Wednesday, 21 June 2017

First World problems

First World problems

Cold feet
When I told a friend in Germany that I suffer cold feet throughout my stay in Germany, and in Thailand my feet temperature is just ok*, he replied that this is a first world problem. That gave me the inspiration for this post.

Not just cold feet. When I travel by air-conditioned bus or train or go to a cinema in Thailand, I have to wear long trousers and shirts, and in bus or train for overnight wear socks.

*For sex, I either have to keep my feet wrapped in duvet/comforter which restricts movement, or better wear socks as not to go get cold feet when they are exposed to the air.

Distributing kinds of cheese on toast
When having dinner with above friend at his place, I had 4 slices of toast, but there were only 3 different kinds of cheese. How to evenly distribute 3 kinds of cheese on 4 slices of toast? This left me paralyzed for some minutes, then I decided to put the cheese I had on the first slice on the 4th slice, for lack of better idea. My readers might come up with better ideas. 

I bring several kg of various cheese from Germany to Thailand, and have to evenly distribute this over my stay. I have an elaborate scheme that involves higher mathematics how to do this. 

How to break Milka Schoko und Keks
One of the chocolate I bring from Germany is Milka Schoko und Keks. 

In Thailand, I store it in the refrigerator (important detail that I missed until now!) and when I try to break it along the grooves in the chocolate, it breaks everywhere and the chocolate becomes detached from the cookie. Horrible!

Search on the internet didn't give a solution (it even seems this problem is unknown to the rest of the world). But when I left the chocolate in my room to warm up before taking above picture, it suddenly broke along the grooves! Problem solved: warm it up before breaking!

Butter crisis
Butter in Germany is much cheaper than in Thailand:
Germany 250 g for 1.19 EUR = 4.76 EUR/kg = 181 THB/kg
Thailand 227g for 82 THB = 361 THB/kg. Same for cheese. So I buy enough butter and cheese to last the entire trip to Thailand, up to 6 months. But on one trip to Thailand I underestimated my consumption of butter and had to buy butter in Thailand, which gave me sleepless nights agonizing over the extra money I have to spend.

Travel with 15 suitcases 
Fortunately not my problem, I travel light, but a poster on wrote about the difficulties of traveling with 15 (?) suitcases. 

Erectile dysfunction and balding versus Malaria
Much more money is spent for research for medicine against erectile dysfunction and balding than for research on Malaria.

Breastfeeding rooms
In Taipei subway stations, I saw breastfeeding rooms. On the songtheo from Mae Sot to Umphang, the women sitting opposite me breastfed her baby on the songtheo.

Muslim prayer rooms
And in Hua Lampong railway station (and in Paris Orly airport and probably many other places) there is a Muslim prayer room:

Why is public money and space spent on Muslim prayer rooms in non-Muslim countries like Thailand and France?

What drink to order in a bar
When going to several bars in one night, and being an anti-alcoholic, orange juice quickly becomes boring. Details here:
Nice Boys 20:17-21:06. Orange juice oj 150 THB (I wanted pineapply juice pj, but I rarely get it – as a change from orange juice, I ask for pineapple juice first and either “no have” or they misunderstand and serve me apple juice aj instead - a first world problem).
In a hotel I was staying there was a shampoo "Damage Repair Conditioner for critically damaged hair". I have heard of critically endangered species, and patients in critical conditions, but "critically damaged hair" is new to me. 

A joke from internet fits in here (my translation):
Shampoo for women: for brittle, curly, middle-short, blond hair.
Shampoo for men: 200 in 1! For hair, body, car and dish washing.

And elsewhere (Latitudes 2017 June July p53) "Realizing the ravages of many cosmetics on his customers' hair..." Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were ravaged by allied bombings, but ravaged hair?

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  1. Great post and you wrapped our "problems" nicely.
    As for bar drinks becoming boring , actually I credit you with an idea of drinking hot tea in places where they serve it /quite a few bars actually do /. Tea seems not to get that boring after all.

  2. Islam is the religion of peace, so of you don't provide muslim prayer room, they blow you up. Inshallah of course.


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