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Tham Krasae railway bridge

Tham Krasae railway bridge

Tham Krasae railway bridge สะพานถ้ำกระแซ (named after the nearby Krasae cave ถ้ำกระแซ) is the second most spectacular point (after the bridge over the river Kwai) of the Thai-Burma railway line.

Sometimes called Wangpo วังโพ viaduct (often misspelled Wampo; Wangpo is the sub-district town and railway station about 4 km outbound from Tham Krasae bridge), but there is no equivalent for Wangpo viaduct in Thai, maybe someone made this up?

Location of middle of bridge:
14.103433, 99.167970 = 14°06'12.4"N 99°10'04.7"E

I have been there on foot and on train, and find on foot more interesting.

The entire bridge is easily walkable (left, even with metal sheet in the center, but don't hit your toes on the screws!), and allows view of the wooden trestle underneath (right in picture):

The eponymous cave is at the western end of the bridge:

There are railway stations of identical Thai name at the eastern (right side of picture) and western (left) end of the bridge:

Train times (6 trains per day pass on weekdays; the weekend excursion train is not on the timetable, it does not stop at the station) and sign for viewpoint (although you have no view from the sign; translation: Viewpoint - Tham Krasae bridge - the longest wooden railway bridge in Thailand - built during Second World War - within 17 days - from March to April 2486 BE (1943 CE) - please walk on the designated path lenght 80 m (that must be the distance from sign to bridge; the bridge is about 450 m long including one piece of solid ground in the middle)).

There is a small amusement/water park at the eastern end and various souvenir shops and restaurants ant the western end.

To watch a passing train, we drove to the resort opposite (about 7 km by road from the western end, or 4 km from the eastern end, via different brindges), aerial pictures by a friend's drone:

and same train from resort across the river:

whereas being on the train, all you see is this:

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  1. thank you , very interesting post, I'm glad I had pleasure of seeing it as well

  2. Nice pictures. Thank you for the post. Rightly or wrongly, my excursion from Kachanaburi was to Erawen waterfalls, which were also very nice.


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