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More cuties at Scorpion Bar 20.10.2013

More cuties at Scorpion Bar 20.10.2013

Retrospection: A few days ago, I was walking along Silom and spotted two cute boys. I stopped at a street stall next to them, had a look and one of them chatted me up. He is Vietnamese (so is the other) and he works in Classic and offered me his friend. I like this attidude and this gives big brownie points in my book. But both are too pale in complexion for my taste.

Yesterday, 20.10.2013 I had two hours in Silom/Surawong to pass before going to DJ station, so I called a Thai friend M who lives in Sathorn and he joined me for a drink in Scorpion (where I spotted a cute boy recently; the subject of my “non-offable boy” topic is still there, but I have lost interest). This night there are plenty of boys (more than ten; lowest number I saw during the last months were three staff and zero customer).

The boy I am looking for is sitting with a customer, so we sit down and I wait for an occasion to talk to him. He seems to be popular: one customer who had five boys on his table leaves, and another comes (and again has five boys around him). There is another boy who is not less attractive. My friend M calls him over to sit next to me. (I am introvert, M is extrovert. While I sit and wait for something to happen, M just says what he wants, in this case what I indicate.)

I invite him for a drink. Name Boy. Reasonable English, he claims to be Thai from Chiang Mai. But he cannot write his name in Thai! And his Thai sounds a bit strange. And he doesn’t have an ID. M chats with him in Thai and clues me in that he is from Vietnam. Still, when I ask him later where his family lives, he claims they are in Chiang Mai. He used to work in Bonny Massage for a year, but I don’t remember seeing him there. M asks him in Thai about prices and sexual activities. I overhear the conversation: 1000 Baht cannot, no fucking, no kissing, he is not gay.

All three Vietnamese I remember I had contact with during the last two years had the name Boy. Is this just a generic name, like Joe or Jim for black slaves back in the 19th century in the United States?

Furthermore, it seems all Vietnamese flock to Scorpion (so they can chat with their friends in Vietnamese).

The boy who chatted me up some days ago works in Scorpion as well (not in Classic?) and he is drunk. He asks me for a drink, I deny. He then goes on to ask me where I come from and proclaims “German people not good”. He repeats this several times in the course of the evening. Then he lies down on a bench and falls asleep. Later several other boys and staff wake him up (including grabbing his head by the hair and mild banging on the bench) and send him home. One of the dangers or working in a bar: getting drunk on drinks from invitations from customers.

Then M calls over the other cute boy on my behalf. Vietnamese, name Lek (the first Vietnamese who is not Boy), not gay. In a bar in Pattaya, I would off both of them instantly (separately), but here with unclear status (offable or not? – I clearly prefer “Which boy do you want?”) and at Bangkok prices and long distance to my place (20km) and possible communication problems (they cannot read and write Thai), I will rather pass. I tip the boy who sat with me 100 Baht and we leave around midnight.

Seems their strategy works. I clearly prefer gogo bars and very rarely go to beer bars. But I have been to Scorpion over five times since the “non-offable boy” post, often with friends, without offing a single boy there.

(Side note: gay or straight is not important to me. I had better sex with straight boys than with gay boys.

Why would Boy lie to me about his origin? Especially as it's easy to detect: he cannot read or write Thai and has no ID. And why would my friend M lie to me on our way back? He claimed that the boys can go with me for 1000 Baht for short time, but I clearly heard Boy rejecting M's offer for 1000 Baht.

How I will appreciate next time in a gogo bar when Mamasan asks me "Do you want boy?"!)

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Shameless Mack fragment found

Shameless Mack fragment found

Shameless Mack's blog went offline years ago, which I deplore very much. All I have left are memories, a few printouts (which I cannot find, but they are somewhere) and this article I saved on my computer. Here is a copy (edited, the original has some problems opening in the browser).

May 2010:
Even before the 19 May crackdown on the Red Shirts’ protest occupation of Bangkok’s main shopping district and the curfew that followed for several nights thereafter, the gogo bars of Soi Pratuchai (also commonly known as Soi Twilight) were already hurting.

(Picture of Soi Twilight, X-Boys)

It was the low season, but tourist numbers were even lower than typical for this time of the year. The Red Shirts’ sit-in had started mid March, and had led to two violent confrontations in April, with grenades going off causing several casualties. The headlines deterred many would-be tourists; travel warnings from foreign governments hardly helped.

