute friend who forced his facebook on me was quick: he loves me and wants to meet again. (Update mid-Jun: the cute boy is online, loves me and misses me and wants to meet again.)

Tue 6jun2017 Siem Reap
A Khmer boy June I met twice in Bangkok is based in Siem Reap and free to meet. He recommended a place to stay (Happy Zone Inn, aircon room 15 USD per night), location ok for me, so I take it assuming it’s convenient for him and he will stay with me over night. However, he didn’t say so, and once again:

Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups!
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

Pertinent chat so readers can form their own opinion:
11:12 June What name bus ?
(He had offered to pick me up at bus station. However judging by subsequent events, that would have failed.)
17:29 Christian By car. Still on the road. See you around 8.
17:46 June Ok
19:53 Christian 30 min
20:24 Christian I just arrived
20:30 June Where are you now
20:33 Christian In my room happy zone inn
20:36 Christian Take shower
20:37 June Ok
20:37 June You alone or have friend?
20:40 June Are you eat yet ?
20:40 June I go to bar code when I finish dinner
20:43 Christian Alone now. Eat already.
20:43 June Ok
20:43 Christian Tomorrow travel with friend from (edit).
20:43 June Ok
20:44 June Good
20:44 June We meet in bar gay
20:44 June Close your hotel
20:44 June 5 m
20:44 Christian Ok
20:49 June Your friend come to drink tonight?
20:49 Christian I don't know. I can invite him and his Cambodian friend to join us.
20:49 June In bar code
20:49 June Ok
20:50 June Come
(To me, that pretty much sounds like he is there.)
20:56 Christian Moment
21:01 Christian Bar code now
(Only some staff and few customers, but not June. When meeting a friend in a bar or restaurant, I have a policy of checking inside and then waiting outside without ordering, so in case of no-show I can leave any time and lose only time but no money and don’t have to subject myself to whatever is going on inside.)
21:10 June Not now because I have dinner with friend
21:10 June Sorry
21:10 Christian When are you free?
21:10 June 30 I go bar code
21:11 June 30 minutes I will go to bar code ok
21:11 Christian Ok, see you then.
21:11 June Ok kiss kiss
(In that case, I will have a walk around night markets. And there, suddenly, in a restaurant, before I notice him, June jumps up from company of 3 Farang and rushes out to hug me for hello and for chat. Awkward. Overbooking like in airlines? Agree to meet in barcode later.)
21:47 June I'm in bar code now
(That’s quick. I’m still in night markets area.)
21:47 Christian On the way
(In barcode, June still in company of previous 3 Farang. But spends some time with me. An awkward arrangement. Finally June tells me it’s one of his Farang friend’s last day in Siem Reap, and he does not know when the party will be over, so I go home alone. Anyway, more tired than horny.)
23:06 June Have good night friend

Barcode fruit juice 3 USD 21:51-22:44. Quite busy, about 10 customers. Show (singing, dancing, costumes) too loud, but fortunately long breaks between acts.
In the evening I had a look at hornet and messaged the few interesting profiles, and reply from one of them R. I want to postpone to tomorrow, but he is only free now and just 10 minutes away, so I invite him to my room. Interesting chat, good English. Then take off our clothes, and there everything fine as well, my type and my style BFC6in2017. Stays over night but has to wake up 5:50 (I get up as well to say goodbye), leave 6, start work at 9.

Wed 7jun2017 Siem Reap
It seems there is only one gay sauna left in Siem Reap: MEN's Resort & Spa. Walk there in the evening (dark, light rain), to find it closed just today for staff party. Bummer! Should have called as I do in Thailand. Cambodian boy wonder R works in the bar of a hotel, so join him for the night (about 21-23, low season, few customers, time for chat: has been to Thailand and would like to work there). Still everything positive. Hoping for another night in my room, but at his end of shift 23, replacement still not there, and both of us tired (he probably more than I after getting up 5:50 and working two jobs 9-23!), so hug goodbye and go home alone.

