Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai in Srisaket province

Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai in Srisaket province

Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai วัดสระกำแพงใหญ่ in Srisaket ศรีสะเกษ province, Uthumpon Phisai อุทุมพรพิสัย district.

15°06'05.7"N 104°07'42.3"E = 15.101578, 104.128418

Directions: from Uthumpon Phisai train station, about 1.5 km walk westwards parallel to the railway track. The wat is directly north of the railway track, you can in fact see the ruins, the ubosot, the museum and the hell garden when driving past on a train. From Srisaket, take bus or van to Surin, ask the driver to let you out at the wat (on hwy 226, about 100 m walk, whereas from stop for Uthumphon Phisai it's about 2 km walk). 

The largest gong in Thailand? The one in Wat Pa Thewapithak in Roi Et province is impressive as well:
(have been to in June, no article yet, but I think this one is bigger)

Khmer ruins and a large statue of a monk on the temple grounds.

I noticed in several places that these laterite stones can take a bluish hue, I wonder how this comes.

But the reason why I went there is this Buddhist Hell Garden, the smallest I have seen so far, not even sure if it is a Hell Garden as there are no signs or labels.

That's an anus in the shape of a mouth: verbal diarrhea.

In 2007, there were more statues and color was fresh:

Museum, was closed when I was there.

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Wat Pa Neranchara Wanaram in Srisaket province

Wat Pa Neranchara Wanaram in Srisaket province

Wat Pa Neranchara Wanaram วัดป่าเนรัญชราวนาราม in Srisaket ศรีสะเกษ province, Bueng Bun บึงบูรพ์ district, with Prasat Prang Ku Sombun ปราสาทปรางค์กู่สมบูรณ์ on the temple grounds.

In the middle of nowhere (the "pa" in the name gives a clue: it means "forest"). About 20 km north of Uthumphon Phisai (Wat Sa Kampheng Yai, see previous/following post), no public transport (details below).
15°18'03.5"N 104°05'39.4"E = 15.300969, 104.094285

The interesting part is the boat shaped building in a pond.

Nobody there, but doors are open. Later I spot a chicken, and finally a car drives in. I don't know which function the building has. There is a viharn or ubosot in construction, it rather looks like construction was abandoned. Some other buildings scattered around.

Getting there and back was an Odyssey involving three vans and three hitchhikes. From Prasat Sa Kampheng Yai, van to Som Poi Noi crossing (hwy 2083 and 2076, 12:01-10, 20 Baht), from there van 814 to rural road 3005 (12:33-48, 30 Baht). Have lunch, then hitchhike to Bung Boon market (13:34-41). When locals dry rice on one side of a two lane road, you know: "hitchhiking is more challenging on the road less traveled". At the market, I spot a van line 4429 (Srisaket to Bueng Boon) and inquire: it does not go along hwy 2349 (shortest route, past my destination). That leaves the question: which road does van 4429 Srisaket - Bueng Boon take? So it's another hitchhike (14:03-07) until I finally reach my destination (visible from hwy 2349, about 500 m walk). Return hitchhike to hwy 2083 by mocy (my first hitchhike on a mocy), then van 4187 to Srisaket (15:26-56, 35 Baht). Not recommended.

I learnt of this place here:

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Kanchanaburi general observations

Kanchanaburi general observations

Kanchanburi กาญจนบุรี means "gold town", กาญจน์ or กาญจนา being one of the many words for "gold". Gold (color) is ทอง and gold (metal) is ทองคำ, after that it gets esoteric and most Thai people wouldn't know the meaning: สุวรรณภูมิ Suwannaphum "Golden Land" like in Suvarnabhumi Airport, แหลมทอง lăem tong "Golden Peninsula", มาศ like in คีรีมาศ Khiri Mat (district in Sukhothai province) or ลำปลายมาศ Lam Plai Mat (district in Buriram province), สุพรรณ like in Suphanburi สุพรรณบุรี "City of Gold", กนก gà-nòk and นพคุณ nóp-pá-kun (don't know examples, but a friend's name is Noppakun).

River Kwai does not exist, there is only Khwae Yai River แม่น้ำแควใหญ่ and Khwae Noi River แควน้อย, and the RTGS (Royal Thai General System of Transcription) Khwae is a better representation of pronunciation than Kwai. The brigde originally was over Mae Klong River แม่น้ำแม่กลอง, part of which was renamed to Khwai Yai to match the name of the bridge. More information here: (Excellent website for information about traveling by train!)

