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repost: Bangkok Wat Thammamongkhon

repost: 23.12.2011 Bangkok Wat Thammamongkhon 

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The inspiration for this trip came from Mini Siam, where I saw this model of Wat Thammamongkhon (วัดธรรมมงคล), there highest Wat in Bangkok (about 95 m high), with a hair of Buddha and a Buddha made of 14 tons of jade (1) from Canada:


My friend A comes by taxi in the afternoon (after several calls and misunderstandings about time of departure and time of arrival). I pay the taxi he took (i.e. the driver was waiting for payment when we met in front of my hotel, it took me a moment to understand, the first time someone pulled this stunt on me – coming by taxi and not having the money to pay it). We take MRT and BTS to Punnawithi (Sukhumvit Soi 101, not that clever of me: he came all the way from On Nut by taxi, and now we are going back by MRT and BTS).

You can see the wat from the BTS station, but not from the ground (the view is blocked by houses apart from a few gaps). It’s about 500 m by air, but on the ground you have to take a detour which is about 1 km. From Punnawithi station either to the east, Sukhumvit 101/1, and then sub-soi 5, or to the west, Sukhumvit 101, and then the sub-soi that has a sign with the wat’s name. The wat is built in the style of Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, India. Here you can see, the base is a truncated pyramid:


Above ground level, there is an area around the wat and a side building which has a geodetic dome:



This building houses the jade Buddha (? not sure, there is another one in the main building), notice the carving in the dome as well:


and a statue of Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy):


View to the wat from this side building (the area you see is about 1st floor level):


We enter and take the lift/elevator. It doesn’t go to the highest floor, so we have to take the stairs. After two floors, a security guard tells us that it’s closing time (16:30). So I will have to come back to go to the very highest accessible floor. Here two pictures I took from higher floors:



After descending, we walk around inside on lower floors, and there is another Buddha in the first floor of the main building (here mostly hidden by the flags):


This leaves me to wonder: which one is the 14 tons jade Buddha, or is there even a third one in the chedi on top?

On our way back to Punnawithi station, my friend tells me that he has to work in the evening, so he can’t come with me. (My mistake, I violated a basic rule: “fuck first, talk later” (2) - he was at my hotel, all I had to do was to invite him to my room “for a drink”). We agree to meet after work (he finishes at midnight).

I take BTS directly to Aree station to go to Chakran Sauna, which has an advert “group masturbation show” on Fridays at 9 pm. I am in Chakran from 18:50 to 21:40. I think I get pickier with every visit. In July/August, there were 3 boys who were my type, this time none out of about 50 customers. Around 9 pm, there is a fuck show (between swimming pool and jakuzzi). I think the perfomers are from X-Boys.

Later at night, I meet (several phone calls and half an hour late) a just friend B at Balcony. Music in Soi 4 is too loud, we have to shout at each other. Shortly after midnignt, I call A. Even at the very end of Soi 4 it is too loud, my limited Thai and his limited English make communication impossible. But my just friend B can understand him: he cannot come.

We return to Sathorn and have a drink in a restaurant near my guesthouse. A cute boy comes in and disappears in the kitchen. I knew him from before, we had a few short chats and he now lives in Europe with his boyfriend and is back in Thailand for holiday. I wonder what he does in the kitchen, half an hour later I go to check: he has left through the back entrance! I resign: I will not get laid this night!

(Two days later, I enquired with a waiter: the boy is looking for very rich Farang, I do not qualify!) It gets late (4 am), I wonder how my just friend will be able to perform at work 8 am to 6 pm. He calls his Thai boss and takes a day off! To save time, he stays with me over night.

Some links that I used to prepare this post: ... gkhon.html

(1) I recently learned about different kinds of jade: ... erial-gem/

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all I found for this Buddha was this information:

No idea where the mock jade Buddha is. FWIW......British Columbia jade is
nephrite and true jade is jadeite.
B.C. jade lacks all the qualities that make 'jade' a valued stone. Similar
to comparing a Big Mac with the phrase 'good food'.
(2) “Fuck first, talk later” inspired by “shoot first, ask questions later”, fuck here used for sex in general. I lost count of how often I went out with a friend for drinking, eating, sightseeing, where I postponed sex for the time after return, to learn that time was up or friend needs key or too drunk.

Update 2015: The tower was in scaffolding for renovation sometime during 2012 and now, construction work has finished.