Thu 8jun2017 Phnom Penh
I had plans to visit third boy in Battambang around 10jun, however multiple changes of plan made that unfeasible. Cancel the appointment and blame it on FF with car.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

First World problems

First World problems

Cold feet
When I told a friend in Germany that I suffer cold feet throughout my stay in Germany, and in Thailand my feet temperature is just ok*, he replied that this is a first world problem. That gave me the inspiration for this post.

Not just cold feet. When I travel by air-conditioned bus or train or go to a cinema in Thailand, I have to wear long trousers and shirts, and in bus or train for overnight wear socks.

*For sex, I either have to keep my feet wrapped in duvet/comforter which restricts movement, or better wear socks as not to go get cold feet when they are exposed to the air.

Distributing kinds of cheese on toast
When having dinner with above friend at his place, I had 4 slices of toast, but there were only 3 different kinds of cheese. How to evenly distribute 3 kinds of cheese on 4 slices of toast? This left me paralyzed for some minutes, then I decided to put the cheese I had on the first slice on the 4th slice, for lack of better idea. My readers might come up with better ideas. 

I bring several kg of various cheese from Germany to Thailand, and have to evenly distribute this over my stay. I have an elaborate scheme that involves higher mathematics how to do this. 

How to break Milka Schoko und Keks
One of the chocolate I bring from Germany is Milka Schoko und Keks. 

In Thailand, I store it in the refrigerator (important detail that I missed until now!) and when I try to break it along the grooves in the chocolate, it breaks everywhere and the chocolate becomes detached from the cookie. Horrible!

Search on the internet didn't give a solution (it even seems this problem is unknown to the rest of the world). But when I left the chocolate in my room to warm up before taking above picture, it suddenly broke along the grooves! Problem solved: warm it up before breaking!

Butter crisis
Butter in Germany is much cheaper than in Thailand:
Germany 250 g for 1.19 EUR = 4.76 EUR/kg = 181 THB/kg
Thailand 227g for 82 THB = 361 THB/kg. Same for cheese. So I buy enough butter and cheese to last the entire trip to Thailand, up to 6 months. But on one trip to Thailand I underestimated my consumption of butter and had to buy butter in Thailand, which gave me sleepless nights agonizing over the extra money I have to spend.

Travel with 15 suitcases 
Fortunately not my problem, I travel light, but a poster on wrote about the difficulties of traveling with 15 (?) suitcases. 

Erectile dysfunction and balding versus Malaria
Much more money is spent for research for medicine against erectile dysfunction and balding than for research on Malaria.

Breastfeeding rooms
In Taipei subway stations, I saw breastfeeding rooms. On the songtheo from Mae Sot to Umphang, the women sitting opposite me breastfed her baby on the songtheo.

Muslim prayer rooms
And in Hua Lampong railway station (and in Paris Orly airport and probably many other places) there is a Muslim prayer room:

Why is public money and space spent on Muslim prayer rooms in non-Muslim countries like Thailand and France?

What drink to order in a bar
When going to several bars in one night, and being an anti-alcoholic, orange juice quickly becomes boring. Details here:
Nice Boys 20:17-21:06. Orange juice oj 150 THB (I wanted pineapply juice pj, but I rarely get it – as a change from orange juice, I ask for pineapple juice first and either “no have” or they misunderstand and serve me apple juice aj instead - a first world problem).
In a hotel I was staying there was a shampoo "Damage Repair Conditioner for critically damaged hair". I have heard of critically endangered species, and patients in critical conditions, but "critically damaged hair" is new to me. 

A joke from internet fits in here (my translation):
Shampoo for women: for brittle, curly, middle-short, blond hair.
Shampoo for men: 200 in 1! For hair, body, car and dish washing.

And elsewhere (Latitudes 2017 June July p53) "Realizing the ravages of many cosmetics on his customers' hair..." Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were ravaged by allied bombings, but ravaged hair?

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Gay activities May 2017

Gay activities May 2017

Details on Grey Gym sauna, Magic Hands Ngam Duplee massage, Heaven sauna, Saranrom, Sake disco.

Mon 1may2017 (already posted in April report)
Continuing where we left the night before, M comes at night and stays over night, lackluster in bed. Give him 300 to cover his travel expenses.

