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Opposites: anal tanning and anal bleaching

Opposites: anal tanning and anal bleaching

French, my translation: Tan everywhere with GOLDCRACK, the butt cheek separator that allows you to tan your butt crack and keeps your hands free. Available in several colors. Consult your husband/wife before prolonged usage. Does not affect the ozone layer.

source: internet.

Bruno anal bleaching (from the movie Brüno 2009):

update jan2018: Penis bleaching in Thailand
Social media aroused, health authorities disturbed as Thailand pioneers penis whitening laser service
and widely discussed in gay Thailand forums, e.g. here:

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BFC7in2017 AP continued

BFC7in2017 AP continued

The beginning posted here copy of relevant parts:

Wed 23aug2017
Meet a boy AP from hornet in Tuk Com. Cute, good English, interesting conversation and no character flaws. However what he wrote in his profile “No one night stand only real love For friend or boyfriend” is confirmed (and not just another trick). But I’m looking for something different (sex on demand, pay if necessary, one night stand without commitment), so we leave it at chat.

In the course of the evening AP messaged me and wants to meet in my room. An offer I can not refuse (and if he believes in "no sex before marriage”, I still have enough time and choice after him).

Interesting chat first (he warns me of the dangers of having multiple sexual partners “some people look healthy but are sick”, and “condom is not 100% protection”, the first time I hear this from a Thai boy; he disapproves of me paying for sex and having many boys, but doesn’t make a drama of it), but when he rests his head on my shoulder, it takes the expected course. BFC7in2017.

Asks me if I smoke or drink. He wouldn't go with a smoker, but can tolerate social drinking.

He had several Farang boyfriends before (more of a holiday fling from the Farang side, one of them told him at the end of his holiday that he has a boyfriend in his home country already), and prefers Farang over Thai.

That made me thinking: those Thai boys I date and who are indifferent Farang vs. Thai, as long as it’s cock, they probably think if they date a Farang, they want a material advantage to compensate for cultural and language differences!

Thu 24aug2017
Meet AP again, at his aunt’s massage shop and have one hour oil massage with his aunt (a strange arrangement, but there are no private rooms, only curtains, so massage by him and happy ending was not an option). Usually I do massage for happy ending, but here I had time to kill and wanted to show my support.

[I take train from Pattaya to Bangkok]

While I’m on the train, AP messages me and we find out that both of us are free Fri and weekend. AP want to come to see me in Bangkok (no whining “I don’t know the way”, “I don’t have money for bus” like here and takes van to Bangna and then bus to Ekkamai where I pick him up.

Shortly after entering my room, he tells me he might have to go to Pattaya tomorrow (Friday) for a job interview that his aunt has arranged. How very strange! Around 23:00, we get into bed and have fun. Then 23:50 after fun, when I emerge from bathroom, he tells me he has to go now for job interview at 7 am.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no public transport at this time (between 10 pm or midnight and 6 am). He ponders about taxi (he says he took one once from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya for 1000 THB), which would cost estimated 1500 from my place, if you can get one. But I guess I would have to pay for it, so I just tell him "cannot" and lie down to sleep.

Fri 25aug2017
AP gets up at 5:00 am, and I’m a light sleeper so I wake up as well and give him 200 for return to Pattaya and we say goodbye on the road 5:10.

Sat 9sep2017
When I switch on my phone 10:22, I see a message from BFC7in2017 “Where are you now?” sent 8:41. Turns out he came to Bangkok to meet friends, is at Ekkamai bus station now with a bus ticket for 10:40 and cannot postpone (I offered to buy a new ticket and invited him to come to my room).

Thu 14sep2017
Message BFC7in2017 that I will go to see him in Pattaya tomorrow, as we had discussed two days ago. He is in Bangkok now, to meet friends, has no time to meet me now, but can meet in Pattaya on Saturday afternoon. Well, on Saturday afternoon I will be going back to Bangkok. This trip is with a Farang friend, so I cannot cancel or postpone the trip.

It’s going downhill: on 24aug2017 he came to see me in Bangkok, on 9sep2017 he came to Bangkok and told me about that while waiting for the bus back to Pattaya, and now 14sep2017 he comes to Bangkok and I learn of it by chance, and it thwarts our plans to meet in Pattaya.