I’ve been to Bangkok during the low season in years past, but this was the first time I found so many bars cancelling their shows. And I’m referring to the pre-crackdown/curfew period. (For a report on the brave and hopeful attempts to stay open for business even on nights with curfew, see the post Gogo bars keep going despite curfew.)

Dream Boy had the fortitude to continue with its show. Having seen it more than enough times, I didn’t feel like sitting through it yet again, despite the best sales spiel of the doormen, so I’m unable to report whether it was well attended or not (I doubted so) or even whether the show was abbreviated to save costs. Their exorbitant drink price too of 300 baht made it all too easy for me to say “No, thank you, I’m not going in.”

X-boys, Future Boys and at least one other bar (I’ve forgotten which one it was that I asked) had suspended their shows. Or rather, as one doorman put it in public-relations-speak, “Yes, we have show… if have enough customers.”

Nonetheless, I popped into X-boys (Drink 220 baht) because I wanted to have a drink and a chat with a boy I know, for old times’ sake. The bar had just six or seven customers within, at 22:10h. By the time I left, at 22:50h, there was only one other customer remaining.

There’s no way they can afford to put on a show. The pay rate for the gogo boys when they participate in a show is 400 baht. Involve ten boys in even a 45-minute show, and it comes to 4,000 baht in employee costs. I don’t think the bars are confident of getting 20 customers to cover just the show-related expenses. And that’s not adding in the (meagre) salaries for coming to work, rent, power and water, etc. Let alone the big payment to men in boots.

On the other hand, it’s a vicious cycle. If the doormen cannot promise a show within, the bars get even fewer customers.

Oh, and I noticed that the number of coyote boys had been cut down. Normally, X-boys would have three or four so that two would be on the pods at any given time. Tonight, they had just one, who seemed a little pissed off at the manager, because he was expected to be dancing continuously with no breaks. He looked exhausted. Coyote dancers are paid 500 baht a night, so by letting the rest go, the bar saved 1,000 to 1,500 baht in costs.

Screw Boys (Drink 200 baht) had a “show”. At 22:30h, the gogo boys vacated the stage, making way for a skinny heavily tattooed Yakuza-wannabe and a ladyboy. With no preliminaries whatsoever, the fucking began. After just two or three minutes on the stage, they proceeded to do it on customers’ laps, in the hope of tips.

I quickly waved them away.

Fuck act over (22:40h), show over too. Back to gogo on stage. What a show!

Is the gogo business dying? Are the glory days of Bangkok gogo bars behind us? Let’s see what high season brings later this year.

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Hello Mack, some weeks ago your blog started to show advertising, which is fine as I hope it gives you some income for your excellent work and it is unobstrusive. However, I was not able to open the links in either a new tab or a new window (tried on two computers with IE). It directs me to something like s-p:%20Go%20to%20www.ThaiLoveLines.com when I delete the charakters before the www, it works. I just want to know if there is an error or I really have to navigate away from your blog to follow the link. I allways chuckle when I find adverts like “1000s of beautiful Thai Ladies want to be your girlfriend now” on gay websites (as I don’t think is advert is directed at lesbians)!
Comment by christianpfc — June 13, 2010 #

I saved that particular article because I made a comment on it. If everyone else has fragments of Shameless Mack, or knows what happened to him, please let me know.

Update 20.07.2014

Found some printouts from his maps:

Kind of screenshot (from gaythailand; wordpress decreases size from 420 kb to 114 kb, if you want to read follow the link until I find a solution):

Apart from that, only memories and his contributions (as macaroni21), e.g. here:


I ask myself, if I were to launch a new bar, how would I do it, bearing in mind the economic trends?

Etrend 1: Boys expect to earn more as cost of living rises.

Etrend 2: Good-looking, good attitude boys may be scarcer, so trying to stock a bar with 100 boys (like Dream Boy today) would be unrealistic. Perhaps 30 - 40 boys would be max.

Etrend 3: The "arms-race" of doing ever more elaborate shows that need to be re-engineered frequently to keep them fresh costs an arm and a leg.

Etrend 4: Audience numbers will be flat until the great wave from China materialises. . .