Taipei reported separately:

Fri 12may2017
Kim45 in my room, 500 plus 160 taxi. Had him a few times already, efficient communication in Thai and reliable. Usually comes by his mocy, but this time another family member used mocy, hence by taxi.

Macho 20:27-21:12. Entry 160. Show in progress when I enter, ends about 21:00. About 5 spectators, out of about 20 customers, none my type. But the food was good!

Phoenix 21:35-22:35. Over 20 customers. The shapely boy Bank whom I met in Nake twice is there (he has rooms in Bangkapi and Rama 2). We go to a room, but he is top only, so part without getting to business. Exchange Line, I spot 999+ unread messages on Line. (Messaged him several times, not read. I guess I was at the receiving end of pity sex three times, but now it’s over.)

The two sauna visits were just a filler before meeting Burmese Woman in Ekkachai (just arrived in Bangkok and out of money, so I give her 500), mentioned here already:

Sat 13may2017
Nake 22:30-23:45. Entry 140. Over 20 customers, about 10 spectators during show. Show about 22:35-23:30. Skinny and manly (name Gop). Gop is shapely, but cold butt cheeks. Show ends with orgy, and the orgy runs well, everyone participates and it’s safe to say that everyone swapped body fluids with everyone, either directly or via an intermediary. While most others keep their underwear on even for orgy and in low light, I am naked, my underwear wrapped (so one leg goes through both holes) around one leg above the knee, and the towel tied in a knot above the other knee.

That’s 20 sauna visits in Thailand without activity in a row, but the following is successful.

(From Nake to Farose 2, as usually take songtheo opposite The Mall Bangkapi, but miss to get off opposite Soi 21, then miss Soi 21 on the return and songtheo goes on elevated road, so I have to ride the whole trip again, but pay only once 7 Baht.)

Farose 2, stay 00:35-03:27. Entry 170. Busy, and between 1 and 2 highest activity with about 50 customers in disco alone; when I leave only 5 left in disco. In the course of the night, spot several cute boys, and have a record number of 3 false alarms (mutual indecent touching, but then boy doesn’t come to room).

But then a Burmese friend is there in a group, and one from the group comes with me. (great body, too dark to see face, boy bottoms but I cum by premature ejaculation, then hugging and walk to shower naked with used condom hanging on my now soft dick).

Sun 14may2017
A boy Rit from hornet comes to my room, efficient communication in English (many others struggle to write a full sentence in Thai) and can read maps (most of my contacts on hornet fail for that: boy doesn’t want to come to my room and can’t describe where exactly he is so I can go to see him). 

We spend 12:30-14:38 in my room, talking and sex, and not a boring minute! He wants to take pictures and video with my camera of us having sex, and I let him do so. A new trend? The 3rd boy this year, never had this before. Then copy the files to his mobile (the boy is tech-savvy, I would not have known how to set up wireless connection to his phone). Only for personal use, but nonetheless I should have been more careful: some of the pictures show half of my face. Next time I will pull a bag over my head and ask him to pay me 1000, then he can takes pic and vid as much as he wants.

I would have invited him for lunch afterwards, but he is Moslem (I thought so already, circumcised and from Hat Yai) and can’t eat in a restaurant that serves pork. I knew of a brochure “Muslim Restaurants in Bangkok” from TAT, but that wasn’t in my area of interest, but now I got one, so next time we might have a halal lunch or dinner.

If he wasn’t Muslim, money boy and top only, he could be BFC!

Mon 15may2017
exBFC3in 2017 First comes in the evening and sleeps from 6 pm to midday (interrupted by some playing on mobile), some gropes in evening, but in morning not interested. I can’t figure him out “When you don’t have money, you are tired.” (I don’t bite), but then refunds the breakfast I bought from 7-Eleven.

Tue 16may2017
A money boy Pee on hornet works long hours in a restaurant in Soi Convent. After endless chat for weeks, I have lunch there and indeed spot him and we recognize each other. However, if I hadn't known him, I wouldn’t have looked at him twice, and I suspect his hornet profile picture is not him (I saw it in another profile as well, and his stats don’t fit that body), abort.

source: hornet (profile now deleted) and Line

(Update: Mid-June 2017 shirtless picture on Line, far too fat for my taste. And he had the audacity to lie to me that the picture in hornet is his!)

