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The truth about the European migrant crisis

The truth about the European migrant crisis

I usually refrain from commenting on political subjects as this could get me into prison. But sometimes the lies are so blatant, I can't leave them uncommented, like this: NO WAY HOME FROM THE WORLD'S DEADLIEST SEA Bangkok Post Sunday, November 27, 2016 (Originally from The Independent, but couldn't find link on internet). The Bangkok Post article can be read here:

Pictures enlarged:

Caption: another boat with urgently needed doctors, engineers and other specialists is on its way to Europe.

How many Syrian civil war refuges can you see in the pictures?
How many women, children and old are in the pictures?

When I walk through my home town, it's the same: 

all males estimated 20-40 years old.

Another tidbit of information. Via a friend who works in construction, I got access to a newly build refugee camp in my home town. Said friend reported that all electric stoves now have time switches. Before, administration wondered about unusually high electricity bill, until they found out that the immigrants don't switch off the electric stove when they are done cooking (a cultural issue: in their home country they cook with wood or charcoal, which you just let burn out when you are done cooking).

Germany's refuge policy of letting everyone in who can make it supports organized crime (human trafficking) and poses a security risk for its citizens and causes thousands of deaths during travel.

Australia's refugee policy has my applause.
"We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come." John Howard

Australia has a geographical advantage of being an island, which makes migration by land impossible, and sea and air is easier to control. But that's just a technical problem, the GDR had their land borders safe, nobody got in or out without permission.

The following picture shows Gregor Gysi (German politician, first in the GDR, now The Left). My translation:
You want to know what I think about refugees?
Well, we used to shoot at them.
(In the GDR, referring to people who attempted to leave the GDR without permission.)

So what is the truth about the European migrant crisis? While our government tells us they let in women, children, old, sick, and experts that fill vacancies in our job market, in reality we get healthy males age 20-40, from a completely different culture, with no or little education, and a different work ethic. 

Some of this was shared here: 

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Unusual trees of Bangkok

Unusual trees of Bangkok

ChristianPFC is a man of many interests, and now he branches out to trees (pun intended).

There are some articles on the internet about unusual trees in Bangkok, and I have been to some of these trees. (in English) (in Thai) (in Thai) (in Thai)

Weird tree in Charoenkrung Soi 55
13.715599,100.516366 = 13°42'56.2"N 100°30'58.9"E 
at the canal behind Sri Suriyothai Girls' School

There is a shrine next to / under the tree, and you can walk through the trunk of the tree. The pictures don't to it justice.

Weird tree near Don Muang airport
13.909341,100.619639 = 13°54'33.6"N 100°37'10.7"E
in Bhumibol Hospital in Pahonyothin  

Here again the pictures don't do it justice. You have to go and see for yourself what a clusterfuck of trunks and branches it is.

Tree sideways on Latprao road
13.776752, 100.625846 = 13°46'36.3"N 100°37'33.0"E
Ladprao between Soi 122 and 124

Tree sideways on Sathorn road
13.724476, 100.539535 = 13°43'28.1"N 100°32'22.3"E
in front of Thai Wah Tower 

While the above two grow sideways parallel to traffic flow, this one in Klong Toey grows sideways perpendicular to traffic flow:

Tree sideways in Klong Toey Kasem Rat road
13.712263, 100.564006 = 13°42'44.1"N 100°33'50.4"E 
in front of Kotang Stadium โกดังสเตเดี้ยม, near customs office

In nature, most* trees grow up towards the sky. These trees in Bangkok that grow sideways must have been planted that way, which means trees have a better sense of direction than the gardener who planted them

*few exceptions: 

Now that I started looking out for sideways growing trees, I find more and more. On Ratchadamnoen Klang at the entrance of the soi leading to Sake disco
13.757202,100.498121 = 13°45'25.9"N 100°29'53.2"E
on Rama 4 in front of Chula Hospital  
13.730159, 100.535589 = 13°43'48.6"N 100°32'08.1"E,
a bit south of BTS Ratchadamri on west side. 

See here as well: 

I have written about unusual trees in Kanchanaburi: 
and visited Wat Pho Bang Khla in Chachoengsao (not published yet), which has a toilet built around a tree. 