Etrend 5: Even then, the Chinese may never be all that keen to off (reasons explained in the other thread Holiday Sunday Numbers Seem Down), but will likely be prepared to pay a small premium for small shows and nude dancing, something they don't get in their home country.


How will I address these issues? Perhaps I would hypothetically build a bar with a layout like this:

from: http://photobucket.com/gallery/user/macaroni21_2008/media/bWVkaWFJZDo3NzYwNjA0Nw==/?ref=

The operational model will be rather different from current, in response to each of the 5 economic trends mentioned above.

But first, I'll walk you (as customer) through the bar:

1. No women, no Thais under 20 years old, allowed.

2. No smoking inside the bar.

3. You enter and receive a number tag from the cashier (like in a sauna). All purchases made inside the bar will be charged to that number; you settle the account on departure. Perhaps a cover charge (200 baht?) can be paid on entry if the competitive environment allows it. That prepaid cover charge can be consummable, i.e. it is set off as a credit against purchases of drinks.

4. In the main salon, you will see several boys dancing in their briefs on the stage behind the bar. You are free to just sit at the bar, but you are obliged to order your first drink.

5. You may call a boy over, buy him a drink (or not) and sit with him in the sofas, and if the brief conversation works out, you off him.

6. Every hour on the hour, the captain announces "Showtime now. Anybody interested?"

7. Let's say 13 customers are interested. There are two more who are here to off a boy and aren't interested in the show; they continue to sit in the main salon, where boys continue to do their rotations on the stage -- in other words the show should not inconvenience these customers.

8. The captain opens two private rooms and splits the 13 customers into two groups, putting six in one room, seven in the other. The charge for the show is 200 or 250 baht per customer, which includes a second drink.

9. The show thus takes place in a more intimate setting -- a room no larger than a small bedroom -- where the boys dance a mere arm's length from the seated customers.

10. The boys either dance nude or dance in a manner that strips to nude. The etiquette is NO TOUCHING unless the boys invite you to lay your hands on them briefly. Naturally, the boys are encouraged as part of their routine to invite the customers by turn to do so from time to time, in order to up the thrill quotient.

12. The show is mostly done on a small, low podium/stage that is 2 metres by 2 metres (the size of a king-sized bed, enough space to allow for acts of sodomy if that's what the show requires).

13. In each room, the show involves about 6 boys (or maybe 8 boys if the cost structure allows it). In the first half, each boy does a 5-minute dance solo, either (i) coyote-style, (ii) Manila macho-dancer bar style, or (iii) Chiangmai style. In the second half, the 6 (or 8) boys are paired or trio'ed for their routines.

14. From the customer's perspective, he is in a really intimate setting with boys hardly more than a metre away, making frequent eye contact and with seductive smiles. He is also invited by the dancing boys to touch and caress them now and then. The show has a degree of personal attention that a bigger showspace cannot provide. Although the customer had been asked to stump up an extra 200 or 250 baht for the show (on top of the first drink), he is getting value for it.

15. The economics is that the six or seven customers in a private room will have put up 1500 or 1750 baht for the show. Involving 6 (or 8) boys, the labour cost for each room's show will be 600 (or 800) baht with each boy getting 100 baht for an hour's work (serious dancing, not shuffling)

16. The duration of the show is about 45 - 50 minutes, comprising 9 - 11 acts. At the end, the rooms have to be vacated for cleaning in preparation for the next round of shows. If a customer wants to see a subsequent show, it's another 200 or 250 baht, though for most people, 45 - 50 minutes will have been enough!

The economics of such a bar has the following characteristics:

The typical customer will be buying two drinks: the first drink on entry and the second drink either because he wants to sit with a boy prior to an off, or because he wants to see a show. Two drinks per customer is a significant improvement on the present one-drink average in most bars. The important thing though is that the customer must feel he gets value from paying for a second drink, and that is where an intimate, hands-on show comes in.

Staffing characteristics:

The bar doesn't need a lot of boys. Assuming on average at each hour, only two rooms are opened for shows, the bar needs only 12 boys (6 boys per room), plus another 10 - 12 doing the rotation in the main salon. If there's a surge of customers and all four private rooms need to be used, the same 12 dancing boys can cover all four rooms by having each dancing team of six boys to stagger their routines between two adjacent rooms. Double the work, yes, but double the earnings.

