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Gay activities (1) in Taipei Mar-May 2018

Gay activities (1) in Taipei Mar-May 2018
Gay saunas

Chronological list of sauna visits with various observations. For more details and more venues see previous posts labelled "Taiwan".

I went to Soi13in sauna 14 times and to Hans Men’s sauna once. Of all gay saunas I have been to (all gay saunas in Thailand and Taipei and most gay saunas in Cambodia, Vietnam, Jakarta and Bali, Kuala Lumpur, and Cruise Club in Singapore, making a total of over 300 visits to 50 different venues), Soi13in comes out as clear winner. Consistently always some nice bodies to look at, and often action. 

Only the original Seed in Happyland (before move to  Ramkhamaeng Soi 53) gets close. All other saunas I know are way behind.

Everyone nude and nobody shy (different from Thai saunas). A lot of group action going on in steam room and dark rooms (most of which have sufficient light; unlike dark rooms in Thailand which can be too dark for my taste). You would often find a cute boy surrounded and groped/kissed/sucked/wanked by others, inner circle (up to 5 can get full skin contact) and outer circle (up to 10 can get a hand on his body).

Google maps has indicators how busy it is (depending on day, time; data from the past), and my observations confirm their indicators.

Exchange rates at time of posting: 1 THB = 0.91 NTD, 1 USD= 30 NTD, 1 EUR = 36 NTD, 1 GBP = 40 NTD.

Soi13in Sat10mar2018 (no time noted)
Entry 500 NTD. Brimming with over 200 customers. Low number of tattoos compared to Thailand is worth noting. Several cute, go with one into a room, all fine from my side, but he leaves to take a shower and I lose him. There were 3 Whites in the sauna.

Soi13in Sat17mar2018 19:20-21:51
From over 200 to under 200 customers during my stay. Locker room busy, queues at shower. Already on first walk through steam room, one cute boy shows interest and proposes we go to a room. Shower, then to floor with rooms. All private rooms are occupied, so we go to a dark room. Border case, I get tired from standing and both of us get sweaty, say goodbye.

Another encounter in steamroom, this one a clear hit. But standing in steam room gets tiring, and anyway I like warm and dry skin, so I ask for his locker number and put a paper with my phone number (Taiwan), Line (by phone number in Thailand) and facebook in his locker. No message.
xxxEddy from Taiwan, Kenzo from Malaysia
And five more cute/shapely.

Soi13in Fri23mar2018 17:18-21:25
A slow start with about 20 customers, among them one cute but not interested. Numbers increasing, estimated fastest influx 19:00, peak about 20:00 with over 200 (over 5 Whites in the course of the evening). In total over 10 my type. When I leave numbers declining. Get inner circle access to the cute from when I arrived in darkroom.

Did they employ a lighting specialist for their light installation? Light is great, and especially in floor with rooms (private and group) light and shadow enhance body shape. Hanky-panky with a short boy with big dick in steam room, then move to private room. It turns out I hooked up with the only other top. In other activities, we don’t match either, but he waits until I have finished wanking. After several soft-hard-soft cycles it’s time to ejaculate; it’s a miracle that I can get hard that many times in short succession; this place is a fountain of youth! Later go to a room with yet another, but he is bottom and is looking for someone to fuck him, and asks if I can get hard again, and I tell him I can’t, so we split.

One wants to fuck me and hugging and wanking is not an option, the other wants to get fucked and hugging and wanking is not an option. Life sucks!

Then on the way home, in my MRT station, a stunner, marriage material! If he had asked me to fuck him, I’m sure I could have gotten hard again! If he had asked me if I want to marry him, I would have replied “Yes!”.

This is getting awesome. I will stay away from the sauna for some days, to relish the memories, in case it was just a dream. At 4h7min, this is probably my longest sauna visit.

Soi13in Tue27mar2018 18:49-21:08
From about 50 when I enter to about 100 customers peak, and at the end declining. I have not even walked a full round, when first opportunities arise.