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Dating Thai boys (51) Types of lies

Dating Thai boys (51) Types of lies

People lie for various reasons. Here a list of types of lies I have come across.

Material advantage
The most common lie. Sick buffalo, grandmother in hospital, and the like, all to get money for a purpose that the giver probably would not approve of (alcohol, drugs, gambling, new mobile phone).

Get attention
I have one friend B and one ex-friend Z who talk a lot, and not all of it is true.

B told me about gogo bars with Cambodian boys in Prachinburi or Ubon Ratchathani, and claims to have been there recently, but when I ask for details, he becomes scarce. But we are still friends, I just have to filter what is true and what is his imagination.

B told a Farang friend FF he would bring a boy for sex for free, and he told the boy that he would get paid for sex. I would have loved to be there when these two lies clashed.

The other boy Z, details here: We still greet when we meet on the street, and I might even stop for a chat, but will not go beyond that. End of 2016, I learnt that a Farang friend J spent some time with Z (and then gave up for reasons similar to mine) and J said: “I wouldn’t say Z lies, he just never speaks the truth!”.

Politeness/cover up/save face
Thai will rarely tell you “I don’t know”, but tell you whatever they think you want to hear instead, or what is advantageous for them. E.g. when I ask for a certain boy in a gogo bar “He is not in today, but will be tomorrow.”

Poorly organized
Not keeping an appointment, and not even cancelling it, can hardly be described as a lie, except for those cases where the boy never had the intention to meet. But it fits in here, as what was said does not represent reality.

Shared key to room
One of the favorite excuses if a gogo boy wants to turn long-time into short-time. But the fact of sharing a room with fewer keys than inhabitants is true! I let a Thai friend stay in my room, and before I gave him a copy of my key, we had to do some gymnastics so he can get in while I’m in my room. And recently (Apr 2017), a boy who stayed with me over night had to leave to give key to his friend, or wait for his friend to get the key.

Wishful thinking
Here sides are reversed and I accused of lying by a boy Nam Mon (2015, Kawaii bar Pattaya) who understood “I might go to see you when I come to Pattaya again” as “I will go to see you when I come to Pattaya again.

Borrow money
The borrower usually does not have the means to return the money. One could argue if he has the intention.

(This post is an advanced draft. Published prematurely because it fits to theft.)

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Friday, 21 April 2017

Dating thai boys (50) Thieves

Dating thai boys (50) Thieves
My first compilation of all cases of attempted or successful theft, robbery, shortchange. Including some hitherto unreported cases.
After another theft (about 6000 Baht on Tue 21mar2017 about 5 am), I have to make a list to keep track:

1. Golf 80 Baht. 
A local boy Golf in Lak Si in 2013 about 80 Baht. I kept a stack of 10 Baht coins on my wardrobe, because washing machine requires 3x10 Baht coins. That boy and some of his friends were in my room, and I saw that he saw, and he saw that I saw that he saw, the money on the wardrobe. I thought it’s too high for him to reach, and I would keep an eye on it anyway. But suddenly the money was gone. Then I could see the shape of the coins in his pocket, but couldn’t come up with an occasion to hug him and get my hand into his pocket to get the money back before they left. The same group of boys stole my Swiss army knife (estimate 2000 Baht) another time we met. You could argue that 80 Baht is not worth writing about, but he would have stolen 100, 1000, or 10,000 Baht if he had had the opportunity.

Headache boy 1500 Baht

2. Bank 5000 Baht 
A friend Bank (no sex) stole about 5000 Baht in Sakon Nakon on Fri 17.07.2015. Reported here: Originally I thought it was the driver who stole the money. But on my last trip (autumn 2016) to Sakon Nakon I learnt from the abbot that Bank is now in prison, he stole and/or embezzled money from the abbot as well!

3. Art 2200 Baht and attempt to steal camera
A friend Art (moneyboy) tried to steal my camera on Mon 16.11.2015. Details here: That would have been a financial damage of 22 kTHB. He tried to steal several underwear as well, actually he brought a back pack so he can get all the stolen goods out of my room. Before he stole about 2000 Baht (no proof, just the feeling "yesterday I had more money in my wallet, where has it gone?" without drawing a connection to the boy), and on that day stole 200 Baht (I counted before and after his visit).