The turning point of my self-imposed abstinence from buying sex: when I’m in Pattaya tomorrow night, a trip whose sole purpose was to meet BFC7in2017, but he is in Bangkok (but hast no time to meet and didn’t even tell me), I will take advantage of what Pattaya has to offer.

(On 22aug2017 I had a money boy in Pattaya, and from 23aug2017 till today 14sep2017 no prostitution, a great achievement. I even messaged one of my regulars on 8sep2017:

"I'm back in Bangkok. But I have a new friend in Pattaya, who might become boyfriend, and he disapproves of me paying for sex. So out of respect for him, I will stop paying for sex for a while.") 

But I don’t have to wait that long. A boy from Hornet Bass from Trat who divulged that he is looking for money, and who has messaged or called me several times since we had first contact on 20jul2017, calls just in the right moment.

Sat 30sep2017
I invite AP to join trip to North (Phrae, Phayao, Chiang Rai) but he is sick.

October 2017
I am in Germany and stay in contact and plan to meet soon after my return in Bangkok. But replies get short and are delayed:

16:58 Christian Hello. In one week I will fly to Thailand. See you then.
19:16 Christian ฝนตกอากาศหนาว [it’s raining and cold in Germany]
19:16 Christian [Photo]
20:26 BFC7in2017 Ok see you. Take care

19:53 Christian What do you do next week? Can wet meet in Bangkok or Pattaya?

14:54 Christian Going to airport now. See you soon.
15:30 BFC7in2017 [Sticker]
15:30 BFC7in2017 Safe fly

9:14 Christian I'm in Bangkok now.
9:24 BFC7in2017 Wow
9:24 BFC7in2017 Welcome to Thailand again

13:25 Christian I go to Pattaya tomorrow. When are you free to meet?
16:13 Christian Hello
20:25 Christian How are you?

7:58 Christian Good morning.

12:03 BFC7in2017 Sorry cristain I am busy
12:03 BFC7in2017 I work
12:34 Christian I'm going back to Bangkok now.
21:13 Christian I'm in Bangkok now. When can we meet again?

15:49 Christian Miss you.

14:03 Christian First week of December I will go to chumpon and krabi. Do you want to join?

8:28 Christian Good morning
22:17 BFC7in2017 Sorry I am very busy
22:17 BFC7in2017 How are you?

8:53 Christian Good morning.
8:53 Christian I'm fine and you?
8:54 Christian Are you still in Pattaya study massage with your aunt?

21:19 Christian [Photo]
21:19 Christian [Photo]
21:19 Christian เที่ยวอยุธยา [trip to Ayutthaya]
22:13 BFC7in2017 Nice
22:13 BFC7in2017 Enjoy with your trip

19:01 Christian [Photo]
19:01 Christian [Photo] [Neilson Hays second hand book sale]
19:02 Christian So many books!
19:02 Christian Are you still in Pattaya study massage with your aunt?
19:04 BFC7in2017 Wow
19:05 BFC7in2017 Where ?
19:05 BFC7in2017 Yes I still in pattaya but not study with my aunt.
19:05 Christian In Bangkok. Second hand book sale.
19:06 Christian What do you study or work now?
19:06 BFC7in2017 Sound good I think it cheap
19:06 BFC7in2017 Nothing Christian
19:07 Christian Are you free one week from 3 December?
19:08 BFC7in2017 Why ?
19:10 Christian Trip to south. Do you want to join? I invite you.
19:12 BFC7in2017 Sorry cristain we cannot meet anymore because I have a boyfriend I hope you have a nice trip thank you for invite me.
19:22 Christian Thank you for telling the truth. I surmised as much. I was just too slow.
19:24 BFC7in2017 Your welcome cristain I hope you can find a nice boyfriend soon.
19:24 BFC7in2017 Enjoy with your life in Thailand.

Finally the truth! I was too slow, that month in Germany was too long away. I was sure he wouldn’t last long on the market (i.e. someone with his qualities would find a Farang boyfriend very quickly).