Competitive advantage:

Because there's a show every hour on the hour, customers can come any time that is convenient for them. The bar is able to attract customers at those hours where other bars aren't doing shows. Bars with "blockbuster" type shows can't afford to put up more than one-and-a-half of them per night, so they can't have a show going on through the entire evening. This little bar can.


The business model responds to the economic trends thus:

Response to Etrend 1: Currently, gogo boys are mostly wasting time, doing little and earning nothing unless/until they get an off which is "jackpot money". In the new business model, the boys are working for pay for many of the seven or eight hours they are in the bar. For each set of dancing in a private room (each boy does an average of two 5-minute items per 45-minute set) a boy earns 100 baht. Assuming a typical boy gets to do three sets a night, he earns 300 baht. Multipled by 25 days a month, he has base earnings of 7500 baht before tips.

Response to Etrend 2: As boys become scarcer, the bar runs on fewer boys, but these boys work harder to deliver satisfying shows. Running on fewer boys also means the bar owner can get a little picky about which boys to hire, thereby keeping the "good looks" factor, boosting the rate of offs.

Response to Etrend 3: No more elaborate staging for shows and the costs associated with that.

Response to Etrend 4: In an era of flat tourist numbers, such a bar will rarely look empty. That's because it is divided into small spaces, and you only open such spaces as are needed (also save on airconditioning). A small salon or private dance room with 6 customers in it looks a lot better than a bar that can seat 100, but has only six people; the atmosphere is more encouraging.

Response to Etrend 5: The bar and its boys draw revenue not by relying on high rate of offs -- in a new era of Chinese tourists this may not be realistic -- but by getting customers to pay for a second drink in order to get a satisfying show. Of course, any offs that the bar/boys get will be good too.

Operational imperatives for success:

A bar that requires boys to actually work through a seven-hour shift (rather than sit about or shuffle about as at present) requires boys with a good work ethic. This especially as every boy must be able to perform on stage, equipped with a handful of routines, executed reasonably well (i.e. with artistry, with good eye contact and seductive appeal to customers). This means training, training, training.

I also think it is imperative to address the problem of service quality after being off'd, but that's a separate issue I have written about before. 

Update 21.07.2014 Thanks to Jellybean on sawatdeenetwork for digging up a copy of 2009 massage overview. http://sawatdeenetwork.com/forum/post291306.html#p291306

Update Feb 2016: link to his maps on googlemaps (via Moses on gaythailand forum)

update Jan 2018: shamelessmack is on web archive! e.g. 
thanks Moses at 

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Second hand bookshop near Phahonyothin Soi 55

Second hand bookshop near Phahonyothin Soi 55

I stumbled upon this place by chance, when I was riding the bus. Position on googlemaps:

View from Pahonyothin road, there are piles of books on the sidewalk, the entrance is left to the ATM:

 There are actually aisles between the piles of books, but only for slim people:

The books are in horizontal position, in piles from bottom to ceiling, good luck getting the one you want out of the pile:

I have never seen a room that has such a high density in books.

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Thai food: fried pork with garlic

Thai food: fried pork with garlic (moo tod gratiem, หมูทอดกระเทียม)

The first fried pork with garlic I had almost three years ago. A friend ordered it and he didn't eat the garlic, but I found it delicious. At that time, I didn't know it was garlic. Since then, I have been looking for a place where I can get it the same style (a lot of garlic, pork and garlic very crispy and brown). The picture below shows what it usually looks like (not very crispy and still oil left):

moo tod gratiem หมูทอดกระเทียม Thai food fried pork with garlic

And if anyone needs pictorial proof that ChristianPFC always eats all food that is on his plate, here it is:

Flooding in Bangkok (north-east, Lak Si near Don Mueang)

No rain yesterday, but this morning (about 1:30 am, I was in a taxi to go home) it started to rain and only now (13:30) the rain stopped. On my way to work (in Lak Si area near Don Mueang), I was up to my calf in water and my local street is flooded up to the curbstone (sidewalk is dry, but when a car drives past water flows over). From work, I can see a local road where the sidewalk is under water as well, for a stretch of about 50 meters. As the level of water is the canal next to it is pretty high, I doubt it will drain soon and I expect getting wet feet on my way back as well.