Two reposts in a row, am I running out of subjects to write about? Not at all, tomorrow everything will fall into place!

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repost: Trip Report Bangkok 20.12.2011 – 22.12.2011

Trip Report Bangkok 20.12.2011 – 22.12.2011

originally posted here: and here:

20.12.2011 Tuesday Arrive in Bangkok

Flight arrives on time, no delays at immigration or baggage reclaim. Taxi to Penguin House (guesthouse in Sathorn, Sri Bamphen, 850 Baht per night, no joiner fee, booked via agoda). Taxi to Silom. On my previous holiday, I had a boy D from Nightboys, whom I wanted to meet again. I don’t have his phone number, only name and home province. Unfortunately, Nightboys had closed down (I knew already from the forums), but he might be in another bar. And the lower drink prices always justify a visit to Soi 6 bars instead of Soi Twilight bars. So I go to Super A. None of the boys is to my taste, but mamasan tells she me used to work in Nightboys, and bingo, she knows my boy D and tells me he now works in Screwboys. Another boy N whom I wanted to meet again is supposed to work there as well (he worked in massage in Soi Twilight a year before). So I go to Screwboys, but neither of them is there. No stunners, but a few who are worth offing. In addition, I appreciate that all boys wear their own underwear (and are not subjected to wear underwear provided by the bar). So I off T for a short time (500 Baht off-fee, 1000 Baht tip and another 40 Baht for taxi). T knows both D and N, but D hasn’t been to work for a while and is taking Yaba.

21.12.2011 Wednesday Bangkok

Internet café 2 hours. In Europe, I spend up to 2 hours per day on the internet, when in Thailand for holiday I quickly reduce it to 1 hour every other day. Then I go to a porno-cinema (Laem Tong, แหลมทอง, literally golden peninsula/cape) that was recommended by a friend on a previous holiday. It’s located between Klong Toei MRT station and Klong Toei market, you can walk there in about 20 minutes from the Malaysia hotel. Entry is 50 Baht. I entered about 15:20. Hetero porn was on the screen, about 50 people were in the cinema. Coming from daylight, my eyes were not adapted to darkness, so I couldn’t see anything apart from the screen. I had to ask one of the ladies who work there to guide me to a seat. After some minutes, my eyes adapt and I can see what’s going on. Every second row of chairs has been removed for easier access. Customers are sitting, some ladies and ladyboys are standing and walking around, offering their services. Gays are on the upper end (information from a ladyboy, confirmed by a Farang friend). I was warned to watch my wallet or even better leave everything valuable in my hotel room, but I felt completely safe. I observe and walk around. The customers seem to be 30-50 years old. Too old for me, in addition I don’t like cinema sex (maybe I should try before rejecting it?), it’s too dark to check out others (unless you want to get really close). A price of 100 Baht for a blowjob was quoted to me, I overheard one of the ladyboys talking about 50 Baht to a potential Thai customer. But I didn’t understand the rest. Realizing that there is nothing for in me in the cinema, I leave at 16:10. Some strolling around the area leads me through a slum along an old railway line.


At night, I go to Nature boy 21:50-22:10, then X-size 22:30-00:15. I chatted on gayromeo with a boy who works there, and he was on stage. Unfortunately, he doesn’t pay attention to me (or any other customer). I am so sensitive, I cannot off a boy without making eye contact and getting a smile first. Nonetheless, X-size remains my favorite bar in Soi Twilight. I buy some underwear for me in Silom and return to the food court area in Surawong. After work, some of the boys go there, so you might get one. I hooked up twice on previous holidays, in both cases no money was required! There is a cute boy with his friends, we chat, he wants 1500 for short time because he is hi-so! A high-society prostitute! I couldn’t make this up. I offer 500 (so we can meet at 1000, but I have to get him to ask for 1000 in order to think about it again), but we don’t get to a deal. Later, I meet T (from screwboys) and some of his friends there. He suggests we go to an Isaan-style disco, so I join them (i.e. pay for all expenses, it was worth the money). Go to bed alone.