I thought this is the end, he and his boyfriend live happily ever after, but knowing the half-life time of Farang-Thai-boyfriendships in Pattaya is short, it can’t hurt to stay in contact. I will send picture from the trip he missed! But he is quicker in contacting me again:

18:22 BFC7in2017 Hi
18:22 BFC7in2017 How are you?
18:34 Christian I'm fine. Going to phatthalung. And you?
20:50 BFC7in2017 I am not good
20:51 BFC7in2017 You are alone?
20:53 Christian Travel with farang friend and he has a Thai friend.
20:53 Christian Now I'm alone in hotel.
20:53 BFC7in2017 Ok good
20:53 BFC7in2017 Enjoy with your trip
21:33 Christian Not good. I would rather be with you.
21:33 BFC7in2017 Oh sorry Christian
21:34 BFC7in2017 Can I call you?
21:34 Christian Yes
21:34 BFC7in2017 Ok
21:39 Christian Call time 4:05 [His relationship didn’t last long and he is single again. He is aware that I have many boys, disapproves but doesn't make a drama out of it. It will be a while until I go to Pattaya, but hope we can meet again then.]

Still, or again, running as boyfriend candidate.

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Merry Christmas to my readers

Merry Christmas to my readers

ChristianPFC does tries to get away from Christmas decoration and festivities as far as possible (Phichit and Sakon Nakon have been choosen in the past), same for New Year. The second half of December (Christmas and New Year) competes with Songkran for the most awful time of the year for me.

Nonetheless, merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my reader(s)!

For a positive attitude, read here:
Christmas Greetings from Salaya 2017

Pictures of Christmas decoration in Bangkok I have taken this year:


The Mall Bangkapi:

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Snow and ice in Thailand

Ice and Snow in Thailand 

There are places in Thailand that get below the freezing point of water in winter, but there is no precipitation that could form snow.

From internet, there are records of natural occurring snow in Thailand:
and of hail:

But there are several places that have artificial ice and snow in large amounts for entertainment:

Snow Town at Dream World (Thanyaburi district, Pathum Thani province). 

Snow Town in Gateway Ekkamai (near Ekkamai Bus Station and BTS). 

Titanium Club & Ice Bar in Sukhumvit Soi 22.
Snow Dome in Chiang Mai Zoo.
Not mentioned in their offical website but see here
Hat Yai
Ice Dome Hat Yai (N of town, on the road to Songkhla, on foot of mountain with Hat Yai Park) on google maps marked as “permanently closed” and website defunct. But still here 
I have been in Jan 2015:
Frost Magical Ice of Siam (NE of Pattaya, at crossing motorway 7 and highway 36). 

Snow Land 5th Floor Harbor Mall (Central Pattaya Road near Sukhumvit Road) 

V2O Ice Bar & Cocktail Lounge in Walking Street. 

These places operate between -5 and -15 degree Celsius (between 23 and 5 degree Fahrenheit for my metrically challenged readers). Going further down the temperature scale, we come to solid carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen for entertainment. 

Solid carbon dioxide CO2
has a sublimation temperature of -78 degree Celsius. Sublimation means it goes directly from solid to gaseous, at atmospheric pressure there is no liquid phase. All liquid is condensed water. Solid carbon dioxide is used to keep ice cream frozen, and I had ice cream that was too cold (so hard, I would have broken my teeth out), I had to leave it to warm up for consumption.

When all ice cream is sold and solid carbon dioxide left over, it is sometimes given to children to play. In the picture in a slum, solid carbon dioxide in water makes artificial fog, and in case of soap water, soap bubbles filled with fog.

Liquid nitrogen N2
boils at -196 degree Celsius and is used to cool candy (?) so when you take the cold candy in your mouth you can exhale fog. Picture at Talad Neon 16nov2017 (characteristic for liquid nitrogen is a Dewar flask, double wall with vacuum and reflective inner surface for insulation):

And from Saphan Phut market, Klong Toey pier branch, where it was sold as "Dragon Breath".