As I wrote before, the second most important reason for locating to Thailand is that I can wear flip flops all over the year. With floods, they are very convenient: water flows in and flows out. At work I just rinse, let dry and change into closed shoes.

Flooding in Bangkok Lak Si Oktober 2013

Flooding in Bangkok Lak Si Oktober 2013

The following pictures are unrelated to flooding, there is a canal which is used for waste collection, now it is on very high level:

waste collection on Bangkok Klong Canal

waste collection on Bangkok Klong Canal


Depending on wind, the styrofoam box can move against the current, and there is a teddy bear floating on the klong as well:

My daily way to work, today under water up to 20 cm high:

Flooding in Bangkok Lak Si Oktober 2013

Flooding in Bangkok Lak Si Oktober 2013

Flooding in Bangkok Lak Si Oktober 2013

Flooding in Bangkok Lak Si Oktober 2013

A look out of the window at work:

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Turnstiles at Suvarnabumi airport departures

There have been reports about turnstiles at the departure level at Suvarnabhumi airport to prevent people from taking taxis from the departure level (and thereby saving the 50 Baht airport charge and surpassing their system of queing at arrival level). I have been using taxis at departure level since my second trip to Thailand.

On my last arrival, I had a closer look and took this picture:

So there are indeed turnstiles (left side), but the gates next to (right side) them are wide open. Anyway, do you think a turnstile or a gate will prevent ChristianPFC from getting a taxi without airport fee? Think again!

For a more detailed report about this subject read here:


Update 10.11.2013: The gates are closed and a security guard is standing at each gate/turnstile except for the last three (observation when driving past in bus 389 from Pattaya to the airport around 7 pm).

Update 24.11.2013: Gates are closed with security guards on most gates. However, I saw one person sneaking through a turnstile without security guard, and now it is obvious: the turnstiles rotate, but the gate is straight and not bend. That means in 90 degree (or 0 or 180 degree) there is no gap, but at 45 degree there is a gap that easily allows a normal built person to sneak through!

Update 05.12.2013: A friend from Germany arrived today and told me that he went to 4th floor as usual and was surprised. The guard told him to go down, my friend refused, and the guard opened the door for him!

Update 07.01.2013:

Men Factory Sauna

Men Factory Sauna

update 23mar2017: closed for good. Friend says has been closed for about 6 months.

13.10.2013 visit 17:45 to 19:30

MenFactory Sauna
Silom Soi 2/1
(same Soi as G.O.D.,. now G Bangkok)
Open 2pm to 6am every day

Mon-Thu 150 Baht, Fri-Sun 170 Baht
Before 5 pm 99 Baht, from 2 am to 6 am 100 Baht,
younger than 24 years 99 Baht,
Prepaid 10 entries 900 Baht
Re-entry 30 Baht (please inform our staff before leaving)

Sauna, steam room, locker, one computer with internet, gym, Jacuzzi, labyrinth, private rooms, rooftop bar, smoking area, shower, bathroom, toilet, WiFi (password displayed in locker room: kim5n), one rather small CRT TV with porn, free cold drinking water (one machine that does not require cups and others with reusable cups – environmentally friendly)

There were only small thin towels (for drying after showering, not to be taken into other areas on naked day).

Bathroom well lit, mirror, horizontal space to put stuff on, hairdryer, hair gel, Q-tips, no comb, no towels.

From rooftop bar, you can see the top platform of BTS Sala Daeng. If you were taller than 2 m, you could look over the roof in between from the platform into the sauna.

Construction area. Use of perforated sheet and dry walling for walls, used tyres, metal tubes pipes for handrails. Too dark, music level ok

Theme days
Mon Towel; Tue, Thu, Sat Underwear; Wed, Fri, Sun Naked

Sexy Boy Live Show Wed 8:15 pm Fri Sat 9:30 pm
(on a different notice): Hardcore show: Monday, Boys show: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun

On my visit, there were about 20 customers at any given time. Total number of customers during my stay maybe 50. About 90% Asian and 10% White. Age range 30 to 40, average bodies.

Positive: steps in hallway European size, handrail on both sides
Negative: some private rooms have barbed wire on top of their walls (that do not reach to the ceiling). Barbed Wire? WTF!


