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Gay activities Dec 2017

Gay activities Dec 2017

Fri 1dec2017 Pattaya was posted separately:

Sun 3dec – Sat 9dec2017
Trip to Chumpon, Pattalung, Krabi.

Meet one boy from hornet in Krabi, he was just a few 100 m away. Not a clear hit.

Another contact on hornet in Lang Suan looks very promising, I will stop there on next trip to south.

Sat 9dec2017
Farose II 22:17-23:25. Entry 200 THB because they will have show at 2 am (I don’t stay that long, a friend has been and found it disappointing). Several interesting, but none interested. About 10 in disco.

Mon 10dec – Fri 15dec2017
Tonsillitis, no activities.

Sat 16dec2017
A new boy on hornet, and very close, Ko Suwansawat. He is new here and looking for an internet café. I meet him on the road and offer him free internet and WiFi in my room, but he wants to play games in internet café, whereas I have other things in mind. Bye.

39 underground 17:33-18:45, entry 180 THB. I have seen it busier on Saturday evenings. 2 shapely but not interested. New shower heads and even hot water in shower!

Phoenix 19:48-20:24, entry 160 THB. Over 20 customers.

Macho X 20:48-21:29, entry 160 THB. Show in progress, over 5 spectators, over 20 customers.

Sun 17dec2017
A boy from Myanmar whom I met in Farose II in Dec 2016 moved to Suan Phlu and comes to visit me for horizontal activities. No character flaws in one year we know each other, but not so much my type.

Mon 18dec2017
Chatted with a cute boy Jack from Ubon, but now in Bangkok near Bobae market, and go to see him tonight. After erring around 1 hour we finally meet and everything looks fine. He would come to my room, but can’t go by taxi because he will get carsick to the extent of vomiting within 5 minutes. But traveling by bus or van would be fine.

As usually, that leads to the situation that once I have dressed properly (all these reports are written by ChristianPFC sitting in his room in underwear) and traveled far, but can’t get the boy home, I want to see what else I can do in the area, but have to get rid of the boy so I can think clearly.

So I go for dinner, where he joins me without eating. Then to the market, make a token purchase of mango, Jack follows me. Then walk about 500 m to the bus stop, telling him that alone I have no hurry to get back, finally shake him off. But now it’s late, no detours, take the bus home.

4 hours wasted, and even worse, he is now (Jan 2018) back in Ubon, with no plan to come to Bangkok again.

Wed 20dec2017
A money boy Jirapan Ramkhamhaeng from hornet I have been chatting with (English) for months, and still want to meet him, is in Pratunam, but communication far too slow.

But another one Sam Ramkhamhaeng 118 from hornet (communication in Thai) replies quickly and comes to my room. Positive in and out of bed, 1000 well deserved, make him a regular. [Updated Jan 2018: no reply for days, and finally: busy.]

Myanmar 20-29dec2017 separately.

Fri 29dec2017

On return from Myanmar, I pass through Kanchanburi and finally meet BFC5in2017 Ball in Kanchanaburi again! He is in town, however on family business and doesn’t have much time, so it’s a bit rushed (have to point that out next time we meet: no rush!). Hope to see him again some day.

Apart from the money problems, a good boy. If it was just us on an island, we would live happily ever after. The problem is money and other people.

5 Saunas: Saensuk, Farose II, 39 underground, Phoenix, Macho X.
2 Gogo: Winner Boys, Eros.
2 Disco in Pattaya: Tam nan kon E-san, Sinlapin Esan.
2 massage in Yangon Myanmar: D’lax, Sands.

6 paid sex: Neung Eros 1200, Spy Jomtien 1200, Sam Ramkhamhaeng 118 1000, massages in Yangon 500 + 500, Ball Kanchanaburi 1000 = 4900.
2 free sex: Didi Saensuk, Myanmar Suan Phlu.
3 no sex: Krabi hornet, Ko Suwansawat hornet, Jack Bobae Ubon hornet.

Copyright 2018 ChristianPFC

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