Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pattaya May 2017

Pattaya May 2017

Changes since my last visit in Jan2017: new gogo Winner in Sunee, Vassa closed for good, Prism bar gogo where Funny boys used to be.

Summary: low numbers of customer, but no lack of cute boys. This trip was a full success, I got lucky everywhere (public transport, weather, boys). It won’t take another 4 months before I come back to Pattaya!

Tue 30may2017
Getting to Pattaya by public transport. Bus 46 aircon 13 THB from Rama 4 road 15:37 to bus garage on Bangna Trat 16:23 (buses form Ekkamai or Southern bus station to Pattaya stop there). Bus 48 for 108 THB, schedule 16:30, real 16:42. Only one seat left. No petrol stop. North Pattaya bus station 18:28. Songtheo from across the road 10 THB 18:34 to 55 Walking Street. About 3 h 50 min and 131 THB door-to-door.

Pass Good Boys. One (big hole with ring in left ear) very shapely (but pale skin) shirtless, and some of the others whenever I pass worth a second look as well. I’m tempted, but I don’t like low light for the activities behind the screens, so I pass.

Opposite Eros, I spot a lovely ginger cat that I vaguely remember from before. The biggest cat I have seen in Thailand (Thai cats are smaller than European cats). I ponder if I should spend the rest of my stay in Pattaya petting the cat (no loud music, no drinks), but say goodbye after 5 minutes. (But check again whenever I’m in Sunee; did I fall in love with a cat? – certainly cheaper than falling in love with a Thai!).

And days later a friend sends the following cute cat video on Line:

source: Line

I could go on and fill the entire post with cute cat pictures and videos, but I assume my readers come mainly to read boy stories.

Nice Boys 20:17-21:06. Orange juice oj 150 THB (I wanted pineapply juice pj, but I rarely get it – as a change from orange juice, I ask for pineapple juice first and either “no have” or they misunderstand and serve me apple juice aj instead - a first world problem). 11 Boys and no customer. Boys in individual underwear and shoes. #23 is a fine example of a penis disfigured by silicone (?). I would take #2 or #12 or #22 for free. If I could have #22 with #2’s dick and as interested in me as #12, I would off him. Check #2 and #22 for skin temperature and dryness and hair on abc (ass/balls/crotch), tip each 100. Poor light, music level ok. When I leave 13 boys and 1 customer. Boys smoke cigarettes in the bar.

Eros 21:11-20. Oj 100. 8 Boys and 4 customers. The usual shenanigans. None of the boys my type, quick departure for greener pastures.

X-Boys poke my head in 21:48. 7 boys and no customer. None of the boys would justify a stay.

Kawaii 21:51-22:17. Oj 150. 8 Boys and 2 customers. Individual underwear and shoes. Cutest boy is sitting fully dressed with customer, but then gets on stage for dance in underwear #5, and back to customer. I don’t like the way he interacts with others, too bitchy. Customers smoke.

Dream boys Pattaya 22:20-58. Ordered pineapple juice, got apple juice 170. 15 boys and no customer. Individual black and white underwear and individual closed shoes. Tip #4 (shapely) and #8 (entertaining) 100 each.

Cupidol 23:07-48. 19 boys and 3 customers. Individual white underwear and bare feet. None of them sticks out, however a boy Tete I met in Seed sauna in Bangkok on 20nov2016 and stayed in contact on Line works there and is in today. We didn’t do anything in the sauna (I had another just before him), but assuming he has a sexual interest in me, I invite him for drink 200 and off him 400. And indeed, in my room everything works out fine. Boy likes me and his nipples get stiff during our interaction, I didn't have this before. 1000 well deserved and worth a repeat. Now I have to tread carefully around Boyztown, lest he sees me with another boy!

Wed 31may2017
Daytime meet a friend for lunch and visit a temple. Walking back, I spot a hole in the road on South Pattaya Soi 24:

I can't see how deep the hole or how big the cavity, but I assume we will soon read in the news: "Car swallowed by sinkhole in South Pattaya".

Dinner in La Taverna Jomtien Complex. 5% service charge added to my, the SC was not mentioned in the menu, but I'm feeling benevolent and rather want to go to the bars then argue to have the SC removed.

