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Pattaya 18-20jul2017

Pattaya 18-20jul2017

Last trip to Pattaya in May was a full success:, and now finally I find time to go again. 

Public transport bus 46 in Bangkok, bus 48 from Bangna Trat to North Pattaya bus station, songtheo to walking street, total 127 THB and 3 h 50 min door-to-door.

Tue 18jul2017
So many cute boys on my last trip, in an effort to put two into one night, I invite Gaeng to see me at 1830 (so I don’t waste time with sex while the gogo bars are open, and if the right boy crosses my path I might take him at midnight). On time and everything fine in bed. Now I have had him 3 times in a row, which is a record!

Winner 20:49-21:43. Pineapple juice just 65 Baht! 12 boys and 1 customer when I enter. White briefs “Winner Boy” don’t fit well. Closed shoes. Total 7 customers during my stay.

Tip the boy Add (former Vassa bar) 100 Baht. Not the first time I lay my eyes and hands on him and consider offing him. I can live with the tattoo “ADD” on his back, and the tattoo on his face, and the owl and stars on his chest just pass, but the two butterflies on his inner upper thighs are hideous.

Nice Boys 21:50-22:23. Orange juice 150 (no pj available). 10 boys and 5 customers when I enter. Total 11 customers during my stay. Several of them Chinese (?). When 2 customers and 1 boy start smoking, I make a quick departure.

Power Boys 22:36-23:12. Hot tea 145. 9 boys and no customer when I arrive, 2 customers when I leave.

Euro Boys 23:20-00:27 Hot tea 50. I made several rounds of Sunee in the course of the night, and one of Euro Boys Chan from Cambodia tried every time I passed to get me in, and he is cute, and now is his chance. He and a friend Lao from Lao sit next to me and entertain me throughout my stay. It takes over 10 minutes until I am asked for boy drinks (90 Baht for juice for each of them and 200 tip for Chan at the end – Lao sitting with another customer, else I would have tipped him 100). Promising, will come again for Chan and off him, but tonight sleep more important than sex.

After this very positive experience in host bar (and in May in Jomtien complex as well), I might do more host bars on next trips.

Wed 19jul2017
On last trip I chatted with a very shapely freelance money boy on hornet. Resume contact and try to get him for morning activities, but he is busy cleaning his room (?), so make appointment for tonight. 

Out for sightseeing all day.

In the evening, meet Micky (Mickey?) from Vientiane at Tuk-Com. Good English, efficient communication, on time. In bed everything fine as well. The shapeliest upper thighs I have ever laid my eyes and hands on.

Prism bar 20:47-22:25 Pineapple juice 180. About 17 boys in individual underwear and bare feet. Several of them my type. None of the boys plays on phone (rule of the bar?). During my stay heavy rain outside, so I am trapped for longer than I intended to stay. About 5 customers in course of my stay. Tip #12 and #35 100 Baht each. #1 Dew (used to work in Wild West Boys, then GUY Walking Street) cute but had him several times and boring due to lack of activity in bed.

You can change the table color by pressing the button on the side of the table, there are 16 colors and 4 modes to choose from. They even have a remote control with 16 buttons with the colors.

Kawaii 22:46-23:08 hot tea 150. 7 boys and 1 customer. Individual underwear and closed shoes. 9 boys when I leave.

Dream Boys 22:31-22:45 orange juice 170. 11 boys and no customer. Black individual underwear and closed shoes.

X-Boys 23:12 have a quick look. 3 boys on stage, several more in audience, and about 10 customers. But none of the boys I spot my type, so once again leave without buying a drink.

A-Bomb – 23:24. Hot tea 200. 8 boys in individual white underwear and bare feet. All hunky. None my type. No customer. A-Bomb back to bottom of my list of gogo bars to visit in Pattaya.

Thu 20jul2017
In the morning, try to get a boy for noon, but all too slow in reply. Lunch with Farang friend, talk 3 hours.

I wanted to take the train 14:30, but it’s too late. Buy ticket for van (near Wat Chai) 14:17, departure finally 14:57 (the longest wait ever there). The ticket price has risen to 130 THB, to compensate for lower number of seats: 13 (4x3 in the back one in front). The passage to the back seats is smaller than before!

Pick up more passengers at Bali Hai 15:04-08. 17:21 get out in Din Daeng (van continues to Mor Chit which would be a detour for me). Long wait for bus 13, finally board bus 18:05. When the bus stops I look up from my reading and notice we are in Huay Kwang bus garage, I bordered the bus on the wrong side of the road! In Garage 18:27-32, then continues and I don’t have to buy another ticket. 19:10 pass the spot where I boarded the bus, 19:48 get off in Bon Gai. Total 136.50 THB and 5 h 50 min. Next time take the train. Might be slower, but cheaper and I sit more comfortable on the train than in van back seat.

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  1. I recall watching a tall man in shorts tipping a boy on a pedestal near the exit. Was it you?

    1. In Winner? Possibly. Tall and shorts (bright green) yes.

      In Prism, the boys were at or came to my table.

  2. Winner. Where most of the lads were with body mass index of less than 10.

  3. Do you have some more data on trains fro/to BKK - Pattaya - not aware on any service b4 thks!

    1. Bkk -Pattaya dep. 6.55, arr 10.40

      Pattaya -Bkk dep 14.21 , arr 18.25

      Monday -Friday only, 31 baht


    3. brilliant thks !

  4. Good to know ABomb has hunky boys again, run Vinapu, run

  5. Some of the trains in Thailand are quite OK, but I've never contemplated a 4 hour grind for the short distance down to Pattaya. They don't even have optimum timing. One is way to early & the other is a tad too late.


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