Later meet the boy Alex from Farose 2 sauna (not my type, but we had interesting chat there, he was educated abroad and is now working abroad). Meeting point is Silom Soi 2, and as there is nothing during daytime apart from massage and hostel, I go up to the hostel and wait there for him in the public area. And wait, and wait. 15 minutes after ETA I message him: he is in Burger King at the corner.

Join him there, and check our chat: he never said anything about hostel, I mixed this up with another boy who stays in a hostel. My fault!

Wed 17may2017
ExBFC3in2016 asks me to join him for IDAHOT, afterwards cinema and stay over night.

Thu 18may2017
Sex in morning ok.

James Rama 2 starts video chat, shows his penis, but I don’t want to show mine, meeting fails for distance. He doesn’t want to come to my place because he doesn’t know the way, and I won’t go there because there is nowhere we can go to do our business. But still, he has been keeping messaging me for over 6 months, and I do the same, some day we might get together.

Fri 19may2017 Kanchanaburi
I know one boy in Baan Pong (Ratchaburi, on the way to Kanchanaburi): not free. I know another boy Ball near Kanchanaburi: not free.

On hornet in Kanchanaburi, I get a message from a boy I had in 2011 and then lost contact. But not so much my type then, and now even less. Nonetheless interesting how you meet people again.

Walk along river 21:30-22:40, medium activity, chat with some locals, several cute boys. Someone with better social skills would probably be able to pull one (free or paid).

Sun 21may2017
My last visit to Grey Gym was in 2015 dismissed for “customers too old and too fat”, but now trying to visit all gay saunas in Thailand go again.

Grey Gym (Entry Thu 99, Mon-Fri 140, Sat-Sun 170, open 12-22). One staff speaks good English. One staff is cute (but straight, I asked him), and I wouldn’t reject one other staff. About 50 customers, all too old and too fat (by my presence, average age and body mass index gets lower). Sauna and steam room hot. I don’t like the smoking room (on way to sauna and steam, not open to atmosphere). Library with old gay magazines. Restaurant and karaoke. 2nd floor private rooms. On sauna door notice in Thai, my translation: “Don’t pour water over the hot rock. Risk of electrical shock.” Two big blue towels of good quality, all customers in towel. Big locker.

Interestingly, on google maps Thu evening is marked as the most active time. That is probably for their 99 entry on that day.

39 underground 18:02-19:58. Entry 180. Brimming with far over 100 customers. Had to queue at the shower. Several promising. During first round hook up and go to room. Slim and warm dry skin, no hair on balls and crotch. But body too soft (from my limited experience, over-30-year olds feel different than under-30-year olds, body fat or whatever changes). He came all over my body, but I didn’t get fully hard.

Then another one, estimated 25 years and 50 kg and 175 cm, even shapelier (shapely – shapelier – shapeliest). And looked totally straight, just how I like it. The first time I kissed with someone with a beard. I can live with beard, but his hairs around nipples and on balls and crotch were irritating (but no hair on upper thighs). No English. Have a good time, both of us cum by wanking. Out of the room, I think “Fuck those hairs on chest and ball, get his phone number!” but can’t find him any more.

But there is another one, estimated 50/175, who is interested and even speaks good English. Perfect warm and dry skin, no hair on chest, but hair on upper thighs. Nonetheless, exchange phone number and Line to meet some day under better circumstances (I don’t like sex in saunas).

During dinner after sauna, a cute boy on adjacent table, exchange a smile. When he gets up I ask “ไปไหน” (Where do you go?). Tell him I have just been to 39 underground. He knows and has been. Give him my name card. No call.

Then passing bus stop, exchange smiles with another cute boy. But react too slowly: I could have gotten on that bus (drives in my direction) to chat him up!