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Pattaya quicky Fri1dec2017

Pattaya quicky Fri1dec2017

Saensuk Sauna 16:40-18:33. Entry 230 THB. Quite busy, and the one cute is interested, so we go to a room and have an okay time. Not that good that I would exchange contacts. However later there is another one Spy, even shapelier, and nice underwear and nicely filled. Follow him into steam room and chat him up, good English. Works in beer bar in Jomtien complex. He doesn’t seem interested in more now, but I know where he works and get his Line in addition, so we can set up a meeting later.

Comparison songtheo vs. walking Baan Dok Mai BDM <-> Saensuk Sauna. From BDM it’s 650 m 8 min walking (googlemaps) to songtheos on Second Road, then 10 THB and 16:27-35 to entrance of Thappraya Soi 11, then 300 m 3 min to Saensuk. Total 950 m walking and 19 min. Whereas walking from Saensuk to BDM is 1.6 km and 19 min. I will walk for all future visits.

Winner 20:15-55. Pineapple juice 79 THB, boy drink 130. When I enter 9 boys 1 customer, when I leave 9 boys 2 customers. All boys in towel, most of them with underwear underneath. A boy Diu #22 from Chiang Rai joins me uninvited, good English and entertaining, justifies a drink and a tip 100 THB. But type –wise no clear hit, move on.

Eros 21:05-25, 6 boys and 3 customers. Soft drink 100 THB. Blondie (Lay) descends on me which is new. He has been there for years, I have been going for years, but he is not so much my type and we ignored each other. He calls over a new boy, Neung from Satthahip, who is exactly my type. I didn’t intent to off that early in the night, but they quickly managed to get me hard, so what else do I expect elsewhere?

Three drinks at 100 THB each, 300 off fee, 100 tip for Blondie (Lay) = 700, and I feel I got value for money for every Satang.

In and out of bed everything great, will surely meet him again! 1200 THB for short time well deserved.

Tam Nan Kon E-San 23:22-00:06, by invitation of a Farang friend FF. About 10% occupied and smoking allowed. They try to charge FF 200 to bring in a bottle, but FF gets it down to 100 as it was on his previous visits. Staff originally refuses to take back unopened bottles of coke, but FF prevails. 

Due to lack of activity, move on to

Sinlapin Esan 00:22-00:52. Busier than Tam Nan Kon E-San at about 30% occupancy, but life music and smoking is awful, make a quick escape. (What else did I expect, especially after having been there before? See previous Pattaya report for details. But at invitation I have at least to have a look, and then it’s easy walking to Sunee.)

Nice Boys and Power Boys still open at 01:15, Eros closed, Winner closing, elsewhere still pockets of entertainment.


I had messaged Spy at night that I would like to meet him on Sat morning 10 am and he agreed. From previous similar arrangements with other boys I know there is a good chance it fails, and by the time I realize the boy won’t make it, it will be too late (i.e. too close to departure by FF’s car) to get someone else.

But Spy is on time, joins me for breakfast and then in my room, in and out of bed all great, another one I will meet again and 1200 THB fully deserved. Unfortunately shy, no picture in my room, and only poor pictures on hornet.

Summary: rather low activities in bars, but boy-wise my most successful visit to Pattaya in years.

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Gay activities Oct-Nov 2017

Gay activities Oct-Nov 2017

Personal note: due to increased traveling and meeting friends, no post scheduled after this and it will take weeks until regular posting will be resumed. 

Gay dating, Sake and Fake disco, Farose II and Phoenix sauna, Saranrom update and park in Korat, Seed update, boys in the provinces, Hornet in Korat statistics.

Sun 1oct2017
Travel to Phrae where I know a boy (actually in Den Chai, but would come to meet me in Phrae). Days before the trip slow communication, and then message: away on family business in Lamphang.

Some interesting contacts on hornet, but don’t stay long enough (mostly just one night) to meet someone in Phrae, Phayao, Chiang Rai, Nakon Sawan. Aditionally, in Phayao the cute boys are near Phayao University which is way out of town. The one in Nakon Sawan messages me daily, and hasn’t asked for money (yet), will go to see him soon after my return to Thailand in Nov.