View of bridge from War Museum with train crossing (fairly new Chinese Temple in background): 

The Eastern & Oriental Express (Bangkok-Singapore) drives a 100 km detour (about 50 km each way) to go over the bridge.

Saengchuto road ถนนแสงชูโต = hwy 323 main road running through the town. Bus station and railway station about 100 m from Saengchuto road, but several km apart.

Mae Nam Kwae road ถนนแม่น้ำแคว main foreign night entertainment area. Many guesthouses as well. I was surprised to find dozens of bars, restaurants and massage places. Staff in bars and massage places look like they cater for the the single male traveler looking for company. Highest number of such venue I have seen outside Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai; more than I saw in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Common prices for 1 h massage: Thai 200 Baht, Foot 200, Oil 300.

Song Kwae road ถนนสองแคว ("road of the two Kwai rivers" - where Kwai Yai and Kwai Noi form Mae Klong) along the river. Has several Thai style discos and karaokes. On the river side, floating restaurants and park and benches, where locals sit and chat and drink. This would be the place to go to socialize with locals who are not in the service industry. In fact, I encountered a heavily made-up ladyboy with a gaggle of obviously gay boys. One of them offered several times to drive me back to my room on his motorbike, but he was not my type, so I walked.

Pak Praek road ถนนปากแพรก has several heritage buildings, with signs in Thai and English to describe their history. (details see separate post) The road becomes a walking street at night, but I didn't witness much activity.

Pra Sit Song Kram road ถนนประสิทธิ์สงคราม I noticed a vegetable night market being set up when I walked through Sunday 02.11.2014 23:50. 

Public swimming pool directly north of Public Hall ศาลา 60 พรรษามหาราช (accessible from Song Kwae road or Pak Praek road. Covered by a roof, but open to the air, at night illuminated. Entry 40 Baht, open Mon-Fri 16:00-20:30, Sat+Sun 8:30-12:00 and 16:00-20:30. Lockers available, but you have to bring your own padlock.

Tap water must be very hard, judging by limescale. Water in bowl for flushing had a white substance on surface after standing overnight. Tap water is potable (I drank 0.5 liter without adverse effect). Basins at Erawan waterfall are limestone as well, deposited from flowing water. 

There was a fair in the park on the western side of the river (สวนสุขภาพ easily accessible by bridge hwy 3228). They had a collection of cars converted to discotheques (number plates from other provinces as well), with coyote girls.

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Screw Boys update

Screw Boys update

In Soi Twilight, boys in jeans as far as I can see from walking past X-Boys, Fresh Boys and Zeus (Tuesday 25.11.2014, 20:50). On a second walk (23:15) I spot one in underwear and others in jeans in X-Boys. 

Fearing that boys in underwear will soon be a thing of the past in Bangkok, I head to Screw Boys which was on my list for a long time. When walking past Screw Boys many times this year, it looked promising.

Enter 20:45, 7 boys and no customers. Pineapple juice 300 Baht (that makes it the cheapest drink in Twilight and Patpong boy gogo bars). Off fee 450 and expected short time tip 1500. 

Boys wear underwear (longer than briefs and shorter than trunks) with chess pattern, it obfuscates the shape of the bulge in the front but looks nice on the rear. Boys wear shoes. Maximum number of boys while I am there is 10. Bar is open from 20:30 to 02:30.

(Advert in Desire Nov 2014 says open 8-2, show 11 and 1:30.)

Music a bit too loud; aircon first ok, but later too cold (I sat directly in the airstream, sit elsewhere next time); light on stage ok, but coyote boy too dark; toilets new and clean, there is liquid soap and even warm water. Even separated toilets for man and woman. Staff smoke, but I can barely smell it.

There are two cute boys who I consider offing, 7 and 69.

69 smiles and says hello to me and says he remembers me and went with me before. I do not recognize him, but when he says his name is Tor โต๋ from Kalasin กาฬสินธุ์ I clearly remember (but still wouldn't recognize): one of my best offs*, about three years ago in Night Boys (Silom Soi 6, closed shortly afterwards, at that time he had long hair). Warm and dry skin. He even suggests he go with me tonight. 

I take procrastination, indecisiveness and keeping all options open (number 7 is a bit cuter) too far, while I still ponder (but what is there to ponder when one of my best offs remembers me, approaches me, has warm and dry skin and wants to go with me?) another customer (now there are between 5 and 10) invites him for a drink.

They sit behind me, and I can understand fragments of what they are talking about. Sexual activities (in particular who fucks whom), price (1000 Baht is mentioned), other stuff, all in English and I wish I could understand more. It went well as far as I can judge. The customer asks for nearby short time room and even goes to one (probably Pavilion Place) with a member of staff to check. He finally offs the boy. 