4. Bom Minburi 300 Baht
A friend Bom (moneyboy) stole 300 Baht (I counted) on Tue 12.07.2016. But he is cute and good in bed, will invite him again, once I have figured out how to secretly record video of my room to get the next theft on video (just for my own pleasure, I have no plan to confront him). 1100 for ST and 300 stolen. 

Update Mon 26jun2017:
Bom Minburi 1200 for ST and 500 stolen.

Update 25sep2017:
Bom Minburi 1000 for ST and 820 stolen, recorded on video.

5. Boss McDo headphones and shirt
Boss McDo was in my room on 20jan2017, and on 26jan2017 I notice my bluetooth headphones (cost about 1600 Baht) and my only long-sleeved shirt (cost estimated 200 Bath) are missing. This boy has a track record of "borrowing" underwear and shirts whenever he came to my room, and not returning them. I have no proof, but everything fits. Only alternative is that I had headphones and shirt with me on the trip, and hotel staff stole it.

6. Ball about 6000 Baht
A friend Ball steals about 6000 Baht (5x1000 Baht note and about 10x100 Baht note). Our relationship started very positive and up to the theft there were good prospects:, whereas Golf/Art/Bom were stupid and lazy, not useful for anymore than a fuck.

Our relationship was growing stronger. I messaged him in the morning and set up a date for the night, and deliberately I didn't message him afterwards to remind him to see if he remembers. (Most other boys would have forgotten, or don't plan that far in advance, and when I really want to see a boy I message him every few hours "how are you / where are you / what are you doing now / have you eaten yet" or send pictures of me, to jog his memory. But in a case where it's not important, I just leave it and see what happens - usually the boy forgets.)

He came Monday evening, we did small talk and I let him play on my computer. But at midnight I told him we will sleep now (I can’t sleep when there is light or sound, that means I cannot let him use my computer when want to sleep), so we went to bed. Poor sleep for both of us. Half awake, I notice him in the bathroom and at the refrigerator. Then I notice he is crouching where my trousers with wallet are (I should keep them on the head end of my bed instead of at my feet, that's what I do now), but don’t follow that thought. Then he tells me he wants to go to 7-Eleven to buy food. I wonder why he doesn’t ask for money (hours before he told me has 5 Baht left), but don’t follow that thought. He doesn’t ask for the key for door downstairs, but I give it to him and don’t follow the thought (at least I detached the key for my room from the key ring!).

A minute after he left, I connect all these points, open my wallet, and find the stack of banknotes greatly diminished. Without light, I was barely able to distinguish between the notes, but the following morning I found a bus ticket (I keep them in my wallet) in my bathroom, that means he took my wallet to the bathroom to search in light. He opened and closed the zipper without me hearing it. 

Interesting: Art and Bom took so little that I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't counted. Bank and Ball took so much that I must notice, but they didn't take all of it.

All the other thieves were stupid, but this one is clever and he knows I would notice. Messages on Line not read, and he blocked me on facebook. When I try to open his profile “Content not available” appears. He even blocked a Farang friend I introduced him to. But via a Thai friend I got a screen shot of his facebook: hours after the theft “I’m going to buy a new phone” and the evening “going to bar to drink alcohol”. I still don’t know if it was planned or by chance, and if he stole smaller amounts before (usually I don’t have that much money with me).

I know where he lives within 20 m (we looked on Google street view one of the first times we met), but the money is probably spent already, no point going there.

But looking at it from a positive side: he is a bit fat for my taste, and some hairs on balls and crotch. After the initial excitement, sex only every second time we met and then mostly because I can’t dole out money for nothing. Although that one-meter-cumshot would have been worth a closer look.

Now my calculation is this: without the theft, we would continue meeting twice per month, I would give him 400 Baht each, that’s 800 per month, that’s 9600 per year, not so much for sex, more because I like him. From that point of view, I gained experience and even save money in the long run!

Sum 17,380 Baht in 4 years. Not just money boys (I can understand that, I'm just a customer, and if I notice the theft and throw the boy out, the boy gets another customer and I get another boy, and life goes on), but people I had the beginning of a friendship with (Bank, Ball).

"If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you're fooling yourself. That's like expecting a lion not to eat you because you don't eat lion."