22.12.2011 Thursday Bangkok

Meet a Farang friend for lunch. Then we take the bus to Chitlom, to visit the Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine at Swissotel Nai Lert Park together. Directions from the internet:

Not far from the Chitlom BTS station a little quirky shrine unlike all others I have come across in Bangkok begs for attention. Access is through the grounds of the Swissotel Nai Lert Park on Wireless Road, yet it is more advisable and far easier to head to the back entrance of the hotel which is located in Soi Somkid, a long soi that runs parallel to Wireless Road. It’s an easy ten minute walk along the soi from Sukumvit Road. The shrine itself is located on the left just past the gate of the hotel’s back entrance. It is guarded, but when I walked past the security guard with purpose he made no attempts at stopping me.
The shrine area borders directly to the Saen Saep canal. Here some pictures I took:




Bus to Silom. Check out Thai Boy Massage (Soi 6) in the afternoon. I’m not that horny and no stunner there, but I have time, so I take a massage. I should have saved the money! Later in the evening, I meet another Farang friend at Telephone bar. At 6pm, not many customers and no loud music, so you can talk without having to shout at each other. Then I have a drink at Maxi’s and go to Classic boys, 21:00-21:45 only customer. They have new seating, but none of the boys appeals to me. Take a taxi to Saranrom park 22:00-22:15. Plenty of boys (see separate post), some of them worth taking home. Walking between Royal Palace and Sanam Luang, I see a group of Thais sitting there, among them two boys who look gay. Our views meet. I linger around, thinking how to deal with this situation. Reconstruction of Sanam Luang is almost complete, in August the entire area was surrounded by corrguated sheet so you couldn’t see what’s going on. Now the area is surrounded by a fence that can be folded and there are sculptures of elephants inside. You can see the fence on the left and the white and pink structures are elephants. What is the purpose of the elephants and the fence?



I walk back to the gay boys and say hello. After some chatting with B, the less cute one, in Thai and English, we run out of subjects. The cuter one, A, didn’t participate much, didn’t show any interest and had his headphones in his ears, which is very impolite by my standards (later I learned that he wasn’t listening so music, they are connected to his mobile phone, so he doesn’t have to hold it to his ear). I was about to continue my trip (back to Saranrom), but you never know, so I asked him if he wanted to come with me, and he said yes! Quite a difference to the moneyboys I had before (“you cum, I go”): a lot of foreplay, I learned something new that I immediately applied, sex and some chatting afterwards. Unfortunately, he cannot stay over night. He asks for 500 Baht for taxi to On Nut, which I give him. He will be free the following afternoon, so we agree to meet again.

To be continued.

Updates 2015: where Thai Boy Massage was is now Super A (moved from 2nd floor to ground floor). The fence around Sanam Luang is to keep the homeless out. Found the boy D from Night boys (closed and gone) in Screw Boys recently.

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Names of towns in Thailand: buri, nakorn, chiang and thani

Names of towns in Thailand: buri, nakorn, chiang and thani

Asked an educated Thai friend about the meaning and difference:
Buri บุรี is a common town or city.
Nakorn นคร is a capital or royal town or city.
Chiang เชียง is northern Thai for town or city.
Thani ธานี is a capital or big city.

Furthermore กรุง grung city; capital; metropolis 
and เมือง meuang city; town; state.

Buri probably has the same root (Sanskrit pura „town“) as endings of town names in Europe: Canterbury, Salisbury, Edinborough in the UK; Hamburg, Magdeburg, Quedlinburg in Germany; Cherbourg in France; Saint Petersburg Санкт-Петербург in Russia (founded 1703 and therefore probably inspired by older places); and Asia: Singapore/Singapura.

The following lists are compiled from and and personal observations. Name (in alphabetical order), Romanization and location (for places smaller than province) or comment.

