Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Wat Sam Pran in Nakhon Pathom province

Wat Sam Pran in Nakhon Pathom province

I have been to Wat Sam Pran วัดสามพราน several times (alone, with a Thai friend, with Farang friends, i.a. 27nov2014, 24apr2016, 12mar2017) asking to get in and climb the up to the roof, but staff wouldn't let me. http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2014/12/bare-feet-through-bat-shit.html

On last visit 12mar2017, with Farang friend with drone, we finally got in and up, and "bare feet through bat shit" turned out to be true.

General rant about Thai character:
Nobody wants to commit to anything or take responsibility, everyone refers to his superior, or will tell lies or bullshit to pacify you. As I wrote before (link above):

The tower will be open some time, I asked three people and got four different answers: among them New Year, Father's day and April 1-7.

I am susceptible to this kind of bullshit: "Oh it's closed today? I will come back next year. Thank you." but FF is not: "You don't have the key for the door? Then get the person who has the key!" and after referring us from one staff to the other, they finally realized they are not going to get rid of us, or it will be less work to let us in than trying to get rid of us, and finally the door was opened!

Two staff accompanied us all the way up, bare feet through bat shit, and pigeon shit, that might be the reason for the reluctance to let people in.

From 3rd floor up abandoned:

And on top floor a pigeon infestation:

We went up the stairs in the tower (there is an elevator, but it's out of order). The lower door to the spiral dragon was locked:

But from top floor you can enter:


There is misinformation about accessibility in books (Bangkok off the grid, insert page number when I find it) and on the internet http://www.richardbarrow.com/2017/02/day-trip-to-the-giant-dragon-in-nakhon-pathom/ and I replied accordingly:

ChristianPFC March 12, 2017 The giant dragon and tower are NOT open to public. I went today and showed pictures from this post, and people remembered, but only with a lot of patience, luck and social skills of a Farang friend (I have been 3 times already since 2013 and every time got a different story why it’s not open, and different information when it will be open) we finally got in (after 1 hour waiting and talking with various people, each of them rejecting responsibility). 

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  1. The "Thai character" you talk about has more to do with "Face", and long term social stratification than any lack of moral strength. Loved the dragon tower and maybe someone should tell them about various sonic devices to keep bats and birds away. They could be charging for tours. TIT


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