In my cases, only cash or goods were stolen. Two friends had credit/debit cards stolen, and then expensive and easy to sell stuff bought with the card.

Other avoidable losses: 
In my early years (2009-2012), I twice lent money to Germans who I just met (500 Baht in each case), even exchanging phone number or email to facilitate return of the money (I was that naive at that time!). I just couldn't imagine that someone can fall that low to borrow money (500 Baht, at that time that was 10 Euro!) from a compatriot without intention or means to return it.

Shortchanged in Bali 2015 (about 30 Euro loss), attempted shortchange in Bangkok 2016 (would have been 3000 Baht loss). 

Forgot bag in taxi 2015, despite instantly calling their hotline and describing everything in Thai, not returned. Here we don't know what happened. The bag was in back seat, the taxi might have been from a corporation, so driver did not notice when he returned it. Or other passenger found it and kept it?

One attempted robbery in Saranrom in 2013 (boy drunk or drugs?), one attempted robbery in Lak Si near my place in 2013 (drunk), one attempted robbery near Hua Lampong, one attempted theft in a songtheo in front of Seacon Square Srinakarin
The interesting connection between the last two is that the robber/thief tried to look into my wallet while I was paying something. As I'm taller than most Thais, they have to get on their toe-tips or make a long neck, and I noticed subconsciously in both cases, but didn't draw conclusion.

Sidenote: I should pay more attention to my subconsciousness. In some cases I noticed subconsciously that something is wrong, but didn't raise that to my consciousness.

Language note: I define the following:
A thief uses stealth. The victim doesn't notice until after the theft. In perfect cases, the victim doesn't notice at all (Had I not put 11x100 Baht notes in my wallet before Bom came to my place, and had I not counted 8x100 Baht notes left after he left, I would not have noticed that 3x100 Baht notes are missing!). There is only one person involved in a theft, the thief, whereas the victim is away or unaware of what's going on.
A robber uses violence or force. Either threatening the victim or chain or bag snatch. There are two people involved in a robbery, the robber and the victim.
In German we have this clear and useful distinction (theft = Diebstahl, robbery = Raub), which seems to be missing in common English (consulting dictionary and asking friends). However, supports my definitions. If you know better, please comment.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Gay activities Mar 2017

Gay activities Mar 2017

Wed 8mar2017
Arrive in Bangkok from Germany. Ball (the boy on the bus) is first to message me. Both of us are living on the edge: my mobile data run out during my stay in Germany, so I have no internet during dinner (only in my room with WiFi provided by landlord), Ball waits for answer if I can pay 10 Baht for mocy taxi, and is running out of battery. Overall so-so.

Fri 10mar2017
Gus from hornet. Good written Thai, on time. Found the way by van, MRT (even asked for the exit in MRT), mocy; that makes him an intellectual! Alas, not so much my type, not so much my style. But finding his way (without dozens of calls and requests to pick him up somewhere where he lost his way, as I’m used to) is worth a reward. During chat he stated he is bottom, but now tries to rape me. And records video of our interaction (like another boy last month, but never had this before). I give him the 300 he asks for for travel expenses.

Sat 11mar2017
39 underground sauna 17:18-18:57. Entry 180. Underwear day. Even hot water in the shower. Over 100 customers, some worth a second look, hanky-panky with two but then I abort because not so much my type/style.

Cruising sauna 20:25-52. Entry 130. Sauna and steam room hot. Some structural changes since my last visit. About 20 customers throughout. One shapely and nice underwear, but cold wet skin.

Nake 21:49-23:15. Entry 140. The tall slim boy Bank from last time is there again, 56 kg on balance (have to compare height with me next time we meet) and comes with me into a room, but no initiative, same as last time, can’t figure him out. Miss start of the show around 22:30, Bom (the boy who stole 300 Baht last year) and Gop (shapely, but cold and wet skin).

Farose 2, 23:48-1:19. Entry 170. About 100 customers, two cute in disco, some bordercases. No activity for me.

Mon 13mar2017
In evening pass where Seed used to be:

It's gone, and neighboring shop houses empty as well. The loss of Seed has been alleviated by new place Nake in Happyland (replacement for closed Muffil).

