Friday, 30 June 2017

Khao No in Nakon Sawan province

Khao No in Nakon Sawan province

The twin mountains of Khao No-Khao Kaeo เขาหน่อ-เขาแก้ว rise majestically off the plain in northern Nakon Sawan province. 

Picture by a Farang friend's drone (Khao No from hwy 1 side):

Entrance from hwy 1 = Phahonyothin (Khao Gaew in background):

Visitor center, temple, restaurants, monkey statue between the two mountains:

What I think about monkeys in an urban environment (this is a natural environment, but I still object feeding wild animals) here:

Monkey-proof parking (behind the gate) and monkey-proof lanterns:

Staff from nearby Wat showed us the start of the stairway, then we were alone for the entire ascent and crossed a group of Thai youth who returned less than half-way.

After several hundred meters flat at the beginning, a total 727 steps (counting from gravel fiel of above picture) of concrete (left, view up), and 218 steps of rock (estimated) and metal (right, view down). My flip-flops got slippery from sweat, and the metal hand rail was hot.

After the ascent (10:36-11:27, with stops to wait for FF), we were rewarded with a view of Khao Gaew and the surrounding countryside:

Drone pictures of the summit 
(about 250 m elevation from gravel field by GPS by drone): 

There is a shrine with Buddha footprint on top, and 39 bells:

After getting down, I was thoroughly drenched in sweat, I had to change into fresh clothes. This is the most exhausting mountain climb I have done in Thailand so far.

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  1. very picturesque

    Flip-flops on such an ascent are not particularly good idea

  2. Thanks for reporting this interesting site.

  3. Another recurring problem is getting sweat in my eyes. Either wipe your eyebrows regularly (to squeeze out absorbed sweat and displace it to the sides) or wear a headband.


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