Thursday, 3 October 2013

Saturday 28.09.2013 Art in Paradise

Saturday 28.09.2013 Art in Paradise

According to their advertising: “Largest interactive & illusion 3D art museum of the world” “Largest Trick Art Museum of the World”

Themes: Aqua, Safari/Zoo, Classic Art, Ayutthaya, Egyptian, Thai, Surrealism, Dinosaur

Address 78/34 Moo 9, 2nd Pattaya Road (near Big C Second Road).

I meet my friends and we take baht-bus to Art in Paradise (Pattaya Sai Song 1, พัทยาสายสอง 1). Their advertising sign on Second Road is not big. When you come by car, you see the white back of the sign, only when you lock back you see the script. Information about entry prices at the ticket booth is in Thai only, with Thai numbers: foreigner 300 Baht, Thai 180 Baht, children reduced prices or free. (Prices changed from previously 500 Baht / 150 Baht?) I get in for 180 Baht with my ID card from work. There are plenty of customers, they are mainly Thai.

Others have written about Art in Paradise:
and they have a facebook page:
and a website: (with a map, but about 50 m off)

We spend about one hour in Art in Paradise.

How did I know about this place? A friend had pictures on facebook and I read about in tourist guidebooks in Thai language (Thinknet เที่อยไทย '56).

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