In the afternoon, I messaged Kot KT to meet at 10 pm, which he confirmed. I am late, so I move it to 22:30. Message not read, no show (I am way beyond the stage where I would call boys to remind them of an appointment, after a grace period of 30 minutes, I will tell them I have other plans now and see you next week/month).

Tue 14mar2017
Chat with straight boys in Chinatown (hoping to get one to my room). Montien Plaza and the building west of it (towards Rose hotel) are empty and fenced off. 

Kim45 in my room 20:23-21:08. He has no girlfriend, no porn on mobile, doesn’t know how often he wanks (?), doesn’t get hard. Tell him next time I want to see him cum, or will cut from 500 to 400.

Stroll through Soi Twilight: few customers in beer bars. Massages in Twilight and on Surawong look promising, I would certainly find boys who are my type.

Nature Boy 22:38, 5 boys in underwear, 0 customers. None of the boys my type, skip.

Golden Cock 22:39, 5 boys fully dressed, 1 customer. None of the boys my type, skip.

Super A 22:40-23:30, Fanta orange 100 Baht. 8 boys and no customer during my stay. 6 boys in underwear and sleeveless shirts, 2 boys fully dressed. Super A got new furniture, new paint, new aircon! Two boys worth a second look: Bee from Samut Prakarn slim and cute, but spot body hair on upper inner thighs and cold hands. F from Roi Et slim and cute and warm hands and skin. Both English ok. F sits with me uninvited, tip him 100 Baht. Another cute was sitting outside and smiled at me when I passed, but didn’t come in during my stay.

On the way home, walk along Silom and spot a boy sitting who looks familiar, and exchange a smile. Go back to say hello, indeed Taxi from Ubon (chatted on hornet a year ago, and now confirm: not so much my type).

Wed 15mar2017
Chat with straight boys in Klong Toey area (hoping to get one to my room).

Thu 16mar2017
Joe O from hornet no show, later message that he had other commitments.

Phoenix sauna 17:50-18:43, entry 140. The building at the main road changed name from LG to Lego Electric. When I arrive 10 locker occupied, when I leave 14. My first visit with daylight, everywhere clean and well maintained. Sauna 80 C and 50% rH, sand clock on the wall. Steam room hot. Hot shower in bathrooms, cold group shower on top floor. Shower gel, shampoo, undiluted mouthwash provided.

Pass Hawaii Cinema 19:07, but cashier doesn’t sell me a ticket because they close 19:30.

An old acquaintance Golf K (we met twice in 2016, but no sex because is looking for boyfriend and not sleeping around) is in the area and comes to my room, no indecent activities.

Fri 17mar2017
Oat messaged me on Monday that he would be free on Friday, and I asked on Thursday if we will meet today, message read but no answer, which can only mean one thing. Nonetheless stay in all day, in case the wonder happens. It didn’t.

Orion sauna changed name to Warm Up? Stay 19:12-39, entry 170 Baht (Fri-Sun; Mon-Thu 150 Baht). 7 Customers. One big and one small towel of good quality, condom and lube provided with locker. In the soi, shirtless football, one very shapely boy. (Same as last time I went.)

MachoX 20:06-21:33, entry 160 Baht. Show about 20:30 to 21:00. Bom and another boy (shapely, skin temperature ok, but hairy crotch). Between 5 and 10 spectators during show, over 20 customers. Have a wank into towel during show (pathetic, not counted as free sex). Other customer invites me to Khao San for dinner afterwards.

Welcome (near Pattanakarn Soi 16) 00:45-1:35, half full when I enter, then fills up. Half of their waiters are shirtless but with an apron. A farang friend has a bottle of whisky, and during serving I get whisky in my coke. My first alcohol this year. Show 1:25 (ladies singing and dancing in costumes, then man singing). Nobody my type, leave shortly after show starts (without show bearable, with show inbearable).

Farose 2, 1:45-2:20, entry 170 Baht. Less than 50 customers, around 5 in disco. Sauna and steam room cold. Food cold as well, at least now something not spicy. One very cute Burmese staff.