Mon 22may2017
I have known a Burmese Boy Saw in Klong Toey market for two years, and he speaks some English and wants to learn more. I haven’t heard from him for months, but now he is back in Bangkok and wants to meet. He has been to my room twice, in both cases I picked him up and we went to my room by bus and walking, but he doesn’t remember the way. I give him directions, but he misses the bus stop and gets off the next. So I jump on a taxi to pick him up there, and walk back.

In my room some chat and this time some indecent touches (I don’t have to maintain deniability, but do it in a way that he can either reply or withdraw). No response, but soon after says goodbye and as he still does not remember the way, I walk him to the bus stop and put him on the right bus. Originally I was hitting on one of his friends who could participate in Mr Sixpack competition and is still working there in Klong Toey market. Maybe I should just tell them what I want?

Magic Hands Ngam Duplee 17:15-18:35, of which massage about 17:20-18:20. Let the manager talk me into aroma oil (650 Baht/hour, whereas oil 570) – easier to wash off convinced me, I don’t like the oily feeling on my skin even after shower. 4 flavors to choose from, I should have taken lemongrass or coconut instead of peppermint, as peppermint gives a cool sensation on skin. Choose Max (pronounced like Mac) from Chiang Rai (had an eye on him before, and chatted just two days before when he was smoking across the road). Nice room with shower cubicle and aircon. Only a curtain, and even that partially penetrable to light. Good massage (starts shirtless, later takes of trousers when I indicate) and good afters. 800 Baht well deserved. (I have to stop tipping massage boys 1000 Baht for one hour massage and some wanking at their place, because that’s unfair to money boys who come to my room, then have one hour full on sex with me, and then travel back to their room, for 1000).

Tue 23may2017
Online banking 500 THB to German speaking boy, details here:

Wed 24may2017
Local boy Fluk comes to my room. Appointment was 13:00, he is early 12:40, that’s rare. Have a nice time in my room, 1000 well deserved.

The boy has three nipples:

A phenomenon that occurs with women as well, here a nice symmetrical example:

source: sent to me on Line by a friend

(This video gets pornographic at the end and I might have to remove it to keep my blog family-friendly. Interested readers are advised to save the video to their computer.)

And I once had a boy with 11 toes:

I can open a freak show!

I had appointments with two more boys (PS Thonburi 4 pm and Jack Lao at 11 pm) but have to cancel for rain.

Thu 25may2017
Jack Lao in his room, will be reported separately.

Fri 26may2017
Meet PS Thonburi in Robinson Bangrak, not so much my type.

Heaven sauna 16:55-18:37. I have been before, but had to ask security for directions (which of the lifts?). Entry 160 (Sat-Sun 180, after 22 only 50). About 50 customers throughout, all too old and too fat for my taste. Several Farang. One Thai and one Farang obese. Big blue towel of good quality, free further towels. Sauna and steam room hot. Jacuzzi can seat 4. From reception to showers one floor up (spiral staircase) and through labyrinth/private rooms. In the labyrinth there is what looks like a mirror in the wall, but it’s just a glass, light from one side and darkness from the other give the effect of a mirror.

Sake disco arrive 1:02 (i.e. Sat morning). Still some tables free. Coyote boy show 1:06-23. 10 coyote boy in individual white underwear, one my type. Soda show. Afterwards coyote boys mingle with audience, some shirtless. Smoking in front of the toilets, moves inwards in course of the night, and with soft closing (2:32, lights on, different music), everyone lights up. 2:42 half empty, 2:51 door closed.

There is a drunk boy Dome who looks cute and has brown skin and likes me. But his state of drunkenness is that his skin is already getting cold and wet. And he is there with his mother (?) and friend, so I leave it at exchanging facebook. Chatting, hugging and kissing with a drunk boy is a cock block, so I miss the opportunity to chat up some of the other cute boys (over 5) while they eat or wait for taxi (or for someone to go with?). Around 3:10, everyone is dispersed.

Around 3:30, spot 7 available boys along the canal (now that the area around the Grand Palace is not accessible by car, and some not even for pedestrian, the little Saranrom trade that remains seems to be along the canal near City Walk).

Sat 27may2017
Kim45 comes to my room for 500.

Meet Dome from Sake at The Mall Tha Phra. Rather lackluster.