Buri in Thailand

กบินทร์บุรี Kabinburi (Prachinburi)
กวินบุรี Kavin Buri Hotel Udon Thani
กระบุรี Kraburi (Ranong)
กาญจนบุรี Kanchanburi
กุยบุรี Kuiburi (Prachuap Khiri Khan)
ขาณุวรลักษบุรี Khanu Woralaksaburi (Kamphaeng Phet)
ครบุรี Khonburi (Nakon Ratchasima)
คุระบุรี Kuraburi (Phang Nga)
จันทบุรี Chanthaburi
ฉิมบุรี Chimburi (My educated Thai friend has never heard this name, author says it's name of a friend.)
เฉลิมบุรี Chalermburi intersection (Bangkok, Chinatown)
ชลบุรี Chonburi
ชัยบุรี Chaiburi (district in Surat Thani and subdistrict in Pattalung)
ชุมพลบุรี Chumponburi (Surin)
ชูชัยบุรี ศรีอัมพวา (hotel/restaurant/resort in Ampawa, interesting architecture and decoration)
ธนบุรี Thonburi (Bangkok)
ธวัชบุรี Thawatburi (Roi Et)
ธัญบุรี Thanyaburi (Pathum Thani)
นนทบุรี Nonthaburi
อุทยานแห่งชาตินันทบุรี Nanthaburi National Park in Nan
บุรีรัมย์ Buriram (the only with buri at the beginning)
ปราจีนบุรี Prachinburi
ปราณบุรี Pranburi (Prachuap Khiri Khan)
เพชรบุรี Phetchaburi
โรงแรมพนมรุ้งปุรี Phanomrungpuri Hotel (Buriram)
พรหมบุรี Promburi (Singhburi)
นบุรี Minburi (Bangkok)
รัตนบุรี Rattanaburi (Surin)
ราชบุรี Ratchaburi
ลพบุรี Lopburi
บ้านวงศ์บุรี Baan Wong Buri (Museum in Phrae province)
วรบุรี Woraburi (hotel and resort chain, pronounce วอ-ระ-บุ-รี, not วอน-บุ-รี)
วิเชียรบุรี Wichianburi (Phetchabun)
สวางคบุรี or ฝาง Swankhaburi (Uttaradit)
สรรคบุรี Sankhaburi (Chainat)
สระบุรี Saraburi 
สังขละบุรี Sangkhlaburi (Kanchanaburi)
สายบุรี Saiburi (Pattani)
สิงห์บุรี Singhburi
สุพรรณบุรี Suphanburi
อินทร์บุรี Inburi (Singhburi)

In Lao as well:
ไชยบุรี (Lao ໄຊຍະບູລີ) Sainyabuli Province  
ชลบุรี Xonbouli (near Savannakhet, which itself was called 
Khanthabouli (ຄັນທະບູລີ) in the past)

Nakhon/Nakorn in Thailand

กรุงเทพมหานคร Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
เขลางค์นคร Khelang Nakhon  (old name of Lampang)
นครชัยศรี Nakhon Chai Si (Nakhon Pathom)
รชุม Nakhon Chum (places Phitsanulok and Kamphaeng Phet province)
นครชุมน์ Nakhon Chum railway station in Ratchaburi near Ban Pong
นครไทย Nakhon Thai (Phitsanulok)
นครนายก Nakhon Nayok
นครปฐม Nakhon Pathom
นครพนม Nakhon Phanom
นครพิงค์ Nakhon Ping (nickname for Chiang Mai, "town on the Ping river")
นครราชสีมา Nakhon Ratchasima
นครลำปาง Nakhon Lampang (often just "Lampang")
นครศรีธรรมราช Nakhon Si Thammarat
นครสวรรค์ Nakhon Sawan
นครหลวง Nakhon Luang (Ayutthaya)
นวนคร (pronounced นะ-วะ-นะ-คอน, Navanakhon Industrial Zone Pathum Thani)
พระนคร Phra Nakhon (Bangkok)
พระนครศรีอยุธยา Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya
เรณูนคร Renu Nakhon (Nakhon Phanom)
ศรีนคร Si Nakhon (Sukhothai)
สกลนคร Sakon Nakhon
สิงหนคร Singhanakhon (Songkhla)
สาเกตนคร (old name of Roi Et)
อมตะนคร Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate (Chonburi) 
โกสัมพีนคร Kosamphi Nakhon (Kamphaeng Phet)
โรงแรมโอฆะนคร Okha Nakhon Hotel (Phichit)
ตำบลวิเชตนคร อำเภอแจ้ห่ม จังหวัดลำปางขึ้น
Wichet Nakhon Chae Hom District Lampang Province
“Nakhon Nowhere” is a jokeful expression for „in the sticks“ or „in the boondocks“

I could make similar lists for Chiang, Thani and Bang "a village situated on a stream", but I assume my readers are bored already.

