Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pattaya 23.-25.03.2014

Pattaya 23.-25.03.2014 Sunday to Tuesday

Sunday 23.03.2014

Arrive in Pattaya in the afternoon. Stroll around Sunee Plaza and cross paths with a boy N I had the previous visit and was happy with. Of course, N will message me later at night and ask where I am and if will come to see him, he wants to go to the music festival on Beach Road. Having nothing else planned, I have a drink with him in his bar and off him and we go to Beach Road. Walk all the way to the end and back to Sunee. I am not in the mood for sex, so we return to his bar and I tip him 1000 Baht and leave alone. That's a first. 

During our stroll on Beach Road, I noticed the the end towards Walking Street is still under construction, whereas at the north end, there was a sand slide that dislodged part of the concrete and side walk. The spikes on the benches (to prevent people from lying down) are inefficient:

Meet another friend (straight, doesn't know what long-time plans I have for him) on the beach for drinking and chatting. Go home alone.

Monday 24.03.2014

Get up in the early afternoon. A Thai friend recommended hotels around Pratamnak hill, as a Farang I will have access to the beach (unless I am dressed like you know who), so I want to go there to have a look. But first call a friend Na and arrange meeting tonight.

First stop is the tourist information on Pratamnak Hill. They offer me a glass of cold water, I ask for information material for Roi Et province and they hand me a brochure from TAT (TAT has free brochures in English and Thai for all provinces, no advertising). Excellent service! There are more magazines and brochures (English, Thai, Arabic, Russian), all with advertising, for free.

----- Outdoor sex on Pratamnak hill

Warning! Graphic description of homosexual activities.

I will pass Pratamnak hill, so I can check out activities there as well. Not much activity, suddenly I am alone (14:30, in the area between Bali Hai Pier and Pattaya City sign). In the distance, on the way (pedestrian and mocy, no cars) I spot two men, one bend over and holding on a post and the other one standing behind him. The closer I get, the more it looks like they are fucking, and when I walk past there is no doubt. In bright daylight, on the way! I walk past as if nothing is happening.

Minutes later, two man on a motorcycle drive past me: "Where do you go? Can I go with you?". Then another man on a mocy, we just exchange knowing looks. 

After these horrible and disgusting observations, I don't go directly to the hotel, I walk around the hill to confirm my observations. A reasonably cute boy is sitting on the side of the way, but doesn't pay any attention when I walk past, but it seems quite obvious to me what he is waiting for. On the way around the hill, I notice dozens of empty foils from condom packs (some lube packs as well, but no condoms).

On my second round, the two men and the two mocys are gone, but another man is driving past slowly on a mocy. It is not clear to me what he is doing there, so I stop and look for cicadas (you can hear their sound, but they are difficult to spot). He comes to me on his mocy.

"Excuse me, do you speak English?"
"I am looking for the insect that makes this sound. And what are you looking for?"
"I am looking for someone, do you understand?"
"Yes. I read this area is for gay crusing, is this true?"
"Yes. Are you gay?"
"I am gay, and you?"
"Me too. Do you want to suck my cock?"
"No sorry."
(But I let him take my hand and rub it on his crotch.)
He must have come right from work, he had a sticker with his name and workplace, both in English, on his shirt.

I continue. The reasonably cute boy is still there. I play the same trick, this time in Thai (the boy doesn't speak English). This case is less obvious, I can't find out if he is interested or even gay (but why else would he sit there?). So I sit next to him and we chat in Thai, with long breaks. Finally, NY (the boy's name) starts caressing my knee. Then I slip my hand under his shirt, no resistance. Then we have our hands on each other's crotch, until someone runs past (there are people who just go to do sport!), hands quickly back on each other's knee. Hands back on crotch. None of us is hard. This should have been a signal for me to exchange phone numbers and leave everything else to later. Each of us is waiting for the other to take the first step, altogether we sit there for an hour with occasional talking. 

I spot another boy walking past twice or thrice in a distance, he looks cute, but to far away to decide which boy is cuter (anyway, I am not horny; and the grass is always greener on the other side).

Finally, NY beckons me to follow him in the bushes. After 50 meter, we stop and take off our shirts. Some hugging and kissing and touching, I am still not hard (I should have left it at exchanging phone numbers!). But NY is hard and wants me to fuck him. I have to take off my shorts so I can spread my legs wide to get down to his level (he is shorter than I and standing on the lower side of the slope).

(I should have taken a picture of my shirt and shorts hanging in the shrubbery, but I didn't - use your imagination.)

Having put condom on my penis and rubbing it to keep it hard for penetration, and NY preparing lube, I have a premature, semi-hard ejaculation. All he can do is to have a wank (big dick, nice cum shot). 

This was the free-est sex I ever had (even if you don't pay for sex, you have make a phone call or one party has to travel or you have to pay entry to sauna or pay for a drink to sit in a bar, and then you usually go to a room that has to be paid for - not in this case!), and my first outdoor sex. No problem with heat or sweat, but you can only be in standing position, and you don't know if there are snakes, scorpions or insects on the ground. Rather take a room next time.

Usually I shower before and after sex, impossible in this case, couldn't even wash my hands. But I knew this before, I used my middle finger to finger his butt, so I could still use my index finger to pick my nose afterwards. Still a weird feeling, lube on my hands and penis still wet with cum, but I don't feel dirty.

Exchange phone numbers and continue my way to the hotel.

----- hotels and beaches around Pratamnak hill

As my friend said, no problem entering, staff doesn't ask if I am a hotel guest, they just want to know where I want to go and point me in the right direction. The hotel has cool boxes with water bottles, I take one (water bottle). My friend said I could even use their deck chairs on the beach for free, but I just walk along the beach and go back to the main road near the light house.

Back to my room to shover. Call Na again to meet for cinema in Pattaya Avenue. On my way there, try to call him again, no connection. Stroll around Boyztown and cross paths with two other boys I had before and would immediately take again, if only I were in the mood! After trying to reach Na for over one hour, I give up and return to Sunee for a drink and chat with German friends. (Na will call me the following day, while I am on the bus to Bangkok.

A boy J who has been on  my list for two months is there, and he is in a good mood. A German friend says this is the last chance, J will go back to his hometown soon. I am not horny, but J is clearly looking for a customer, so around 1 am I ask him if he wants to go with me for 500 Baht for short time (after asking a German friend who lives in Pattaya if 500 would be ok). Yes. Good decision, the boy is straight, but very talented, and if this encounter had happened earlier I would have made him a regular.

Tuesday 25.03.2014

Wake up around noon, bus from Jomtien to the airport, then bus 554 home as usual.


  1. Do you ever have sex with thai guys who have professional jobs and own cats?

    1. I mean cars not cats although they might have cats too

  2. One of my friends has a professional job and a cat, but no car, but a motorcycle. I don't know for others. Most of my friends are age 18-25, so they are still studying or have menial jobs.


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