One of my saddest sauna visits. I didn’t put in my contact lenses, and I’m glad I didn’t because it would have been a waste of time and money, there was nothing to see that would justify contact lenses (I am short sighted, can’t focus on anything further than 2 meters away). I will be back one time (on an underwear day) to confirm the findings above.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Inter Mustache Sukhumvit Soi 10

Inter Mustache Sukhumvit Soi 10

Inter Mustache has not been mentioned on forums about gay Thailand, but I remember an article about in on shamelessmack blog (now offline).

Full name: Inter Mustache’s House: A gogo, Karaoke, Cocktail Lounge

In Thai it is หนวดอินเตอร์เฮาส์ which translates “mustache” + “inter” + “house”, inter and house English words written in Thai alphabet. A mustache (or any form of facial or body hair) is the last thing I want on Thai boys. There was no facial or body on the boys in the bar, as far as I could see.

Open daily 9pm to 2am (I asked staff: closing time between 1 and 2am, depending on number of customers), Sukhumvit Soi 10. It’s off Soi 10, there is a small lit banner in Soi 10.

Friday 04.10.2013, visit Inter Mustache 21:50 to 23:00

I go into to sub-soi and and at the end I find Inter Mustache. A man is sitting in front and beckons me to enter. Inside, there are four boys. The room is well lit and music level is ok. A boy beckons me to sit down and takes my drink order. Orange juice 150 Baht. In the course of our following conversation, he asks three times if he can get a drink. His English is good and he can hold a conversation. He then sends over another boy (I had a few looks at him). From southern Thailand, speaks some English.

I enquire: 8 boys have been offed already, 7 boys are with a customer upstairs (in the gogo area, private party so I cannot have a look) and 4 are left in the cocktail lounge where I am sitting.

I will go back some day to see if they really have more boys and have a look at the gogo room.

How did I know about this place? From advertising in gay magazines and shamelessmack blog.

Read here as well:
http://www.gthai.net/intermustache/ (in Thai)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Singapore Pub 08.10.2013

Singapore Pub 08.10.2013

I haven’t met the Burmese B from my neighborhood for a while, but last time we left with the intention to go to a gay disco. I haven’t been to Singapore (former ICK, Ramkhamhaeng 89/2) for a while and they have a sexy show on Tuesdays (I know from gay magazines).

Advert in the soi (Translation: Singapore Pub – Every Tuesday – Sexy Night – Come see the special show for free !!! – young male models – show from Silom – for questions call – address – phone numbers):

We leave about 22:40 and pick up a friend of B (C, Burmese, looks promising) on the way. Arrive in Singapore about 23:30. The bar is filled at about 20 % capacity. I let them do the ordering (Blend 285 plus mixers, total 759 Baht for the first order, later more mixers, ice and snacks) and I drink coke all night.

B gets drunk and quiet quickly (within the first half bottle of whisky). C goes from skin too cold (when we shook hands in the taxi) to just right (after half a bottle) to cold sweaty. C dances a lot and involves others in dancing (and hugging and kissing) and drinking. B and C exchange phone numbers with staff and other customers.

The show (7 coyote boys in underwear on stage) starts 01:05 and shirtless boys on stage lasts until 01:15. After that, cabaret and ladyboys and lipsync. Even during show bar filled at less than 50 % capacity.

B is quiet and goes to toilet several times for long periods. C dances vigorously. We order another bottle of whisky which gets half empty in the course of the night (several staff come to drink with us and C offers drinks to people in show). I am afraid he might fall or tip a table, but everything is fine. C takes off his shirt for dancing on the stage. He then goes to toilet for smoking with a coyote boy (now dressed after show and in the audience). I wonder if they are up to more than smoking and have a look. Both dressed (C shirtless), but in a position that could be misinterpreted. They beckon me to join for some hanky-panky and C opens his zipper and pulls down his underwear. No body hair on abdomen, I should have used this occasion to check balls size and if there is hair on balls. The coyote boys opens my belt and zipper and pulls down my underwear and starts to wank me. I get semi-hard, enough for them to judge that I have the biggest dick. I interrupt the activity at this point. We return.

At 3 am, the music gets softer and lights go on. I am not sure if we are the only customers left, because they have plenty of staff which has no uniform, just a lanyard with name. Staff take away the bottle of whisky (half full), but I don’t get a receipt to claim it back next time (maybe I should have waited or asked?).

