Saturday, 12 August 2017

Various Jul 2017

Various Jul 2017

Shirtless boys at Tat Tone waterfall (Chaiyaphum province)

And at a local market (only his back, but I love it to watch when boys are out near their rooms in boxer) :

ChristianPFC almost gets hit by a falling squirrel 
and a peeing monkey
Walking along Sri Bam Pen road, I hear a thud behind me and turn around to find a squirrel lying on the ground:

It must have fallen down from electricity wires and missed me by one meter. It's still alive, and after minutes of with little motion, seems to gain consciousness and a Thai who joined me watching it takes a stick to push it to the side so nobody steps on it.

And a day after, I walk in the forest (Wat Khao Yoi in Petchaburi province), I hear liquid dropping down a meter next to me, and look up to see a monkey in the tree:

Apple jam and haircuts in Germany and Thailand
At the hairdresser my family frequents in Germany, prices on 17may2016: haircut 11.10 EUR = 433 THB (with washing 14.30 EUR = 558 THB). In Thailand, I pay 60 THB in the slum for haircut AND shave, but average price in an airconditioned saloon seems to be 80 THB for haircut. That means a haircut is 5.4 times more expensive in Germany than in Thailand.

Apple jam in Thailand costs 175 THB = 4.49 EUR (710 g, imported from Germany, the same 710 g in Germany cost 0.69 EUR = 27 THB. That means apple jam is 6.5 times more expensive in Thailand than in Germany.

That means a Thai hairdresser, who wants to eat German apple jam, has to work 35 times as much as a German hairdresser who wants to eat German apple jam.

Cats at Klong Toey market among the merchandise

Sakon Nakon flooding
I have been to Sakon Nakon several times, once by plane at the now flooded airport:


The following picture from Line by a friend, upper part 8 am, lower part 2 pm, at Hop Inn hotel Sakon Nakon:

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  1. You should consider making/uploading more photo's in future posts as you have a good eye for it- and I mean not only for boys pictures but anything living not only temples and dead planes . Boys are ofcouse exxxtra welcome :)Foto's are nice !


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