Phoenix closed unexpectedly. Sign in Thai says “Renovation Water Pipe”. All lights off, but there is someone at reception who tells me it is closed for two days and will open Monday. I should have called as I do for places further out of my way to make sure they are open.

Nake 22:22-00:20. Today special massage boy show (when I called 21:15 receptionist told me show 22:30, when I arrive receptionist tells how 23:00). Show starts about 23:15 on highest floor. Four boys massage each other, then volunteer customers can participate, at the end private sessions of about 5 min in private rooms. About 25 spectators, overall I would call it a success. But the whole thing is a mess: first I don’t like oil for sex or even touching, and second the private sessions with queue numbers and waiting.

Farose 2, stay 1:06-2:03. About 25 customers in disco, about 100 total. One shapely. New: labyrinth on 3rd floor now naked. One staff sitting at entrance to remind customers, but still some in underwear or towel.

There was an orgy in the house by the pool, join a bit, but nobody my type. The interesting part is when everyone is looking for their underwear afterwards.

Sun 28may2017
Farose 2, stay 22:30-1:53. When I arrive, rice not ready yet (on roof top, I plan my visits to take full advantage of the buffet). But later, I even find a piece of meat in my soup (free buffet on rooftop). I hope there is no connection to the disappearance of all the cats. 

Customer numbers much lower than on Saturday: 22:30 nobody in disco and about 20 customers total, 00:00 one in disco sleeping, 1:30 ten in disco and about 50 customers total.

But I’m lucky: one shapely boy with nice underwear (soon dropped) and warm dry skin in house by the pool, in the center of a small orgy (up to 3 participants and 2 spectators). Chat him up later, but he doesn’t seem interested in more (exchange contact information and meet again under better circumstances).

Tue 30may to Thu 1jun
Pattaya separately:

Summary May 2017 (Taipei not included):
5 Free sex: M Uttaradit 300, A BFC3in2016, 39 underground, Jack Lao, Farose 2.
7 Paid sex: Kim45 660, Rit 1000, Max Magic Hands 800, Fluk 1000, Kim45 500, Tete Cupidol Pattaya 1000, Keng Power Boys Pattaya 1100 = 6160.
Health 2181, 1630, 1630 = 5441.

8 Sauna: Macho, Phoenix, Nake, Farose 2, Grey Gym, 39 underground, Heaven, Farose 2.
7 Gogo: Nice Boys, Eros, Kawaii, Dream Boys, Cupidol, Power Boys, Winner.
1 host bar: Sun bar Jomtien.
4 no sex: First, Alex, PS Thonburi, Dome.
1 disco: Sake.
2 boys from hornet: Rit, PS Thonburi.
1 boy from disco: Dome.
1 massage: Magic Hands Ngam Duplee.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pattaya May 2017

Pattaya May 2017

Changes since my last visit in Jan2017: new gogo Winner in Sunee, Vassa closed for good, Prism bar gogo where Funny boys used to be.

Summary: low numbers of customer, but no lack of cute boys. This trip was a full success, I got lucky everywhere (public transport, weather, boys). It won’t take another 4 months before I come back to Pattaya!

Tue 30may2017
Getting to Pattaya by public transport. Bus 46 aircon 13 THB from Rama 4 road 15:37 to bus garage on Bangna Trat 16:23 (buses form Ekkamai or Southern bus station to Pattaya stop there). Bus 48 for 108 THB, schedule 16:30, real 16:42. Only one seat left. No petrol stop. North Pattaya bus station 18:28. Songtheo from across the road 10 THB 18:34 to 55 Walking Street. About 3 h 50 min and 131 THB door-to-door.

Pass Good Boys. One (big hole with ring in left ear) very shapely (but pale skin) shirtless, and some of the others whenever I pass worth a second look as well. I’m tempted, but I don’t like low light for the activities behind the screens, so I pass.

Opposite Eros, I spot a lovely ginger cat that I vaguely remember from before. The biggest cat I have seen in Thailand (Thai cats are smaller than European cats). I ponder if I should spend the rest of my stay in Pattaya petting the cat (no loud music, no drinks), but say goodbye after 5 minutes. (But check again whenever I’m in Sunee; did I fall in love with a cat? – certainly cheaper than falling in love with a Thai!).