In Thai saunas I got into defeatism and don’t even take condom and lube with me (leave it in the locker), as the chances I would need are slim. But here, after showering I go into steam room, and there was one shapely bottom, and I didn’t have condom and lube with me! Missed a fuck!

Dark room with be-spectacled twink whom I remember from Fri, get anonymous blowjob while standing, groping and kissing twink.

Soi13in Fri30mar2018 20:02-22:10
From over 100 to about 200 customers, estimated half as busy as last Friday. One cute boy is interested, we go to a room, but the mattress is wet (which I don’t like) so I can’t get fully hard to fuck; wank instead.

Hans Men’s sauna Sat 31mar2018 17:20-19:19
Entry 350 NTD. Busy with over 100 customers, but all too old/fat/ugly. Several Whites. Spend most of my time in their internet cafĂ©. Confirms my previous findings that Hans Men’s sauna is not for me.

Soi13in Wed4apr2018 holiday 19:22-21:15
An average start, followed by a decline. Several cute at the beginning, none at the end. The only disappointment.

Soi13in Sun8apr2018 19:37-21:40
From over 200 to about 100. Several cute but none interested. Get inner circle access in darkroom.

Soi13in Thu12apr2018 18:35-20:49
From about 50 to about 100 customers, several bordercases. One of them gets me hard in the darkroom, slides a condom on my penis and while I fuck him, two others play with my nipples. Later a clear hit comes along in the darkroom, and while I suck him (bick cock) and play with his hairless balls and finger his hairless ass, I get precum (?) from his dick in my mouth. I go to bathroom to spit out and rinse, and when I’m back I can’t find him any more.

Soi13in Sat14apr2018 20:01-21:49
Brimming, standing room only in steam room. Several cute, I get half-hard three times. In the course of group activities I get my hands on the short-haired boy with two round earrings who is a regular and whom I have been lusting for many times, but who is not interested.

Soi13in Wed18apr2018 19:41-21:00
About 100 customers, shortly after entering get blowjob in steam room, afterwards several cute, but none interested.

Soi13in Sat21apr2018 19:22-20:55
Brimming, estimated 500 customers, 5 Whites. Steam room and the brighter darkrooms so full, when you enter you can’t walk in. Already in the steam room I get involved with a shapely customer, and get over the point where I can’t control it any more. Basement 2 is darker than usually, and mostly too dark for my taste. Next time I have to check if they didn’t switch on all lights, or if the masses of people blocked the lights (LED strings on the bottom of the walls). Several cute, some I remember (short hair boy with two round earrings, not interested).

Again wonder why some wear glasses, necklaces, watches. In 2010 I forgot to take my watch off when going to a sauna (Chakran) and flooded it in the Jacuzzi. Some customers here use the light in their watch to see better in darkroom.

Soi13in Fri27apr2018 18:18-20:23
From >20 customers to brimming, >10 cute. Engage with one cute in the darkroom, but can’t control it and cum on his leg and floor. Later chat (he speaks only little English) with another cute and put my phone number in his locker, no call.

Soi13in Sat5may2018 19:xx-20:xx (no minutes noted)
Brimming, several cute but none interested. At the end wank in steam room with other hand on a cute boy, who is on his knees sucking standing customer, with cum dripping out of his mouth. Unfortunately not my cum; I spilt my seed on the floor.

Soi13in Sat19may2018 19:53-22:05
Brimming. Steam room from under 50 to over 5 during the course of my stay. Several cute but none interested, in the end get wanked by bordercase in steam room.

Summary: 14 visits to Soi13in sauna, and have sex 13 times. Quite a contrast to Thailand (in 2017 98 visits, 18 sex). But I would rather have sex in my room, and that is much easier in Thailand than in Taiwan!

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  1. When I was in Taipei, the cut ones came directly to my room. Very efficient. In a dancing club, a cute boy grabbed my hand and took me to the toilet to have sex. So I was too exhausted going to a sauna, I missed something!


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