Sat 18mar2017
Money boy Fluk from hornet (first contact was some days ago), originally asked for 1500 but instantly accepted 1000, comes to my room. Fine, worth a repeat. (Why do I offer this boy 1000, and others get only 500? I usually start chat with "Hello" and then see how good the boy's English is, and move to Thai if I see his English is poor. But this boy's English is ok, so I assume he goes with tourists, and might not accept 500 because he knows someone else will be around who pays 1000. But whenever chat is in Thai, I offer 500 and that is usually accepted.)

Spontaneous trip to Chachoengsao, no gay actities there (but not for lack of trying).

Sun 19mar2017
Bus and ferry to Koh Si Chang. My friend there advised me that he has a boyfriend now, so no gay activities.

Mon 20mar2017
Ball at comes at night, steals over 5000 THB, full report separately.

Tue 21mar2017
A boy Bird who lives in Chachoengsao and whom I first contacted on 19mar2016, is in Bangkok. Meet him for lunch in Q House Lumpini, where he has some business. Bordercase. In the afternoon, messages me and fishes for invitation to my room, so I invite him and we spend 14:10-16:15 in my room. Slim, warm and dry skin, talented, but not so much my type upon close inspection.

Wed 22mar2017
Art from Hornet, first contact (my message) 9:41, then moved to Line, finally in my room 15:57. Finds the way by bus from Siam Square, then walking according to my directions from bus stop (I would have picked him up there, but he asked for directions).

Cute and shapely, brown skin, warm and dry skin throughout (I did get a bit sweaty), not a single pubic hair too much, no character flaws, nice underwear and boxers, boyfriend candidate 1 in 2017 BFC1in2017. But no initiative during the one hour we spent in bed. Felt like being with the average money boy. Hope to see him again soon.

Dinner (Pizza in Madrid restaurant in Patpong) with a Farang friend. FF goes home, I go to Soi Twilight, where by chance I meet two other FF. Soi Twilight is an assault on my senses. I don’t like flashing lights and cacophony.

Thu 23mar2017
Surawong daytime. Changes in the area (Surawong near Soi Twilight): Montien Mall fenced off for renovation, so is the building south-west of it (towards Rose hotel). 

X-Boys has a beer bar in front of gogo bar. 

Another beer bar in front of pool bar under X-Size. Jupiter 2002 will be renamed Boys 66, and moves to Silom Soi 4 as Jupiter 2018.
Sauna mania at night so-so. Entry 200 Baht, over 50 year olds 300. Estimated between 30-50 customer, all in towel.  Big towel of good quality. Music too loud throughout. Sauna and 2 steam rooms hot. Condom 52 mm and lube provided. Closes 6 am, but ask cashier: not busy after midnight (I had reports about party crowd going there after disco).

Fri 24mar2017
At MRT Lumpini, pick up another contact from hornet, Benz from Kalasin/Korat. Cute and good English. Stays over night.

Sat 25mar2017
Activities in the morning, everything positive, BFC2in2017. (Benz is in Korat now, will go to meet him there some day.)

Farose 2, stay 23:37-01:42. Blowjob by drunk boy Non. Nice underwear black/white.

Sun 26mar2017
Day 1 of trip to North, stay in Phrae 2 nights.

Mon 27mar2017 Phrae
Within 100 km radius of Phrae nobody my type on hornet.

Tue 28 – Thu 30mar2017 Chiang Mai separately.

Thu 30mar2017 Chiang Mai to Tak
Many chats on hornet. General experience: in places like Tak, Nakon Sawan, Sakon Nakon, I get more messages (I mean individuals who contact me, not absolute number of messages) than in places like Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai.

Fri 31mar2017 Tak to Bangkok
Kot KT at night, so-so.

Summary 8-31mar2017:
4 paid sex: Ball 410, Kim45 500, Fluk hornet 1000, Kot KT 500 = 2410.
6 free sex: Gus from hornet 300, Bank in Nake, Bird from hornet, Art from hornet, Benz from hornet, Non in Farose 2.

12 Saunas: 39 underground, Cruising, Nake, Farose 2, Phoenix, Orion (Warm up), MachoX, Farose 2, Mania, Farose 2, House of Male, Club One Seven.
3 no show: Kot KT, Joe O, Oat.
2 no sex: Golf K, Ball 110 (+about 6000 stolen).
1 disco: Welcome Pattanakarn.
1 gogo bar: Super A.

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