We take taxi home. C asks for a bag to vomit. The taxi driver has plastic bags for that purpose. It takes some time and C makes strange noises. All goes into the bag. We stop near his place and he can walk home alone. B has a long chat (in Thai) with the taxi driver. Continue back to my place (and let B out on the way, close to my place). Sleep about 4 am, alarm clock rings 8 am.

C has an interesting dose-effect relationship for alcohol. Just a glass to get going, then there is a long plateau over a full bottle of whisky where he stays entertaining, dancing, chatting, and then once the disco closes he gets quiet an quickly passes out.

Total cost about 2000 Baht (didn’t count, we had two bottles of Blend 285, plenty of tips for show and staff, some snacks – B and C made a small contribution). “It was such a fun night.”

There was one special event at G Star Paradise. I saw Plernpiss outside and had a look inside: significantly more customers than in Singapore, at estimated 80 % capacity. Maybe the event draw customers from Singapore.

Changes in Soi 89/2 since my last visit (a few months ago): Door Dum is now G Star Paradise. SeeK Dance pub (High High?) is closed and has a new name: Meeting Dance. (I did not check “Meeting”, an after-hours club a few sois before, but when I walked past a few weeks ago before opening time there was some activity.) 

There is a sales office / show room for a condominium to be built in the soi: www.thecube-condo.com Start of construction begin of 2014. I could not see on their website ("artist's impression") if that will affect the bars.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Foursome with mocy drivers at Hua Lampong 05.10.2013

Foursome with mocy drivers at Hua Lampong 05.10.2013

Warning: description of homosexual activities and picture of penis with mooks.

In case you wondered why there were few new topics from me lately, beside “internet”, there is “work” and “life”. But this story is worth sharing.

The foursome was not at Hua Lampong station, but that’s where I met the mocy drivers.

After a day out sightseeing, I end up at Central Pier Saphan Taksin. There are some boys sitting and drinking under the BTS station, one asks me where I go. I miss this chance to start a conversation. But I hang around to observe them. Two of them go to a place not far away where a wall is separated by water, they stand on the edge and pee on the wall (about 1 m water between them and the wall) so see who can reach a higher point. It is in public, so I have a look and a lot of laughters are had. I wonder how far it is from checking who can pee further or higher to checking who has the longer dick and who can cum more quickly or has more cum. Maybe next time I should join the pee contest and then comment that I might not be able to pee high, but have the longest dick or the most cum or whatever and see where that leads (just bet 100 Baht that I have the longest erect dick?).

Wet marks left on the concrete:

I take bus to Hua Lampong. Half a year ago, there was a very cute mocy driver with number 12. I went back a few times, but never saw him again. Now there was number 12, but it was someone else (not my type). But there is another cute mocy driver C. He asks where I want to go (walk around at the station, good for people watching). He then asks if I am looking for girls (no, I like boys), I leave it at that and have dinner about 20 m away. While I am dining, another boy N appears (mocy courier) next to the mocy drivers and he beckons me to come back when I finish my meal.

So I join them and he says he has a friend who is gay and asks if I want to go to a place in Soi 4 (not Silom, see below) nearby for drinking (i.e. if I can pay for beer). That sounds interesting, I agree. Another mocy driver Y appears and we (N, Y and I) go to a place about 1 km away (Rong Mueang Soi 4 = Rama VI Soi 7). I beckon C to follow us (he is the cutest) when we leave.

At the bar, we order beer. They have glasses half filled with ice (I wonder why the glasses don’t crack when the water freezes), so the lower bottom of the glass is filled with ice, the upper with beer. They have beer that is kept very cold (below freezing point of water?), and when it is poured on the ice, crystals of ice form so the beer looks like a fruit shake. 

No need to worry about C, he joins us not long after we arrived. There I am surrounded by three boys who are not stunners, but I wouldn’t throw them out of bed to let my cat in.

They ask about my life in Thailand and how much I earn. I ask back how much they earn: 20,000 Baht per month. That must clearly be a misunderstanding, so I ask about daily income: 200 Baht on a poor day, 300 Baht on an average day, 700 to 800 Baht on a good day. These numbers are more reasonable.

We have a few bottles (about 5 shared between us 4), my contribution is about 300 Baht (didn’t count). They pay for part of their beer and food, which is a good start. I don’t like the mentality that the farang pays everything. I once had a friend who bought some drink in 7/11, I was waiting outside, and when he came back he asked if I can refund him the 15 Baht for the drink. That was enough to cross him off my list of friends.

