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Dawei to Kanchanaburi

Dawei to Kanchanaburi
Dawei (Myanmar) to Kanchanaburi (Thailand) via Htee Kee / Phu Nam Ron พุน้ำร้อน border crossing

Price: 19,000 MMK to Myanmar immigration or 22,000 MMK to Thai immigration, then 80 THB to Kanchanaburi bus station. (1 THB = 42 MMK, 1 EUR = 1600 MMK, 1 USD = 1350 MMK)

Duration (rounded): from Dawei bus station to Myanmar immigration 4 h 30 min, lunch break 40 min, different time zone forward clock 30 min, Thai immigration to Kanchanaburi bus station 1 h 15 min, total 7 hours.

When I booked the ticket a day in advance, the agent read a disclaimer to me that the car used for the trip depends on number of passengers, but as a general rule the operator will try to cram as many passengers as possible on the car, because he is a greedy bastard (the agent’s words!), and the agent does not take any responsibility if the ride is uncomfortable for me.

I was the only foreigner on the trip and got the front seat. Beside (here in both meanings: by the side of, on par with) / Besides the driver’s seat, the only seat acceptable by European standards. The rear bench was converted into a loudspeaker box, and the ladies who shared it were sitting on the clear plastic cover without cushion. About 5 local male passengers were sharing the back of the car.

Departure from my guesthouse 7:44, then stop at bus station 7:52-54 which is about here 14°05'05.4"N 98°11'59.1"E = 14.084825, 98.199756 (about 300 m W of Kyat Min Pagoda, on N side of the road). Our car in front of bus station:

To Myitta asphalt road in okay to good condition, after that dirt track. One stop for passport control at a one-way bridge:

One stop for toilet (in the bushes), no stop for lunch (as I had asked before, and brought something to eat). 

In parts, the road is so bad that the driver has to go down to 1st gear. The road is mostly two-directional (one lane in each direction), but parts are one-directional with enough space on the sides so two cars can pass slowly in opposite directions.

Myanmar immigration 12:23-28. There are computers, but I see my data is handwritten into a book.
13°53'17.0"N 99°04'46.3"E = 13.888064, 99.079532
Technically they have a lunch break from 12 to 13, but nonetheless stamped us all out. Road on the Myanmar side:

Then driver’s and other passengers lunch break, then about 850 m drive to border, change of time zone, forward clock 30 min.
13°53'39.8"N 99°04'55.0"E = 13.894394, 99.081949
The driver takes all our passports and presents them here. From dirt track to two-lane asphalt road, picture from google satellite:

Then continue 3.7 km to Thai immigration
13°55'27.4"N 99°04'58.7"E = 13.924265, 99.082983
and get processed there 13:40-43. Welcome to Thailand:

Van line 8191 for 80 Baht to Kanchanaburi bus station 13:48-15:03. Goes via hwy3512/3085/3209/3429 and enters town from the south.

This post can be considered part 2 of “International land and sea border crossings of Thailand”;
international meaning that people from elsewhere than Thailand or the neighboring country can pass and enter the country (unlike Singkhon Pass ด่านสิงขร / Maw Daung and Three Pagodas Pass ด่านเจดีย์สามองค์ / Payathonsu that give only day passes;
sea border to include Ranong ระนอง / Kawthaung which is by boat.

Part 1 Cham Yeam (Cambodia) to Baan Hat Lek (Trat Thailand)

My experiences of Poipet to Aranyaprathet, Sadao (Hat Yai to/from Penang) and Huay Xai to Chiang Khong เชียงของ (Luang Phrabang to Chiang Rai) are less detailed shared elsewhere on my blog or on the gay Thailand forums or thaivisa.

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  1. very interesting

    Change cramp to CRAM

  2. Thanks for the report.
    Did you see any better quality over land transport options ?
    I'm quite interested in trying this route myself, but in the interests of protecting my back, want a bus or car where I get 1 person per seat. Or should I pay up enough to make sure I'm up front ?


    1. No. In case it's not clear from my report: there is only one car per day going to the border. There are no other ways to get to the border (unless you want to walk).

      The front seat is the only option acceptable for me. In case of a monk traveling, he will get that front seat, in case of more than one Farang, you will have to fight/auction/draw straws over the front seat.


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