And days later a friend sends the following cute cat video on Line:

source: Line

I could go on and fill the entire post with cute cat pictures and videos, but I assume my readers come mainly to read boy stories.

Nice Boys 20:17-21:06. Orange juice oj 150 THB (I wanted pineapply juice pj, but I rarely get it – as a change from orange juice, I ask for pineapple juice first and either “no have” or they misunderstand and serve me apple juice aj instead - a first world problem). 11 Boys and no customer. Boys in individual underwear and shoes. #23 is a fine example of a penis disfigured by silicone (?). I would take #2 or #12 or #22 for free. If I could have #22 with #2’s dick and as interested in me as #12, I would off him. Check #2 and #22 for skin temperature and dryness and hair on abc (ass/balls/crotch), tip each 100. Poor light, music level ok. When I leave 13 boys and 1 customer. Boys smoke cigarettes in the bar.

Eros 21:11-20. Oj 100. 8 Boys and 4 customers. The usual shenanigans. None of the boys my type, quick departure for greener pastures.

X-Boys poke my head in 21:48. 7 boys and no customer. None of the boys would justify a stay.

Kawaii 21:51-22:17. Oj 150. 8 Boys and 2 customers. Individual underwear and shoes. Cutest boy is sitting fully dressed with customer, but then gets on stage for dance in underwear #5, and back to customer. I don’t like the way he interacts with others, too bitchy. Customers smoke.

Dream boys Pattaya 22:20-58. Ordered pineapple juice, got apple juice 170. 15 boys and no customer. Individual black and white underwear and individual closed shoes. Tip #4 (shapely) and #8 (entertaining) 100 each.

Cupidol 23:07-48. 19 boys and 3 customers. Individual white underwear and bare feet. None of them sticks out, however a boy Tete I met in Seed sauna in Bangkok on 20nov2016 and stayed in contact on Line works there and is in today. We didn’t do anything in the sauna (I had another just before him), but assuming he has a sexual interest in me, I invite him for drink 200 and off him 400. And indeed, in my room everything works out fine. Boy likes me and his nipples get stiff during our interaction, I didn't have this before. 1000 well deserved and worth a repeat. Now I have to tread carefully around Boyztown, lest he sees me with another boy!

Wed 31may2017
Daytime meet a friend for lunch and visit a temple. Walking back, I spot a hole in the road on South Pattaya Soi 24:

I can't see how deep the hole or how big the cavity, but I assume we will soon read in the news: "Car swallowed by sinkhole in South Pattaya".

Dinner in La Taverna Jomtien Complex. 5% service charge added to my, the SC was not mentioned in the menu, but I'm feeling benevolent and rather want to go to the bars then argue to have the SC removed.

After all the positive reports on the forums about Jomtien Complex, I have to take a look. Furthermore, spotted a cute boy on hornet who works there (@home bar), so go to see him.

However, on my stroll I am intercepted by an old acquaintance Kit in Sun bar (opposite @home bar), so I have chat and buy him a drink (70 pj for me and 120 beer for him). However, a bit too fat for my taste (couldn’t feel his shoulder blade bone; I love protruding shoulder blade and hip bones) and cold wet sweaty. Another boy from the bar discusses all our (Kit and I) previous sexual activities in Thai with Kit. No privacy!

Another boy Chai from Battambang is there who is very cute and good vibes (seductive lollipop licking), invite him as well (beer 120). Chai cold wet sweaty as well (couldn’t check for hair on ass, balls, crotch there in the open), exchange Line and tip each 100 Baht.

One of the other boys in the bar to me:
“I saw you in Boystown yesterday.”
“You took a boy.”
“Small boy.”
No privacy!

Lovely Earth of privateboymovie fame (there as Mike link worked last year (?) but now Forbidden) was there as well, and still scores high on my cuteness scale.

Jomtien Complex quite busy and several cute boys, but I prefer gogo.