Sat 7oct2017
My favorite Pattaya money boy is in Bangkok with his family and wants to meet, so I invite him. Good English, can read maps and clocks (many boys I know would struggle to find the way from Prawet to Sathorn and to my room). Arrives 16:03, then good sex, then sleep about 17:00-7:00. What was meant to be a nap turned out to be 14 hours! After some hugs he is hard, so I cannot let this chance for another round pass. We have met five (?) times this year, this one is a keeper! 1500 well deserved.

At night meet the boy Tor from Sake last month in Thanon Chan. I’m 20 min late, and he is one hour late on top of that (did he spend that time dressing, expecting I will take him to a disco?). But while walking around, a group of Thai boys chat me up, some cute, and offer me their self-made French fries. And a cute puppy dog is around. Invite Tor for dinner nearby (ask him for restaurant).

We order food for 312 THB and have a chat over dinner. When I ask for the bill, he gets out his wallet and pays with a 500 THB note (that he got from ATM on the way to restaurant). What to do now? I give him 160 THB which he accepts immediately.

From area he lives in I would guess he is not rich, but why did he pay for our meals? I had some, few, genuine invitations (in Hat Yai by a Muslim boy from Pattani and in Yangon) where the inviter refused to take my money or let me pay, this was not the case here. Leaves me puzzled, and I guess I botched it. What would my readers have done? (When a Thai boy who is not rich intercepts the bill and pays for dinner.)

Tue 10oct2017
I have been in contact with Ball from Kanchanaburi since we met in April. I know his poverty is genuine (whereas for most other it’s just that they don’t have enough money to buy the newest mobile phone), and offered him twice to send money online, but when he came back on that offer days later, I was traveling and couldn’t (I only do online banking at home from computer). To show my sincerity, I will send him money by ADM (automatic deposit machine, which I want to try once to see how it works). I have to go to several branches to finally find one that works! Deposit 300 into his account, from which 20 is deducted as fee, even when using the same bank. Outrageous!

Super A 20:09-21:11, orange juice 150 THB (up from 100). When I visited Super A some weeks ago with my loyal reader vinapu, there was a twink Art who was my type except for the tattoos. Today is his chance! 6 boys dressed in black underwear and sleeveless shirts, Art one of them. Don’t hesitate long and take him upstairs. 600 off fee and room combined (cheaper than I thought!), and 1000 recommended short time tip. Slim body, warm and dry skin, overall fine.
Germany, various traveling, visit friends and family.

Thanks to my mother’s good cooking and good cookies and cake in Germany, I gained 3 kg in 3 weeks!
And back in Thailand, no improvement in sight! Gluttonous dinners or brunch buffets with various Farang friends.

Sat 4nov2017
Farose II 23:25-01:28. Medium activity, about 10 shapely but mostly not interested. 5 Farang, a record number. Chat with cute Myanmar boy, but he doesn’t seem interested in more. Finally get into business with Ek from Khon Kaen. Leave my phone number in his locker, no call.

The only time one of the glass doors on 3rd floor is not locked, and I follow a group who take a walk around outside. Very interesting, can look through the glass walls and observe activities in rooms!

Mon 6nov2017
Tong in Klong Toey hasn’t read my Line messages for a month. Fortunately, he still works at the same place and we resume Line. While he didn’t read my messages, he updated his profile picture several times (means the account is still active). He says he gave his phone to his brother. Only when he adds me on Line again, all my messages are marked as read (but do not appear on his phone) and we can continue chatting.

I had this strange behavior (profile picture updated, which means the account is still active, but messages not read and the person has to add me again) several times, must be an error in the system!

Tue-Thu 7-9nov2017 Nakon Sawan
The boy who contacted me when I stayed in Nakon Sawan one night 6oct2017 has been writing to me every day! Never had this before. As soon as possible after being back in Thailand I have to go there (Nakon Sawan) to find out if it was worth it (I consider chatting without exchanging information or intent to meet for sex a waste of time).

And indeed, on time (waits for me in front of the hotel he recommended, would even have picked me up at the railway station but I told him not to), and everything fine in bed.