Multiple names for places in Thailand

A phenomenon not only in Thailand, but worldwide:

Old name first, new or official name second:

Siam สยาม / Thailand ประเทศไทย
Bangkok บางกอก / Krung Thep Maha Nakhon กรุงเทพมหานคร

Saget Nakorn สาเกตนคร (inscription on gate near lake, difficult font, deciphering and explanation by Thai friend / Roi Et ร้อยเอ็ด
Paet Riu แปดริ้ว (Paet Riu and similar spellings, sometimes abbreviated to 8rio (แปด bpàet = 8)) / Chachoengsao ฉะเชิงเทรา

Ligor (ลิกอร์ ?) / Tambralinga ตามพรลิงค์ / เมืองคอน Mueang Korn / Nakhorn Sri Thammarat นครศรีธรรมราช
Mahachai มหาชัย / Tha Chin ท่าจีน / Samut Sakhon สมุทรสาคร
Mae Klong (town on Mae Klong river แม่น้ำแม่กลอง) / Samut Songkhram สมุทรสงคราม
Pak Nam ปากน้ำ (Pak Nam = “mouth of the river” i.e. estuary of Chao Phraya river) / Samut Prakarn สมุทรปราการ  

Lavo ละโว้ / Lopburi ลพบุรี
Sri Nakorn Lamduan ศรีนครลำดวน / Khukhan ขุขันธ์ / Sri Saket ศรีสะเกษ
Mueang Phra Bang เมืองพระบาง / Pak Nam Po ปากน้ำโพ (estuary of the Po river) / Nakon Sawan นครสวรรค์
Nakorn Kuean Khan นครเขื่อนขันธ์ / Phrapradaeng 
Khelang Nakhon เขลางค์นคร (old name of Lampang) 

There are many more, those above I encountered during my studies and travels. 

Thai towns which have "gold" in their name 
copy from

Kanchanburi กาญจนบุรี means "gold town", กาญจน์ or กาญจนา being one of the many words for "gold". Gold (color) is ทอง and gold (metal) is ทองคำ, after that it gets esoteric and most Thai people wouldn't know the meaning: สุวรรณภูมิ Suwannaphum "Golden Land" like in Suvarnabhumi Airport, แหลมทอง lăem tong "Golden Peninsula", มาศ like in คีรีมาศ Khiri Mat (district in Sukhothai province) or ลำปลายมาศ Lam Plai Mat (district in Buriram province), สุพรรณ like in Suphanburi สุพรรณบุรี "City of Gold", กนก gà-nòk and นพคุณ nóp-pá-kun (don't know examples, but a friend's name is Noppakun).

And there is a paragraph in "Bangkok Found Reflections on the city" by Alex Kerr on page 166:
As the Eskimos are said to have a dozen words for "snow", so the Thais have many words of saying "gold." There is kham, as in the town Chiangkham ("city of gold") in northern Thailand, where my partner Khajorn hailed from, thong (derived from the Chinese word for bronze), and urai (as in my friend Taw's restaurant, called Ruen Urai ("House of Gold"). Other words for gold feature in the names of cities: Suphanburi and Kanchanaburi both mean "city of gold." 

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Fab sauna in Bangkok Si Phraya

Fab sauna in Bangkok Si Phraya

Fab sauna เฟบซาวน่า (like fabulous, not like February; misspelled in some publications) is the former Bangkok Ten = Bangkok 10 about which I wrote here:

(not as they say on their advertising)

For address and maps see their website. Accessible from MRT Hua Lampong (took me 15 min walk via Mahanakon road) or Si Phraya pier or bus (1, 45, 75). There is little lighting outside at the sauna, and the name is written on the wall (you can only see when you are there), the only orientation is a red and yellow, illuminated sign of Japanese restaurant Hanaya ฮานาย่า diagonally opposite.

Opening times: every day 14-24. Entry 149 Baht. (Times and prices changed a few times since opening, check internet for current time and price.)

Theme days:
Mon free entry for under 25 year olds,
Tue 4th floor naked zone
Wed come 2 pay 1
Thu 4th floor naked zone
Fri free drink
Sat underwear
Sun karaoke

Toilets and shower on all floors, shower gel in showers (only cold water), condom and lube in locker. One large brown towel of good quality. Floor in steam room (corroded concrete) unpleasant to walk on.

There are turnstiles at entrance and exit, with box with numerical touch pad, fingerprint scanner, and chip reader. You hold the chip from the key ring on the reader to get in and out.