Power boys 21:41-22:25. Aj 145. 7 Boys 0 customers. Individual underwear, bare feet. Maximum 9 boys and 2 customers. #8 and #12 are the cutest, check skin temperature and dryness and hair on abc and tip each 100. Keep #8 in mind for later.

Winner bar 22:31-23:08. Pj 65. 5 boys and 1 customer. None of the boys my type, but the customer is an old friend, so I join for a chat. I learn that they usually have around 15 boys, but several taken off today already. Maximum 7 customers during my stay. Poor light, music ok. Boys wear white briefs and black suspenders and black bow tie and closed shoes.

Back to Power boys and take off #8, 500 Baht off-fee rather expensive. Now rather cold and sweaty skin. But I like the salty taste of sweat (if salt had a nutritional value, I could feed on salt alone), and we have a great time in my room. Somehow I miraculously found the right spots on the boys (yesterday as well). The second boy in all my time of going to Pattaya who makes it on top of the list to meet next trip (usually the lure of the bars and someone new is greater than meeting someone again whom I had before).

Why this sudden success (2 boys in a row worth a repeat)? Is it just statistics (1 out of 4 boys I off in Pattaya is worth a repeat, so statistically in 16 nights, there are 2 nights in a row with boys worth a repeat), or is it because I made an effort and shaved, showered and even changed my underwear before going to the bars?

Not tired yet, but hungry, go out again. Prism bar 2:05 still open and about 10 boys, elsewhere in Boystown mostly closed. But then 2:20 finally closed, or rather open (I didn't notice before that that's not a real wall):

Thu 1jun2017
There was a report in the news:
A late night sex den has been found in South Pattaya 
(referring to Phratanmak hill, Sor Tor Lor = สถานีวิทยุโทรทัศน์ ของทหารเรือ = Navy radio station)
In 2014, I participated in gay activities there and links. Now another trip to check. Stroll along the hill from lighthouse 12:10 to pedestrian tunnel 12:37, but today only two others, not cruising. Still discarded condoms and wraps from condoms and lube lying around, but the tunnel is clean.

Getting home by public transport. Near Wat Chai, buy ticket for van to Mor Chit for 130 THB at 14:12. Ask nicely and get the front seat (more leg room and better view). Departure 14:30. No petrol stop, but driver stops in the shade under a bridge on the highway, says to me "gin khao" (go for lunch), gets out and behind the van and has his lunch 15:01-07. That’s a first! 

But he asks us passengers where we would like to get off in Bangkok, so I forgive him. Toilet stop 16:19-27. At ARL Lad Krabang 16:36. ARL to Makkasan 30 THB. MRT to Klong Toey 21 THB. About 3h 40 min and 181 THB door-to-door.

Now with no vans at Victory Monument, it takes me 3 different modes of transport to get to Pattaya or home, and considerably more expensive.

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Monday, 12 June 2017

Abandoned giant gate on Pahonyothin

Abandoned giant gate on Pahonyothin

On Pahonyothin road, eastern side, between km 43 and 44
in Pathum Thani province
14.089951,100.618758 = 14°05'23.8"N 100°37'07.5"E

Aerial picture by a friend's drone (the globular building of Wat Phra Dhammakaya is visible on the right on the horizon):

The benefits of driving with your own car (in this case my friend's car): you can stop wherever you want. I have driven past on bus and noticed this gate many times, but can't stop! The road that leads through the gate has a sign "private road", but was open.

Southern side of the gate has empty space on ground level (used as shelter for mocy taxi station):

Northern side has entrance and stairways leading to two floors of usable space, with a bridge to southern side that has two floors of usable space as well, judging by windows. The door was closed, but not locked, however when I wanted to get in mocy drivers from other side beckoned me not to get in, so I don't know what's inside.

Neither did I see any sign that would say where this gate is leading. If you follow that road for 2.5 km, you end at a side entrance of Wat Phra Dhammakaya วัดพระธรรมกาย (but if it belonged to them, it wouldn't be abandoned). However 1.3 km inward is Nop Phadol Craftsmanship Shop Garage ร้านนพดลการช่าง which looks similar in style and seems partially abandoned.

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