After all the positive reports on the forums about Jomtien Complex, I have to take a look. Furthermore, spotted a cute boy on hornet who works there (@home bar), so go to see him.

However, on my stroll I am intercepted by an old acquaintance Kit in Sun bar (opposite @home bar), so I have chat and buy him a drink (70 pj for me and 120 beer for him). However, a bit too fat for my taste (couldn’t feel his shoulder blade bone; I love protruding shoulder blade and hip bones) and cold wet sweaty. Another boy from the bar discusses all our (Kit and I) previous sexual activities in Thai with Kit. No privacy!

Another boy Chai from Battambang is there who is very cute and good vibes (seductive lollipop licking), invite him as well (beer 120). Chai cold wet sweaty as well (couldn’t check for hair on ass, balls, crotch there in the open), exchange Line and tip each 100 Baht.

One of the other boys in the bar to me:
“I saw you in Boystown yesterday.”
“You took a boy.”
“Small boy.”
No privacy!

Lovely Earth of privateboymovie fame (there as Mike link worked last year (?) but now Forbidden) was there as well, and still scores high on my cuteness scale.

Jomtien Complex quite busy and several cute boys, but I prefer gogo.

Power boys 21:41-22:25. Aj 145. 7 Boys 0 customers. Individual underwear, bare feet. Maximum 9 boys and 2 customers. #8 and #12 are the cutest, check skin temperature and dryness and hair on abc and tip each 100. Keep #8 in mind for later.

Winner bar 22:31-23:08. Pj 65. 5 boys and 1 customer. None of the boys my type, but the customer is an old friend, so I join for a chat. I learn that they usually have around 15 boys, but several taken off today already. Maximum 7 customers during my stay. Poor light, music ok. Boys wear white briefs and black suspenders and black bow tie and closed shoes.

Back to Power boys and take off #8, 500 Baht off-fee rather expensive. Now rather cold and sweaty skin. But I like the salty taste of sweat (if salt had a nutritional value, I could feed on salt alone), and we have a great time in my room. Somehow I miraculously found the right spots on the boys (yesterday as well). The second boy in all my time of going to Pattaya who makes it on top of the list to meet next trip (usually the lure of the bars and someone new is greater than meeting someone again whom I had before).

Why this sudden success (2 boys in a row worth a repeat)? Is it just statistics (1 out of 4 boys I off in Pattaya is worth a repeat, so statistically in 16 nights, there are 2 nights in a row with boys worth a repeat), or is it because I made an effort and shaved, showered and even changed my underwear before going to the bars?

Not tired yet, but hungry, go out again. Prism bar 2:05 still open and about 10 boys, elsewhere in Boystown mostly closed. But then 2:20 finally closed, or rather open (I didn't notice before that that's not a real wall):

Thu 1jun2017
There was a report in the news:
A late night sex den has been found in South Pattaya 
(referring to Phratanmak hill, Sor Tor Lor = สถานีวิทยุโทรทัศน์ ของทหารเรือ = Navy radio station)
In 2014, I participated in gay activities there and links. Now another trip to check. Stroll along the hill from lighthouse 12:10 to pedestrian tunnel 12:37, but today only two others, not cruising. Still discarded condoms and wraps from condoms and lube lying around, but the tunnel is clean.

Getting home by public transport. Near Wat Chai, buy ticket for van to Mor Chit for 130 THB at 14:12. Ask nicely and get the front seat (more leg room and better view). Departure 14:30. No petrol stop, but driver stops in the shade under a bridge on the highway, says to me "gin khao" (go for lunch), gets out and behind the van and has his lunch 15:01-07. That’s a first! 

But he asks us passengers where we would like to get off in Bangkok, so I forgive him. Toilet stop 16:19-27. At ARL Lad Krabang 16:36. ARL to Makkasan 30 THB. MRT to Klong Toey 21 THB. About 3h 40 min and 181 THB door-to-door.

Now with no vans at Victory Monument, it takes me 3 different modes of transport to get to Pattaya or home, and considerably more expensive.

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  1. Great and entertaining report. Congratulations on landing 2 gems 2 nights in row !
    It looks it's buyer market now with more boys than customers almost everywhere.

  2. Yes you are right, not enough cat pics on the internet, please publish more.

  3. A woman has completed her Master's degree and her topic is cats on the internet- true, google it!


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