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Chiang Mai quicky 28-30mar2017

Chiang Mai quicky 28-30mar2017

Impressions from recent visit to Chiang Mai. Details about House of Male, Club One Seven, Mandalay. (No massage or bars with money boys.) For me, Chiang Mai is a side theater of war, for up-to-date information see or

Tue 28mar2017 from Phrae to Chiang Mai.
House of Male 20:01-52. When I arrive, staff tells me all locker occupied, have to wait with others until locker gets free (wait 19:48-20:01). While waiting, another prospective customer chats me up and suggests we get in for 2 for 1 (splitting 130 Baht entry by 2, which works, each of us pays 65 entry). Later I spot many open lockers (highest number 159) in their various locker rooms, the lack of lockers is artificial, it’s rather a lack of locks/keys (but why do they let their customers wait?).

Over 50 customers, several Farang. Nobody my type. One big towel of good quality, most customers in towel. Shower only cold water. Steam room hot. No sauna. Pool about 4x9 m (google satellite view). No condom or lube provided.

In rooms there is a dimmer, but the light bulbs are fluorescent, so dimming does not work (fluorescent can only be on or off). In labyrinth and group room light only through cracks in wooden floor/wall/ceiling.

Theme days: Mon 90 Baht entry, Tue Thu 2 for 1 entry, Wed 3 for 2 entry.

Afterwards join Farang friend FF for disco and bar hopping. See Man closed when we pass 23:00.

Ram Bar show in progress 23:30, bar is full, but mainly foreigners. Nobody my type.

Drink at Orion. FF asks staff: no gay disco, but Mandalay has many gay customers.

Mandalay 00:05 parking only 1/10th occupied. Inside about 20 customers. Security pats our pockets. Entry would be 200 Baht including mixers, but FF talks us in for a free look and some inquiries, with intention of coming back later. Music far too loud. According to staff, gets busy between 00:30 to 1:00. Closing time is 2:30 (not much time between busy and closing!). A warning note is posted: Fee 100 Baht if you take out glasses or bottles. Overall, I didn’t like this first impression and will not be back.

(I have been once around 2012, following a Thai friend’s suggestion, and vaguely remember paying 300 Baht entry for Farang at that time, another negative impression.)

However, when leaving 00:40 we spot two cute and obviously gay boys arriving.

Wed 29mar2017 Chiang Mai

FF is busy and can’t take me by car, and I don’t want to support the local taxi/tuk-tuk/songtheo mafia, so I walk about 6 km to Club One Seven (C17).

Club One Seven 19:37-20:58. Entry 150 Baht. Gym, restaurant/bar well illuminated, elsewhere too dark (in locker room barely find my locker). One big towel good quality, many customers in towel. No condom or lube provided. Sauna (well lit) and steam room (two of them) hot.

Price list/activities (posted at cashier, slightly edited):
ticket Mon-Sun (except party day): member 130, non-member 150; Mon-Thu before 6pm 99 (except Fri-Sun and party day);
party day 1 7 17 27 (the Thai version says "birthday suit") 
member 150, non member 200 inlcuding one drink.

A customer chats me up, too old and too fat for my taste, but warm and dry hands, offers me free massage and speaks German.
„Wo hast Du Deutsch gelernt?“-„Beim K├╝ssen!“
My translation:
“Where did you learn German?”-“During kissing!”
I tell him upfront that we can do massage, but nothing more because I like slim boys “But I’m slim!”. I like young boys (18-25, whereas he was clearly over 30) “But I’m young!” So we go to a room for massage, which starts good (talented at massage and erotic), but then he wants me to fuck him, or to suck me, neither of which I can do, so he leaves.

In steam room another massage and offer of blowjob. Can’t complain about lack of attention, but all are 20-30 years late! Two massages and two offers for blow jobs.

At least I can fulfill a live long dream: a nude swim in their penis shaped pool!

Ask cashier (English ok) how to get to Niman area. Tuk-tuk 150 Baht, songtheo 60-80 Baht. Sorry, not with me. I rather walk back, with stop at Night Bazaar, 8 km. That makes it the longest (both in distance 6 + 8 km and in time, leave hotel 18:20, back 23:19, with some stops on the way) time I have spent to get to a sauna.

Having been to gay saunas in Chiang Mai about 10 times since 2010 (let’s assume HoM 7 times and C17 3 times), and never getting anyone, and remembering only one cute boy, I will probably skip in the future.

Pass Orion 21:35, remember some boys from yesterday. Some customers. One of the boys I would take for free. Pass Ozeed 21:47, medium activity to be generous, no cute boys.

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