Wed 8nov2017 Nakon Sawan
Get up together, another round, then breakfast. I have a list of temples to visit and he joins me. After walking about 5.5 km (checked on google maps) in 3 hours, he said he is tired and can’t walk any more (there were signs of weakness before). And he cannot go back home (no key?) but wants to go to my/our hotel room. I quickly calculate that I have nothing valuable in the room, so I give him the key and continue my trip.

In the afternoon message “when will you be back” and drama “if I had known you are like that, I would not have stayed over night”, but when I’m back everything fine.

Will meet again, but have to decrease the amount of chat (simply by leaving his messages unread for some days), and slowly leak the fact that he is not the only one I’m seeing.

Fri 10nov2017 Pattaya 

Sat 11nov2017
Farose II 23:27-00:58. So-so.

Nake 01:10-54. A boy Art who used to be cashier at Seed intercepts me, and after short chat leads me to room where he turns out to be a voracious bottom, a bit too much to my taste. (Strange, we had some indecent touching in Seed behind the desk, then exchanged Line, then no reply or slow reply, then “I’m busy” and “I have boyfriend already” whereupon I lost interest.)

Asked him about Seed: closed for low number of customers. (But I don’t believe this, it was running better than other saunas I know. Considering neighboring shops were empty as well when I passed later, I assume the owner does not extend rent contract and has other plans with the building.)
from: google streetview Sep 2016

Tue 14nov2017
Kim Chan comes to my room, 500 for wanking.

Thu 16nov2017
On recommendation of a Thai friend I go to Zy Massage and take one hour oil massage with Beer from Chiang Mai (or Rai?). Massage so-so, and when I grope him towards end, skin cold and wet, and shy anyway (massage started shirtless, in underwear and boxer, on my request he drops the boxer, but not the underwear, if I continue it will only be a waste of time and money). Tip a generous 300.

Dinner with a boy I offed in Pattaya years ago, but now we are just friends. At that time he raised my interest by asking “Why do you not smile?” and now I can answer “Because everyone in Thailand just wants my money!”, with several chats to prove. I.a. the chat with Top Sakaew, and it turns out they went to the same school and he remembers Top!

Fri 17nov2017
Bass Trat comes to my room, wanking for 1000.

Sake disco 00:50-02:53. 5 coyote boys 01:36-44. Get touchy with a boy Marvin from Rama II, until he suddenly asks for 1000 THB. I should make a T-shirt: “You want money? Ask the next! (arrow to right or left side)” Soft closing from 02:30. When I come back 03:20 everyone gone from road.

Then around Royal Palace: bicycle lane has been removed. The huge three headed elephant statue at corner Royal Palace / Sanam Luang / City Pillar Shrine is gone as well. Street trade from Saranrom is now along Klong Lot, about 10 boys at 03:05.

Sat 18nov2017
Farose II 22:17-00:21. Quickly find a twink to take to room, and later join a threesome almost cum again. In disco, now they have strobes on the wall with TV (opposite DJ). Before there were only flashing lights behind DJ, now I can’t escape the lights!

Tue 21nov2017
In July I met Lek in Samut Prakan, and we have an appointment for tonight to go to a hotel near his place. In the course of the afternoon I get impatient, my messages not read. Finally call: he just woke up and everything is fine. After over 2 hours travel by bus, meet and check into hotel (so I can add Samut Prakan to the list of provinces I slept a night in), have a shower, and find Lek smoking in my/our room! Send him outside. After smoking, lies on the bed and plays on his phone (I should have taken the newspaper I brought and wait what happens). Then asks “Did you bring a gift from Germany?”. So I produce a chocolate Father Christmas, which passes! (I was half expecting him to tell me that he wants a mobile phone instead.)

Sex good, and I’m not sad that he can’t stay over night, so I can soon go to sleep and can set temperature (no aircon needed) and light (as dark as possible) as I want.

All he asked for is 200 for taxi (real price for trip home around 50).

The hotel is close to Wat Bang Ping that I wanted to visit anyway, with a standing Buddha looking east and thus best visited in the morning. Others have a boy in every province, I have a temple that I want to visit in every that every province.

Wed 22nov2017
Phoenix 18:52-19:24. About 20 customers. Some changes: locker now in 1st floor (=ground floor), lounge in 2nd floor. Learn of show and orgy every Sat in November, will go!