A note in favor of procrastination: I would have asked staff if there is a boy Tor from Kalasin, because I got information from staff from Super A about two years ago (Night Boys already closed, Super A still in second floor) that he works in Screw Boys, but on my one visit to Screw Boys last year he was not in. Now I got this information without asking (staff would probably have called him over, which would have put me under pressure to buy a drink or tip or off).

That leaves number 7, which is the cutest, and which I think I have seen somewhere before, but can't remember where. But before I can cast a decision, someone else invites him for a drink. They don't talk, he gropes the boy a bit (from watching, at least now I know the underwear is not stuffed), the boy looks bored.

Pay and leave 22:20. Overall a pleasant visit. I will be back soon, for 69 or 7 and to see if there are more boys (staff said usually they have more).

Previous reports: 
Screw Boys 27.05.2013 (same report on three forums)

* I shared details here on 03.12.2013:

About two years ago, I was in Night Boys (Silom Soi 6, closed over a year ago), last customer. All boys were standing with their front to me, there were two cute ones, but I am a big fan of backsides (spine, shoulder, nape of the neck), so I was hoping they would turn around. They didn’t. I offed one (no tattoos on his back, what a luck). After showering (separately), we went to bed and he fell over me like a hungry animal over its prey. Finally he lied on top of me, his erect cock between his and my abdomen, and at the same time allowing me to access his back, shoulders and butt with my hands and feel his hairless balls and rub my dick on his warm, soft, brown, hairless thighs. Lovely! Unfortunately, Night Boys closed before I could come back and all I have is a name and home province. Should have taken a picture. (He had no phone, but invited me to meet again the following day to buy him one.). A year ago, staff at Super A remembered him (or just lied to me), said he would be working at Screw Boys, but I couldn’t find him there.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wat Pasee วัดภาษี in Ekkamai เอกมัย Soi 23

Wat Pasee วัดภาษี in Ekkamai เอกมัย Soi 23

Wat Pasee วัดภาษี in Ekkamai เอกมัย Soi 23 not to be confused with Wat Prasri วัดพระศรี in Bang Khen บางเขน (near Don Muang airport).

The name means "Wat (built from) tax".

The main building is accessible only up to second floor (only staircase accessible in ground floor=first floor).

But the paintings in the staircase are interesting:

more here:

Shrine to Boonpeng Heep Lek บุญเพ็งหีบเหล็ก, the last person to be beheaded in Thailand (in 1919). Details see links.  

Shrine to Pumpuang Duangjan พุ่มพวง ดวงจันทร์ called Pueng พึง famous Thai singer who died at age 30 in 1992.

But reason for my repeat visit (went already about two years ago) was to see the new gold (color, not metal) ubosot which I spotted from elevated highway.

View from bridge over Klong Saen Saep คลองแสนแสบ. 

Ubosot is still under construction and not accessible, but you go in the floor underneath.

Nearest BTS is Ekkamai, nearest canal boat stop Itssara (directly opposite the Wat, but walk about 500 m distance); I took taxi from Sathorn (80 Baht, 12:08-31).

Further reading:

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Oh my god! (13) Fang Muk

Oh my god! (13) Fang Muk

Fang Muk / Fang Mook (ฝังมุก buried pearl) are penis implants. Scroll down for a picture I have taken myself and posted before NSFW.

The subject has already been treated elsewhere:

But I recently found a blog in Thai language (with pictures and sketches) and a video about how fang muk is done.

ความเข้าใจเกี่ยวกับการ ฝังมุก
(approximately: "What you need to know about fang muk")

15 July 2015 remove picture (of fang muk taken by myself on 05.10.2014) to comply with google adsense

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Free magazines in Bangkok

Free magazines in Bangkok

There are many free magazines in Bangkok, in Thai and in English, here a selection. 