1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker, steam room (large, light only through glass door), micro gym
2nd floor labyrinth with rooms (no light in rooms, walls do not reach ceiling so light from the dimly lit labyrinth that enters through the gap is all)
3rd floor karaoke, small cinema (5 double beds and 2 couches for 3, white porn), massage rooms
4th floor roof garden, sauna (big one, can seat about 20 people, well lit, thermometer, hygrometer, sand watch), bar, lounge
5th floor roof garden (smaller than 4th floor, good view)

(1st visit Sun 29.03.2015 Handwritten note on door: closed for one day.)

1st visit Fri 03.04.2015
129 THB entry, 18:20-19:50 (spend some of the time reading gay magazines, they have March edition of Thai Puan and Desire). Up to 5 customers at the same time, I guess there were 15 customers passing through while I was there. All Asian, in their 30s, average shape.

Bar man (4th floor) from Southern Laos is cute and good vibes. Cashier says higher number of customers Sat, Sun and Wed (naked day) from 6 pm.

2nd visit Fri 22.05.2015
149 Baht entry. Stay 19:45-20:10. There were two other customers. Locker room dark, uncovered fan (in the wall) on stairway to second floor, steam room cold, sauna hot but no light. Overall music too loud, too dark. Porn with Black and White in cinema, quality so-so. Massage rooms have been added on 3rd floor since my last visit.

Every other Friday there is a fucking show (info from cashier, I missed it by one week).

3rd visit Mon 25.05.2015
(Free entry for under 25 year olds, directed at students, but there is no university around!)
Stay 19:25-20:15. Steam room cold, sauna not switched on (I read 34 degree Celsius on thermometer, stones cold, lights on). One other customer. Our paths cross in the cinema (porn with Black and White). A bit too fat and too old, and I can smell cigarette smoke. But when I can get my hands on a cute boy’s body or watch porn (with at least one semi-attractive participant), I don’t care who is licking my nipples or sucking my dick.* However, the porn changes to Whites, so I have to tell him to stop.

Verdict: place is ok, but needs more customers.

* He must have taken a breath refresher with mint flavor, I have a distinct cold sensation on foreskin and glans. Compare post about shampoo with menthol:

That leads to a topic on Sawatdeenetwork:  
Craziest Items Used as Lubricant
which got me thinking: these sachets of chili sauce look like sachets of lube. If you take chili sauce instead of lube, it should give a hot sensation?

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World's largest wooden Ganesh in Chiang Mai

World's largest wooden Ganesh in Chiang Mai

World’s largest wooden Ganesh, made of one piece of teak wood, 3 floors high and 5 tons heavy. 

Currently the statue is in scaffolding, gilding and painting will take 4 more months.

Official name: 
ร้อยทวารบาล บ้านเทวาลัย Roitawarabarn Baandhawalai (educated Thai friends say this means 100 gods who protect the door or 100 angels who guard the door and name of the place). Can be pronounced in two ways: 
tawan ทะ-วาน or tawara ทะ-วา-ระ.

Address (from business card):
Mr. Khem Maruekapitak เข็ม มฤคพทักษ์
79/7 Soi, 2 Suthep Road A. Muang Chiang Mai
Open every day 9am – 5pm, free entry.

3.3 km by air or about 3.5 km by road (Suthep road, past airport, turn left at the end of Chiang Mai University) West of Western moat of Chiang Mai.

Not to be confused with Ganesh Himal Museum พิพิธภัณฑ์พระพิฆเนศ which is about 40 km by road south-west of Chiang Mai. (their website in Thai)

I knew of this place from a flyer in TAT office Chiang Mai (near Art in Paradise, moved from near bridge):

When following Suthep road out of town, there are signs. The owner has no flyer or website.

All I could find on the internet was this website:
poor English, but picture of Ganesha without scaffolding.

The owner was there and happy to show me around (everything reported here as he told me), speaks good English. Idea and funding by him. Donations accepted, I gave 100 Baht for gold foil to gild the statue and 100 Baht for two metal cast mice (put both on the feet of Ganesh and then take one back home, when you whisper something in it’s ear it will be transmitted to the other mouse and to Ganesh). Construction started 7 years ago and will take 10 more years. Monday to Saturday there are six artists working, on Sunday only one. Currently the statue is in scaffolding, gilding will take 4 more months.

Not just the main statue, a museum and other statues as well, and plenty of wood carving, painting and carved glass (not just etched, carved millimeters deep):

Ganesh statue on the right, partially covered by tree:

Base of the statue:

Inside the museum:

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