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Banhan-Chaemsai Tower in Suphanburi

Banhan-Chaemsai Tower in Suphanburi
หอคอยบรรหาร-แจ่มใส สุพรรณบุรี

Named after former Thai Prime Minister Banharn Silpa-archa บรรหาร ศิลปอาชา and his wife Jamsai Silpa-archa, both from Suphanburi.

Tower and surrounding Chalerm Patthara Rachini Park สวนเฉลิมภัทรราชินี are open 
Tue-Fri 10-19, Sat-Sun-Holiday 10-20:30, Mon closed.
Adult admission to park 10 THB, park and tower 40 THB (telescopes on tower 10 THB for 3 min, water park separate entry fee).  

Aerial picture of tower and park by a friend's drone:

Four floors: 1st reception, 2nd restaurant, 3rd souvenir shop and viewpoint, 4th (at 78.75 m elevation) viepoint. Outside observation deck above 4th floor is listed, but when I asked 26sep2017 not open to public.

4th floor (inside paintings of historical events, outside information about points of interest):

View of Wat Phra Rup in the foreground and Suphanburi railway station in the background from 4th floor:

3rd floor souvenir shops and panoramic views:

tower from long axis of park:

map of park:

other observation towers in Thailand:
Ho Kaeo Mukdahan หอแก้วมุกดาหาร
Nakhon Sawan Tower หอชมเมืองนครสวรรค์ (visited 8nov2017)
Tower at Pa Sak Jolasid Dam เขื่อนป่าสักชลสิทธิ์ 
Lopburi (visited Jun 2017)

Paknam Observation Tower หอชมเมืองสมุทรปราการ in Samut Prakan (Construction complete, but interior furnishing will take another two years before it opens? I asked when I went on 25jun2017.)

Sky Deck in Terminal 21 Korat (Nakon Ratchasima)
(update: Visited 28nov2017, free entry. Highest floor is 94 m, total height 108 m.)

Laem Chabang Observation Tower หอบังคับการพัฒนาแหลมฉบัง (with museum about water transport, and about 800 m North is another observation tower)

Bangkok has an observation in planning:

update 29nov2017:
Chalermprakiat Tower in Sri Saket town

Pattaya Park in Pattaya (visited in Feb 2011)

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