I don’t remember how we got to the subject, but N asks me if he can go with me or if I want to go with him or whatever and then suggests that Y joins us. We discuss distance to my place (20 km) and ways to go there (bus or taxi). Finally C wants to join. No way I take 3 boys I don’t know to my place! (That would include travel at least 30 minutes and I don’t know if the will make a mess in my room, like Ice.) So I ask about hotel in the area. They know one, and off we go. The hotel (Tian Tong in Rong Muang Soi 2 or 3) is expensive (620 Baht per night) but I don’t want this encounter to fail for monetary reasons. I am in the room with N (the least attractive of the three). I take a shower. C and Y appear later. They are hungry, so I let them order food (140 Baht for two dishes).

We are in towel or underwear (boxer shorts, the three boys), and now money is discussed for the first time. I dismiss a tentative request for 1000 Baht each. They ask for 500, I counter with 300. I am in a good position for negotiating: with three boys, whoever of them is not satisfied can leave. Anyway, they are cute, but not stunners, and I don’t have to have sex with any of them, we can part without sex and it still would have been an interesting evening (but a waste of 620 Baht for the hotel). Finally, they agree to 300 Baht each. Later we get to 1000 Baht for all three.

I always keep plenty of 100 Baht notes in wallet, but after the drinking my reserves were depleted.

Now if you are waiting for a description of an orgy, I have to disappoint you. Sex was so-so. There was some spontaneity on their part (other than most moneyboys, who are either completely indifferent or poor actors). They had straight porn running on the TV and each of us was wanking himself, and I had my free hand on one of the boys. I was hoping they would fall over each other, as I know it from gay porn. All had mooks in their dicks, one had four of them! But I can live with mooks. This time I took pictures:

picture of penis with mooks removed 24aug2017 to comply with adsense

I am not sure if any of them was gay. An interesting experience, but I have only two hands, and if I wank myself I have only one hand free to touch someone else. My idea is standing and hugging (so I can run my hands over his front and back), or lathering each other in the shower, or in bed I lying on my back and the boy on his knees above me (so I can touch his body everywhere where it is important to me: lower back, waist, abs, butt, crotch). When they lie on their back and wank, I cannot touch their back and their butt.

After each of us came, shower time. I join one boy in the shower to soap him. While I am in the shower, my trousers with wallet and mobile phone is in the room with the three boys. I am still in the bathroom, when C comes in with my phone (which he obviously took from the pocket of my trousers) and asks if he can watch football on it. I don’t know about football, he asks for google and I switch the keyboard to Thai so he can do whatever he wants, and he would be busy for about 10 minutes. One of the boys starts smoking in the room, I have to tell him to go outside for smoking.

C is playing internet on my mobile phone:

I give one of the boys 1000 Baht to share amongst them, and we haven’t even left the room when they ask me if I come back next Saturday. That settles the question if 300 Baht is a fair price for boys you meet on the street. Experimental proof! Each of us could have walked away at any time and we would have stayed friends. Of course, if you spend all your time in Soi Twilight where a drink sets you back 300 baht, it is difficult to understand that a few km away, you can have a boy for that money. Welcome to the real Bangkok!

Total cost about 2100 Baht (1000 for the boys, 620 hotel, 140 food, about 300 beer). I am better served with taking 3 boys separately at Saranrom park (boy 500, hotel 200). I will most probably not do it again (these three boys), but would recommend them to friends.

Nonetheless an important step, first immediate hook-up on the street. I’m not a fan of exchanging phone numbers (then you have to arrange a meeting that suits both’s timetables, and involves traveling), or rather I prefer exchanging phone numbers after sex, not before.

We go back to Hua Lampong and say goodbye. I meet a tuk-tuk driver whom a friend had a while ago and who remembers me and who is cute. Too late for today! Maybe next time. I ask for his phone number. He doesn’t have a phone! But he asks for my phone number. I write it down on a piece of paper, it would be rude not to give him my number. But now I don’t know when he will call me and from which number and I will not be in the mood or in the area anyway.

I ponder about going to Soi Twilight, but it is late, I have done enough for the day, and bus 29 is coming, so I go home.

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