Thu 23nov2017
Meet friend in Soi Twilight. In passing, I read Dream Boys first drink 500 THB, second drink 450 THB. That price raise (from 480) took place around Oct 2017, to skim the Chinese coming during their holiday period (info from friend).

Fri 24nov2017
Walk past Magic Hands 2 and my favorite masseur Bank is in today. Consistent best massage and erotic I had in all my years (there were others elsewhere who were similar in quality, but then disappeared, whereas he has been there for years). But type-wise only a bordercase: a bit too pale, fat, hairy.

But first go home for reading and have a wank to gay porn, so I’m not horny during massage. Nonetheless he manages to get me hard and precum, and perfect warm skin, and brown enough for my taste. Next time more than just playing around! 800 THB well deserved, and 400 for 1 hour oil massage very reasonable price as well.

Fake disco 23:18-00:28. My first visit in their new location Ratchada Soi 4. Entering in flip-flops and without presenting an ID is no problem. Stamp on arm. Nobody leads me in (so I could get in and roam around without buying a drink). No more selfie-worthy entrance area (previous Fake and other discos had entrance areas with gold and glitter and mirrors that were popular as backgrounds for selfies).

The floor has several levels with steps, even when sober a trip hazard! 18 coyote boys 23:38-50. The coyote boys are probably straight hunks, none of them my type. Afterwards live music. None of the customers my type either. Overall and awful experience, leave and probably not come back (whereas Sake holds some promise).

I can’t help, but I feel displaced in discos. Unfortunately, there are more gay Thai boys in discos than in libraries or museums, that’s why I keep going. On the other hand, there are always some cute boys in BACC [Bangkok Art and Cultural Center]. And if someone is in BACC, you can assume that their highest priority is not where money for next meal/rent/mobile phone comes from.

Farose II 00:48-01:30. Few customers (let’s say between 20 and 50, much less than on a Saturday). One other Farang, who approaches me and turns out to be a reader of my blog.

Sat 25nov2017
Phoenix 20:20-52. Entry 200 for show and subsequent orgy. Two coyote boys, one shapely one too fat. About 50 customers in the course of my stay. Smoking (in locker room and staircase) annoying. Food on order with the coupon you receive when entering (limited choice and wait; I prefer buffet elsewhere). Overall underwhelming.

Farose II 22:50-01:06. Car parking 40 THB (for a friend's car), I see the cute Vietnamese parking attendant in disco later (so he knows what is going on and might be open to propositioning). Starts poor, but then develops to ok. Several bordercases, one cute Cambodian (fully dressed) wants to go to dark room on 2nd floor, but not to room on 3rd floor with light. Apart from impracticalities (how to find your clothes in total darkness?), I don’t like sex in darkness, so skip. A mistake, should have followed to dark room, he might be that good that we can have sex in dark, and if not abort.

There is a trend that the cutest boys in Farose II are from Cambodia or Myanmar.

Sun 26nov2017 Korat=Nakon Ratchasima
Some months ago, a cute boy Peerawat from Korat friended me on facebook. Now with upcoming trip to Korat get into chatting, but at the end: not free.

There is a small prostitution scene male and female at the park (Thao Suranari Park ท้าวสุรนารี), walk around 19:30, and while there is no clear hit, when one of the elders asks me what I’m looking for and summons 3 men and 3 women, after some hesitation I pick the boy Gao who comes closest to being my type. Back in my room ok, but not good enough to go with him again.

However, with man and woman prostitutes so close together, this is the place to get participants for a live porn show (man fucks woman for 500 THB each).

Mon 27nov2017 Korat
Spend a lot of time (over one hour in the course of the day) on Hornet with the following outcome:
13 Write to me but I don’t reply because not my type.
7 Write to me and I reply to get further information (like asking for face pic or stats, one looked ok but at 21/67/171 far too fat for my taste).
4 I write to him but no reply.
9 I write to him and get reply.

3 close to meeting, fails for: (too far from town)(not free tonight)(free after 21 but then I have a date already, and too far away).

Out of all the boys I chatted with, two volunteered that they used to work in Pattaya, and one I think I even remember.