From top left to bottom right:

BK magazine weekly English useful for me for it's list of ongoing and upcoming events in Bangkok

Zog Zag Thai (social news, shopping, mocy is the main subject of my issue, food)

a day bulletin weekly Thai (celebreties, gadgets, clothes)

Dont Journal (no apostrophe) weekly Thai (from their cover: fashion, accessories, gadgets, beauty, health, art & culture, lifestyle)

a day bulletin LIFE weekly Thai (clothes, gadgets, food, travel)

BACC calendar (Bangkok art and culture centre) monthly English and Thai (art, culture, music)

M2F (Monday to Friday) weekly Thai (celebreties, food, sport, similar to a newspaper)

EDT with kids (Eat Drink Travel) monthly Thai (food, travel) Travel section is interesting for me

HeiLife (His Entertainment & Interests) every two months Thai (from cover: eat, drink, travel and enjoy yourself)

Weekend monthly Thai (food, travel) Travel section is intering for me, especially "Let's go on a budget"

CelebOnline monthly Thai (fashion, livestyle, celebrities, shopping)

plook monthly Thai (travel and other subjects)

Eating out Dining & Entertainment Guide monthly Thai 

not in picture:

Vacationist (Work hard, play harder) monthly Thai (travel, food)

What's on Bangkok monthly English (plus some pages in Russian) (travel, lifestyle) 

On my hard drive I found digital editions (which I once downloaded for travel related contents of 

Busbuddy Thailand Thai monthly and

Mango Metro (former Bangkok Trader) English monthly

There are probably more that I don't know of.

There are several magazines in Japanese, not covered due to my lack of Japanese. Didn't see magazines in languages other than Thai, English or Japanese in Bangkok (but in Russian, French, Norwegian and Arabic in Pattaya).

I treated gay magazines (4 magazines and 2 maps) here:

I will make a separate post about magazines that focus on travel and tourism. 

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Unusual smells

Unusual smells

The most common smells in Bangkok are cigarette smoke, piss, rotting food waste, fumes from hot cooking oil or overheated fat (often lachrymatory) and exhaust fumes. But sometimes there is an unusual smell. 

I had cardamom flavored tea at a friend's place, and days later I noticed the same smell in the air, in several places. After several unsuccessful attempts to locate the source, I finally found it: the flowers of a tree Alstonia scholaris (in Thai พญาสัตบรรณ or สัตบรรณ or ตีนเป็ด). Thanks to a Thai friend helping me to locate the source and and naming the tree.

The flowers open and exude smell mainly at night. 

Lumpini park (children's playground with sand):

Another one in Thappraya road ถนนทัพพระยา in Jomtien, about opposite Pan Pan Italian restaurant. I could smell it across the street. At night you see the white flowers, during day they are closed and the tree looks like other trees.

There must be one opposite Marina Inn hotel (across Soi Yensabai ซอยเย็นสบาย) behind the houses, not visible from Soi Yensabai. I could smell it, but not see it, so I checked all shrubs in front of Marina Inn, until a Thai person told me it's behind the houses (and gave the Thai name).
Another unusual smell is the breath of people who sniff glue (Thai: ดมทินเนอร์ or ดมกาว). A money boy whom I have known for a while's* breath had this smell that is neither from cigarettes nor from alcohol. Recently, another money boy had a similar smell, and suddenly I recognized this smell from yet another boy whom I have seen sniffing glue, and finally everything fell into place.

*Language note: I took the liberty to apply 's (which marks genitive) to a full subordinate sentence, brackets make it more clear: (A money boy whom I have known for a while)'s breath...

A perk of being a synthetic organic chemist is that you can sniff all organic solvents and chemicals you work with, as part of your duty, which I did, and there are some treats!
My bathroom's drain has a siphon which hinders drain. I sometimes have to remove it to allow water to drain quicker. Then it smells like urinal deodorizer block (chemically 1,4-Dichlorobenzene; naphthalene smells similar but is not used for this purpose, moth balls can contain any of these two). I don't know where this smell comes from, other people's urinal deodorizer block is far fetched.

General note on deodorizer and freshener: it's a misnomer, it doesn't deodorize, it just overpowers. The foul smell will still be there, but overpowered by a pleasant smell (or just a masking smell). Same with stars: they are there and they shine during day, but the sun shines so much stronger that we can't see them.

When you smell deodorizer in a toilet, that's not a sign of good hygiene; on the contrary, it's a sign for poor hygiene (lack of ventilation). I have been in toilets in Thailand where you can smell neither piss nor freshener, that's how it should be.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Interesting architecture in Kanchanaburi

Interesting architecture in Kanchanaburi

Heritage buildings in Pak Praek road and abandoned shopping mall.

Pak Praek road ถนนปากแพรก has several heritage buildings, with signs in Thai and English to describe their history. Unfortunately, being a heritage building doesn't prevent it from decay, some where uninhabitable.

Abandoned shopping mall (Castle Mall คาสเซิลมอลล์). View of entrance area from pedestrian overpass (over hwy 323, about 1 km north of railway bridge, directly north of stadium).

As the name suggests, the mall looks like a castle.

Upper floors abandoned, but basement used as storage room and car park and for furniture sale.

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