Didn’t meet anyone from Hornet but not all futile, I have some contacts for when I go to Korat again.

However during my trip visiting several temples, there was a cute boy Kim working in a temple who smiled at me and asked “Where do you come from?”, so we got into chatting (good English), and exchanged Line. From his facial hair I can guess that he has too much hair elsewhere as well, but after all attempts on hornet failed, resume chat. Around 18 he says he will be free 20:40 which is suspicious (which Thai boy can plan from 18 to 20:40?). But when I message him 20, he confirms, and I walk there 1.4 km.

And he is already waiting for me! However now in sleeveless shirts and shorts, I see that he has hair on upper legs and hair poking out of his armpits as well, how is that going to end?

On the walk back, small talk (he used to work as a waiter in BoysBoysBoys!) and asks me several times “How far is it?”.

In my room everything fine, except for more body hair, so much I can’t get it up. But he gets hard and cums, so count this as free sex. While I can accept most tattoos now (was a big issue 5 years ago), body hair and fat are still a total turn off for me.

I can avoid most body hair, but not his beard (shaved a week ago?). An unpleasant feeling. Already weeks ago I made an astonishing discovery: all my friends who shave have better luck with Thai boys, whereas I and one friend who do not shave have poor luck (however the sample is too small to present this discovery as the breakthrough in Thai-boy-dating, more research is needed). So it will be shaving from now on!

Tue 28nov2017 Korat
Meet a friend P who was boyfriend candidate in 2015, but then changed to “no sex before marriage”. But P is one of the few gay Thai boys I know who are not stupid, lazy, greedy, so we stay friends.

Tue 28nov2017 Nakon Nayok
I want to go to Prachinburi, but end up in Nakon Nayok by mistake (driver's or cashier's mistake). While waiting for a bus to either Prachinburi or Bangkok (sightseeing in Prachinburi can easily be done another time), play on hornet and Potae wants to meet. His profile looks ok, but text says “looking for boyfriend only”. He wants to meet me at the bus station in 5 minutes, an offer I can not refuse. Suggests we meet in the public toilet, where he has a grope at my dick until I till him that’s not my style. Continue conversation in his car, type-wise ok, but is wearing make up. Then the bus to Bangkok arrives (I very much prefer bus over van, and while there are many vans, there are only few buses nowadays) so I say goodbye and take that bus to Bangkok. We are on contact on Line, and next time I’m in Nakon Nayok or near will meet again.

From “looking for boyfriend only” to groping in public toilet, I don’t get it! Friends boys who from “looking for boyfriend only” turned into one-night stand, however all those I asked recently what they are looking for (when I already knew from their profile “no sex, boyfriend only” replied accordingly “no sex, boyfriend only”. Then I reply I’m looking for “sex only, no boyfriend” and move on.

Wed 29nov2017
Nake 16:52-17:25, entry 100 THB before 17. About 10 customers, one shapely but not interested.

Top Sakaew made it from Sakaew to Bangkok by van without my money. Now looking for a job in Bangkok, and free to meet. Comes to my room and we spend about 2 hours together. 1000 THB well deserved!

6 Paid sex: Geng twice 1500, Art Super A 1000, Kim Chan45 500, Bass Trat 1000, Gao Korat 500, Top Sakaew 1000 =5500.
6 Free sex: Farose II Ek Khon Kaen, Pae Nakon Sawan thrice, Art ex Seed in Nake, Twink in Farose II, Lek Samut Prakan 200, Kim Korat.
(Twice with Geng and thrice with Pae only counted as one encounter.)
4 No sex: Tor Sake, Nam Mon Sakaew, P Korat, Potae Nakon Nayok.

9 Sauna: Farose II, Farose II, Nake, Farose II, Phoenix, Farose II, Phoenix, Farose II, Nake.
6 Gogo bars: Super A, Nice Boys, Power Boys, Winner Boys, Kawaii, Toy Boys.
2 Massage: Zy massage Beer from Chiang (Mai or Rai) 500+300, Bank from Lao in Magic Hands 2 400 + 800.
3 Discos: Sake, Sinlapin Esan, Fake Ratchada Soi 4.

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